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  1. A lot of negatively on the approach, at a time when people will be retraining having lost their current employment due to Covid. So from me it gets a thumbs up and for Comvita I'd assume it fills a (cheaper?) labour gap. Perhaps this is the way the fruit growers need to go to fill their labour shortfall?


    I'd be keen on understanding the differences between Comvitas offering and that of ApiNZ's. The latter brings people out with a qualification at Level 4 from my understanding which is an important aspect.


    Always keen on hearing the alternative solutions offered from the smaller companies too, it sounds like many of you are keen to put forward your own offerings.

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  2. New Zealand honey is one of our most prized exports but most of the headlines are dominated by Mānuka.

    However, one couple in the Chatham Islands is creating a honey product unlike anything you've ever seen.

    Chatham Islands Go Wild Freeze Dried Honey is described as “light and crunchy with rich floral flavours”.

    It gets its distinctive taste “from the nectar of endemic flowers and fauna found nowhere else in the world”.

    Its creator describes it as being like “candyfloss” or a “honey cloud with light floral flavours”.



    Its creator describes it as being like “candyfloss” or a “honey cloud with light floral flavours”.


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  3. Mānuka honey company Comvita says trading has continued to improve in the first quarter of its new financial year as it seeks to turn around its performance after two years of losses.

    Chief executive David Banfield, who took over in January, told the company’s annual meeting in Paengaroa on Thursday that Comvita had a “strong” start to the new financial year, which commenced on July 1.



    Honey company will pay back its wage subsidy when it returns to 'reporting on a profitable result'.


  4. Australian beekeepers are calling for an end to the ongoing trademark dispute with New Zealand producers over manuka honey that continues to threaten their livelihood.

    For the first time the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) has filed evidence to defend the use of the term manuka on Australian honey products.

    "We're not a big association and we are defending beekeepers' livelihoods," AMHA chair Paul Callander said.



    Australian beekeepers lodge evidence to dispute New Zealand's attempt to trademark the term manuka, arguing the word has been used in Australia since the 1840s.


  5. On the positive side we must remember that pollen is essential for pollination and seed production and that pollen is collected by bees and other insects as an important ingredient in their food supply.

    These days we are told that bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in nature and in some places it's being marketed as a super food for human consumption.

    We can't do without pollen and it's increasing in value.



    You can't avoid pollen whether it be spring or autumn.


  6. Their paper - High-Quality Assemblies for Three Invasive Social Wasps from the Vespula Genus has been published in the Genetics Society of America journal G3: Genes, Genomes and Genetics at 


    Social wasps of the genus Vespula have spread to nearly all landmasses worldwide and have become significant pests in their introduced...



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  7. New Zealand Honey & Co, Deloitte Fast 50 winner 2009

    NZ Honey & Co managing director Scott Brundell said Covid-19 reinforced the importance of having strategic third-party logistics in key marketplaces.


    “Having your inventory stuck in New Zealand while global logistics are under stress is no kind of fun,” Brundell said.

    Brundell said securing strong partnerships also helped the business operate during the different Covid-19 restrictions.

    “Ensure you have excellent relationships with your key business partners/suppliers. We were able to be top of the list when difficult times eventuated.”



    One had to move a whole production line to ensure social distancing requirements were met.


  8. University of Waikato researchers have found a unique group of microorganisms on the surface of mānuka leaves, which could help explain wide variation in the antibacterial properties of mānuka honey.

    The microbiome—a complex community of bacteria—was surprisingly specific and consistent for mānuka leaves, even across distant geographical locations, suggesting that these bacteria may play important roles in how mānuka responds to stress and different environmental conditions.

    Further research expanding on these findings could help develop strategies to maximise the production of high-grade mānuka honey. This would involve identifying specific microorganisms on the mānuka leaf surface that influence the production of antibacterial compounds.



    University of Waikato researchers have found a unique group of microorganisms on the surface of mānuka leaves, which could help explain wide variation in the antibacterial properties of mānuka honey...


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  9. Comvita, a world market leader in mānuka honey, has launched its inaugural apprenticeship programme in beekeeping.

    Established in 1974, Comvita has enjoyed a long and successful history in the industry but recognise these are challenging times for many New Zealanders, and believes the creation of jobs is key to long-term economic and social recovery.

