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  1. You both have pm on the new forum, but rather than posting phone numbers in topics for everyone to see, you should be using your profiles please. This site rule is there for your protection Glad to see you worked it out anyway
  2. We are at the stage, where members can start to transfer across to the new site. https://forum.nzbees.net As a gesture of goodwill, all current members from NZ Bees will be given a FREE 2 month user upgrade to BRONZE membership upon re-registering on the new site. Those members who have current active subscriptions, will need to advise @Grant so that their subscription can be transferred. Please do this BEFORE cancelling your subscription on the this site. It is expected that while this site will remain active, it will go into archive mode (read only) at the end of Jan 2021.
  3. Sounds like the perfect torture @Alastair Get well soon @Wildflower
  4. It actually works out really well for this. By having the features we want from the start it's going to be a case of one way of doing things. A good opportunity to provide clear instructions too. Things like adding calendar event that creates a discussion thread should help @Maggie James as that was one of her feature requirements. A place for advertising, saves us having to spam block everyone who tries. That sort of thing.
  5. You may recall towards the end of last year, I was saddened to hear of the death of one of the software developers and unfortunately the major impact it had on the development of some of the modules we were implementing at NZBees. I've also since seen some considerable impact from changes the software vendors have made to licensing arrangements and access to third party add-ons, which has ultimately had a knock on effect with regards to development growth and updates. As a result I will need to make some significant changes to the site in order that it can remain secure
  6. A new lifestyle zone will come into being with the creation of a combined district plan for the West Coast. The region's four councils and iwi are working together on the Te Tai o Poutini Plan – the document that will replace all current district plans and regulate land use in the future. The planners writing the new rules say much of the land available for new housing in the main towns has been used since the current district plans were written for Westland, Grey and Buller. And while there has been some “infill” there has been a big increase in rural residential, or lifestyle
  7. Please try and remember this is an NZBF topic, as such the member needs simple steps and guidance, rather than a discussion on the pro's and con's at this point in time. Otherwise it may just add to any confusion.
  8. The full article is available at How to grow edibles in Wanaka’s challenging conditions | Stuff.co.nz WWW.STUFF.CO.NZ Their self-taught approach may seem unconventional, but the results speak for themselves.
  9. From what I can find, you must meet requirements under the Food Act 2014 if you extract or pack bee products that are intended for sale only in New Zealand, or export to countries that do not require official assurances (export certificates). Food Act 2014 | Food safety at home | NZ Government WWW.MPI.GOVT.NZ <p>The Food Act 2014 takes a common-sense approach to food safety. If you make or sell food, your business may need to be registered. Find out more about the Food Act and what it means for you.</p> Food s
  10. It's my understanding that you can take your equipment that you use in your kitchen into an approved kitchen - community hall or school and meet food standards that way. However I'm sure someone will correct me if things have changed sufficiently to prevent that,
  11. Irrelevant what courier you use. All the documents and instructions are in the topics.
  12. Great focus and a bit of antenna blur show the movement. Cool
  13. Hard to tell if people dont use it, but the last file about TV1
  14. no, no different to attaching it in a post,
  15. Worth dropping into the document library? https://www.nzbees.net/files/
  16. Other than the fact a that in incorporating a limited liability company, the company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors and in most cases all liabilities incurred by the company remain with the company and cannot be levied against the shareholders and directors. You'd still be liable, but at least your house and possessions are safe. I would have thought either instance would still need liability insurance. However, I think you're asking the wrong people, because these are the people who you will be sub-contracting to. You need to ask landown
  17. They can surely, or am I missing something? Para 1. The sender of the Honey or Bee products must be a registered exporter, or the product is being shipped on behalf of a registered exporter. Where does it say the registered exporter can't sell the product also?
  18. @Bighands what happened to your ministerial reply in relation to the previous topic on this subject ?
  19. Here is your opportunity to tell us (and remind yourself) about what is going on in your hives during the month of December 2020. The idea is you can look back and see when you placed treatments, what hives were strong, what were weak, when you re-queened, split, added boxes, what flows were on etc. If you have a specific problem, concern or topic you want to discuss about your hives, please start a new topic.
  20. That's not technically true. The media reports make a very clear distinction in their terminology, using phrases such as 'may' or 'suggested'. Whilst the UK imports 1/3 of its honey from China it doesn't say in any of the reports that all of the imported honey from this region is adulterated. They also state the test results are unconfirmed. Supermarket scandal sees honey 'bulked out with cheap sugar syrups' WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Tests conducted on own-brand honeys from...
  21. Most of it changed in September from what I recall.
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