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  1. Ceracell ecro and nz wax not longer sell wax
  2. I find that simply scraping down old plastic frames is not good enough. The bees either ignore surfaces with bit of old bee silk or bridge over the top
  3. It's an iPhone with a faulty camera
  4. Very good question! I have thought about this and will try both All handles are coloured in an attempt to guide mated queens back home I'll keep posted on results
  5. this season it's hard to find wax Probable due to using a pricker for Manuka I need to buy in wax as I use my pricker and have no capping wax. This season I will be scraping dorm some extracted frames and putting scraped wets back on hive during flow Anyone else experiencing this wax challenge?
  6. This year I'm trying an idea I got from visiting American beekeeper Mike Palmer Anyone tried this? To add to my post....the bottom box is divided with ply. Splits will be made use using top concept. That is I place a piece of ply under the nuc super to isolate the nuc from the hive and add a queen cell. This will give the new nucs warmth from below.
  7. Try scraping and clean with Beeclean™ Then rewax
  8. Thanks for the warning. Most important to give this feedback
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