    "During these unprecedented times, consumers all over the world are turning to natural health products," chief executive David Banfield said.

    "We have an important leadership role to play."

    The scheme, Banfield said, allowed the company to train a new generation of beekeepers.

    Speaking at the programme launch in Paengaroa this month, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Andrew Little said in the Bay of Plenty honeybee pollination was central to the success of the country's $2 billion kiwifruit crop.

    "The launch of the beekeeping apprenticeship is timely for an exciting growth industry that can scale in the regions where jobs are needed."

    Manager Trevor Clarke will oversee the programme and said the scheme would
    ensure that "we have more talented beekeepers available in the future to further enhance our global leadership."

    There will be up to 12 apprentice roles in the 2020 intake. Each will follow a three-year development framework and all placements will be targeted regionally.

    Comvita is hoping to attract a diverse range of skills and experiences to the industry, and permanent employment is guaranteed to those who successfully complete the programme.

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  10. A lagoon near the Clarence River mouth was drained by police in the days after Melissa Ewings disappeared after one of her shoes was found in the water.

    The other shoe was found sitting on a gravel bank not far from the water’s edge.

    Along with her cellphone, which police have confirmed was in the pocket of her dressing gown, these are the only items belonging to Ewings that have been found outside her property since she didn’t turn up to work on September 21.

    A three-week search of the Clarence area officially ended on Wednesday.



    Police pass case to Coroner, as dressing gown also found on "natural route" from house to beach.


  11. We've completely changed the way the public interact with the site when they have a swarm. Instead of posting to say they have one and asking for a beekeeper in their area, we now provide a directory service for member beekeepers to list their contact details.

    You can find the directory at https://www.nzbees.net/classifieds/category/35-swarm-control-service/

    Please ensure you listing is concise and clear. Beekeeper members should bear in mind, some people may find the listing directly from a search engine, so ensure it contains a paragraph of relevant information to improve your listing visibility.

    If you are a private individual, its recommended you put your location as a suburb, not a full address
    , instructions are in the blue banner when making a listing.

    Your advert is free, but will require renewal each year to ensure the details stay current.


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  12. David Beckham 'set to start selling his own range of organic honey' after becoming interested in beekeeping during lockdown.

    The former professional footballer has shared updates about his hobby over the past three months, including snaps of himself collecting honey from a hive in his Cotswolds garden and even getting his children involved.



    The former professional footballer, 45, is thought to be preparing to launch honey from...


  13. Melissa Ewings has not been seen since Sunday, September 20 in the Clarence Valley.


    The physical search for missing Marlborough beekeeper Melissa Ewings has been scaled back – but police say a wider probe is ongoing.


    Melissa Ewings, 31, has now been missing for nine days in spite of a massive search and rescue operation.

    Her worried family have mounting fears for her safety and say it's out of character for the keen adventurer not to keep in touch with family.

    Ewings lived alone in a rented house at Clarence, 60km north of Kaikoura.

    She was last seen just before dusk on Sunday, September 20, and failed to show up at work at a beekeeping business just 400m from her house the following morning.



    The physical search for missing Marlborough beekeeper Melissa Ewings has been scaled back –...


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  14. Young people seeking a career in beekeeping are being encouraged to apply for this year's Ron Mossop youth scholarship, sponsored by Mossop's Honey and Apiculture New Zealand.

    The scholarship, set up three years ago as a way of giving young people the best possible start in the apiculture industry, includes $2000 towards best practice training and/or set-up costs, membership of Apiculture New Zealand for a year, and attendance at the industry's national conference in the year of the award.


    Applications close on October 31. For more information go to


    The Ron Mossop Youth Scholarship in Beekeeping The Ron Mossop Youth Scholarship...


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  15. Move over mānuka honey, there’s a new bee product creating a global buzz.

    Demand for New Zealand bee pollen has skyrocketed since the outbreak of coronavirus, with one company saying sales have soared and there are no signs of a slow-down.

    NatureBee says sales of its potentiated bee pollen capsules have increased five-fold over the last year as the Covid-19 pandemic drives a shift in consumer behaviour.



    Demand for New Zealand bee pollen has skyrocketed amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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