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  1. Great work on this @PhilEvans thanks for keeping us updated
  2. And the responses tell me you've completely missed it 😄
  3. my listing says closed at $25 but looking at the honey sales its ocming from Hidden Valley Honey, who have just yesterday created a bunch of social media pages, so expect more. no company name showing up on searches, but appears to be listed as Waiheke island
  4. Can you please ensure your listings have an associated cost. There is currently a buy now button on your listing for 0.00, which legally makes the item/service free based on your advertised price.
  5. Report the listing with TradeMe
  6. Just a reminder that a Q&A thread allows the answers to be rated up or down, thereby changing the order of the posts. This means conversation or discussion doesnt work in these topics, so please just keep your reposnse to answering the question.
  7. Because people keep wasps on hives? Five people have received medical treatment after being swarmed by bees, after the insects' hive was apparently disturbed
  8. Its the same with Brie and Camembert. Both cheeses are made in exactly the same way but the name can only be used on the cheese if its come from that region .......as long as you're in the EU.
  9. Go to browse - clubs and use the taranaki beekeeping club section
  10. @Unfurlings I presume you have permission to post the persons name, address and phone number onto a public website? Everything you need is in the swarm removal requests forum or specifically this post of instructions
  11. Ok so this is for use on hive equipment for pest control and disinfecting. Is there anything to say that honey should be removed prior to treatment like there is with other products? How on earth do you get to that conclusion? Not a fair statement at all.
  12. Yep this section is archived. I think we were waiting for functionality to allow us to move the contents from here to the club bit.
  13. No. They're not legal in NZ
  14. Yep if you are selling or promoting a product or service you will need to abide by the advertising rules and use the marketplace for listings/sales. This applies to free product and services too.
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