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    Watch what you say.

    There are many research papers on how well native birds respond to the decrease in pests after a 1080 drop. There are also papers to show that bees are not attracted to the cereal baits. There was a problem in the 80's with the jam baits hence we don't use them anymore. I think the whole beekeeping industry should be more worried about the lack of public knowledge surrounding 1080. The post below is from someone with no regard to how his actions could affect beekeepers or NZ's industry. He posted it on a page called '1080: The facts' which is actually a very informative page but his comments show just how far reaching this propaganda is going. If these lies get overseas i don't know what will happen!! Floyd Newham I had tourist in my shop in Hokitika yesterday talking about honey. I told them to buy it now as they should not go near it after the big 1080 poison that they are doing around NZ at the moment. They thanked me very much and took a few pamphlets I give to tourist so they could show the other passengers on the bus.
  2. Hello fellow beekeepers, my name is Sarah Cross, I am Dr Mark Goodwins Reserach Associate at Plant and Food Research Ltd. We are conducting a trial on the possibility of resistant varroa here in NZ. We are requesting a sample of 300 bees from a hive that has NOT been treated for varroa yet this season. If you are interested in helping us please email me at sarah.cross@plantandfood.co.nz with your name, postal address, and the general area of the hive you would like to take the bees from, and i will send you out a container and return courier bag. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    email me your address
  4. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    brilliant. Email your address and i will send you container and instructions Thank you so much
  5. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    correct. If you email me your address i will send you a container and instructions. sarah.cross@plantandfood.co.nz
  6. Sarah Cross

    Evidence of resistance to synthetics

    I have no argument with anyone
  7. Sarah Cross

    Evidence of resistance to synthetics

    Tristan I'm sorry but this isn't true. There is no scientific evidence as yet that proves that bees here in NZ are resistant to the strips. It may be that our threshold levels are now much lower than they were originally, meaning that we are actually treating when there are too many varroa in the hive to overcome. There are also differences in how people use the strips and when. Plus insect lifecycles are extremely quick and resistance can be bred in and out just as quickly. All the 'evidence' of resistance is anectodal and we are trying our best to find answers right this very moment. Im not sure which non-synthetics you are suggesting but often they are very toxic to bees plus their efficacy is often not very good or sporadic.
  8. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    Where do you work John?
  9. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    The results will come from the overall organiser of the trial and will probably be in a report form so not for each specific beekeeper but more in geographic area My email is in the original posting
  10. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    We are testing the VARROA's resistance to chemical strips - not the bees themselves. Therefore we require varroa that has survived in the colony and has then bred and perhaps passed on this resistance
  11. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    Bees and varroa breed very quickly. Mites from spring last year would be dead and a new generation would be in the beehive. We want to test these and see if they were bred from resistant mites that survived the spring treatment
  12. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    We would like to gather samples from all over NZ to try and see where (if any) resistance is
  13. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    We take the bees and wash the mites off them. We need the sample to be of bees so that we can use the same laboratory method on all of them and keep it scientifically accurate. Resistance changes over time and because insect lifecycles are very quick these resistances could alter.
  14. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    Resistant to synthetic pyrethroids = Varroa strips
  15. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    yes i would like only one sample from each beekeeper from one hive. Results would be given in a report so possibly not for each specific person but just the overall findings
  16. Sarah Cross

    Bees needed for research trial

    Correct. Now is usually the time honey is taken off and Autumn strips put in, I would like bees from hives BEFORE this Autumn treatment happens. We would like one sample per beekeeper. Thats 300 bees from one hive. I can send you the container and a return courier bag for you to collect and send back
  17. Sarah Cross

    Working Hard or Hardly Working ?

    Plant and Food Research employees waiting patiently for Dr Mark Goodwin to wrap up some media filming so they can get down to the hard work of beekeeping in the summertime!
  18. Sarah Cross

    Kiwifruit Pollination

    When we talk about nuc hives we don't mean 'weak' we just mean small. These nucs are using their stored food for growth i.e. feeding larva, so the hives are most definitely on the increase. Having less nectar foragers heading out (which usually travel much further afield) means less bees hitting the netting sides and dying. We also found that spreading the small hives around the orchard helped limit bee loss in hives because lost bees could just return to the closest hive.
  19. Sarah Cross

    AFB hives wanted

    Thanks for your interest and spreading the word for us. Best number to use is Marks landline. Please leave a message because that is the best way for him to get back to you. Plant and Food Research 07 959 4550
  20. Three Brothers ITM on Sunshine Ave in Hamilton stock oil tempered hardboard which is smooth on BOTH sides! Excellent for hive mats or hive dividers or many other hive equipment pieces. They are selling truck loads of sheets and beekeepers are singing its praises Just thought i would spread the word to help anyone out
  21. Sarah Cross

    Hardboard for inner mat or divider

    Thanks Rob I actually work for Mark Goodwin in the bee research department so not too great at wood working! I do fix the gear when i can but not great at making it myself
  22. Sarah Cross

    Waikato Deca course

    I would be very interested in a Hamilton Deca course