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  1. Discussion at [URL="http://www.nzbees.net/threads/prison-inmates-are-training-to-become-beekeepers-at-a-time-hive-theft-is-rampant-faifax-media.7559/"]Prison inmates are training to become beekeepers at a time hive theft is rampant. faifax media[/URL]

  2. Its like trying to forecast rain. If there is an aurora forecast for the night, look south and hope there is no moon. You may see nothing at midnight, 5 minutes later there may be a glow. You wont see colours with the naked eye unless its very strong. Usually it looks like a feint cloud or if you are lucky, columns.

  3. Its appears as though the small pot on the ground has been deliberately left to encourage robbing. At this time of year that's asking for trouble and is a really good example of bad beekeeping, for others NOT to follow.
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