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  1. Grant

    Secondhand Boxes

    That was crabee, not Daley. Daley quoted crabees post (which was the supportive one). Therefore its been incorrectly attributed.
  2. Grant

    Secondhand Boxes

    Daley isn't supporting you though. You've misquoted both the person and the post.
  3. Grant

    Secondhand Boxes

    And most of the people advocating the sale of 2nd hand gear are old timers, stuck in the past with antiquated views and practices that put the entire industry at risk. Commercials selling up to the industry don't chuck a couple of old boxes up on trademe or facebook. They sell their business or gear as a going concern and should provide resords
  4. No-ones contact details should be posted. Ever. Not even your own. If you put them in your profile then you can self manage them there, but posting PPI gives us a privacy headache, especially now with the GDPR. This is something we've ALWAYS been pretty on top with, so not sure why its started to pop up again now as its always been against our rules. With company details you may make reference to a company but you cannot name an individual ESPECIALLY if you are complaining about the service.
  5. @Mark Goodwin or message him. Just as much chance of him reading it or replying as an email
  6. Grant

    medical emergency

    Funny how were happy euthanasing animals, but as soon as you mention shooting a relative, people are up in arms.
  7. Grant

    medical emergency

    Completely agree, but as with a lot of things there is a she'll be right attitude amongst many that's going to catch them out one day and bite them big time. From a replacement point of view, if used in an emergency the epipen is covered by ACC. You only pay for the ones that you replace when they expire. Or you could train up the guys to use adrenaline. Not that hard but you dont want someone doing it that is fingers and thumbs.
  8. Grant

    The Department of Conservation.

    And you've had no advice from your legal team about discussing it or any potential settlements in public ? 🙄
  9. Grant

    The Department of Conservation.

    Roy I'm going to merge this with your old account as you cannot have 2.
  10. Grant

    The power of the internet

    You seem to be making a habit of accusing the wrong people in public forums. You've readily identified one in your previous posts, remember you are liable for your comments and can be taken to court for defamation in the event the individual is able to be identified.
  11. Grant

    The Department of Conservation.

    Is this court case ongoing?
  12. I'll just leave this here..... Poor journalism or something else? About 600,000 bees will be moved to Christchurch's red zone in an effort to help boost the population of the endangered species. Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration Megan Woods announced on Sunday that the city's residential red zone would become a new breeding ground to "protect and grow our native bee stocks". https://i.stuff.co.nz/environment/104056078/christchurchs-red-zone-to-help-boost-endangered-bee-population
  13. Grant

    Congratulations Daley and Chris!

    Yay, congrats to all. Amazing pictures.
  14. Grant

    Autumn Varroa

    No. You can use the system as intended. But your reason for having to use it was not valid
  15. Grant

    Autumn Varroa

    Is this confusion over the payment fees again? I don't get any of that. It's the cost of the payment gateway running on the system and gets taken out automatically by the provider.