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  1. I want to revamp how we help your business, whether its large or small, fully commercial or local farmers market. We've had the marketplace for you to list your products and whilst that was intended to be a farm gate type approach for those who do not have online purchase facilities, most of the attempts at sales have been for equipment or bulk honey between beekeepers themselves. So lets take a different tack on marketing your wares and try and expand that market. There have been a few discussions recently and I'd like to ask for your input on a section for local honey producers - or wax or candles, or beer/meade etc. My intial thoughts (and this has altered based on the feedback received, so thank you for that), is that we sales pitch the various types of NZ based honey and product types. Then allow the public to "find a local supplier". That then goes to a regional search that lists suppliers - YOU - and what you offer and where they can get hold of you. It would be a free service listing initially, you would create a "classified" add in the listing and put in the information of your choosing. I'm thinking there are 3 elements here. Those with no direct sales process at the moment Those with a website but only physical sales Those with a website and online sales The intention is that we can cater for and help with all 3 aspects, so that those with existing channels maintain their brand and identity. We can help by filling in the gaps through features either coming or already available on this site and help you build your brand. The difference from what we've offered previously, would be that we cater for direct sales to the public in your required format. Feedback and brainstorming ideas below please.
  2. I'm going to pop this topic in here with the beginner beekeepers because its the majority of new beekeepers that read the site and gather information to progress their learning, but feel its a daunting prospect to ask questions or provide assistance to others, so lets start by giving a few pointers. I'm not experienced enough to contribute. Sure it may be daunting to offer your opinion when all these experienced beekeepers who have been on the forum for years dominate the discussions with their opinions and ways, but while they can occasionally bark, they don't usually bite. So what can you do to join the party? A mellow way of introducing yourslef is to share your experiences, rather than asking a question or supplying an answer. Tell us how you do your beekeeping, describe your setup, tell us about something unusual. As your confidence builds and you start to form "friendships" you may like to then ask questions or even offer your input on how to do something to help out others. We're only as diverse as our contributors at the end of the day, so its important you feel like you can contribute. Complete beginners can start here with our "ask something safely" scheme Some hints and tips on using the various parts of the site, can be found at New to NZ Beekeepers Forum https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/32-new-to-nz-beekeepers-forum/ And the guidelines and tutorials can be found in HELP https://www.nzbees.net/support/ Our international friends, whilst keeping up to date with happenings in NZ, can tell us whats going on in their part of the world using the international beekeeping forum https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/28-international-beekeeping-forum/ If you have never used a forum before or can't work out how to use the site, then we have a new "I'm stuck how do I use the website?" Q&A section https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/48-im-stuck-how-do-i-use-the-website/ If you are into Top bar Hives, Long hives or hybrid construction, treetment free or natural beekeeping, then we have revised our section on Alternative Beekeeping Practices https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/35-alternative-beekeeping/ And finally if you just want to say hello, or just have a yarn then join us in General Discussion https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/12-general-discussion/
  3. Importing honey and bee products | MPI | NZ Government WWW.MPI.GOVT.NZ <p>All imported animal products must meet New Zealand standards and requirements. MPI's role is to help make sure imported bee products (including non-edible products like hand cream) are correctly labelled, safe... Prohibited and restricted items WWW.CUSTOMS.GOVT.NZ All import health standards | Biosecurity NZ | NZ Government WWW.BIOSECURITY.GOVT.NZ <p>Find all import health standards and related information. An import health standard (IHS) is a document issued under section 24A of the Biosecurity Act 1993. An IHS states the requirements that must be met... Compliance Matters WWW.BUSINESS.GOVT.NZ Compliance Matters makes managing government compliance easy. via @business_govtNZ Any of these reources help? Also note file attached IHS-BEEPROIC.ALL.pdf
  4. Note: This section is for alternative beekeeping discussions that differ from "mainstream". If you do not agree with what is being discussed you are asked to refrain from posting. If possible, beginner beekeepers are encouraged to learn about keeping bees first using standard equipment, before migrating to alternative methods.
  5. Ah ok, by month would be the closest alternative because I cant add in options
  6. Dont for get to vote then The poll itself is at the top of the page
  7. We're getting some interesting feeback on this topic as its one of those thats run for a year or two, that it woud be better split. There is currently no concensus, but ideas are: By month, by region or a mix of both What would you prefer? Please reply in the poll at
  8. I'm in the process of preparing for the next major release of the software we use. This in turn will bring some new features and I will keep you updated as to what they are. Lockdown has given me some time to look at the site as a whole, where life previously got in the way, some areas of how it was working have been neglected and it was also evident an unwelcoming atmosphere had developed. As a result I am also in the process of refreshing the staff that help on the site to try and bring more balance, not just in terms of workload, but to address the forum behaviour as well. I'm also looking into what members find useful on the site. We've had some greate feedback around advertising, product sales and classifieds and the membership are currently discussing the merits of a honey price tracker. I'd also be keen to hear if there are any social aspects we could introduce to help keep the discussion going and build friendships and a network of business links. If you have any feedback, please create a topic in the general discusion. If you have issues logging into the site, use the support link at the bottom of the page. If you have an issue with content or a member, please report it. A newsletter will be going out in the not too distant future.
  9. Bees starved by drought will cause crops to fail if left to die, warn Queensland beekeepers Bees starved by drought will cause crops to fail if left to die, warn Queensland beekeepers - ABC News AMP.ABC.NET.AU
  10. Kiwis are being urged to show their support for honey bees and beekeepers as the world celebrates World Bee Day on Wednesday. May 20 was officially named World Bee Day in 2018 by the United Nations in a bid to raise awareness for the role bees play in keeping the planet healthy. Kiwi beekeepers get a buzz from World Bee Day WWW.NEWSHUB.CO.NZ
  11. Its looking fantasic, but both variants would benefit from being put in the downloads section. Downloads allows you to store a file, but update it with the latest version. A topic is created and everyone can feedback or contribute - you still have control over the master file.
  12. Can I ask... Page 15 of what book, where? Someone is bound to ask me in 6 years when they revisit the topic
  13. lol, that took me a while to work out you weren't being funny about the amount of content he'd put in the post. A selective quote may have been a better option, I"ll put together a guide.
  14. He's around so thankfully he's OK. I'm hoping the recent changes will allow @Alastair and others to return to their normal selves again soon.
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