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  1. to what exactly are you referring? There were no active adverts in Marketplace when classifieds was launched as no-one was using it.
  2. Can you please familiarise yourself with the site rules before you get pinged.
  3. We had an industry sales section "marketplace" and no-one used it. It's being revamped and will come back with a slightly different twist to more adequately suit the environment in which it sits.
  4. It would be more interesting to get your meeting calendar event, to list the subject for each date in question rather than a generic go to our website that repeats on a 2 week basis.
  5. @john berry something will come back soon. Just looking at the best way of implementing it to avoid confusing the old folk
  6. Iphone or probably more likely safari always seems to have this issue. Yet I cant get to replicate it on my work iphone. suggestions - try chrome, use the gallery as you can rotate in that. in time - there is an upgrade coming that will allow you to use an app to view the forum, so that might also fix it.
  7. If you make payment electronically its automatic. If you make payments manually you have to wait for me.
  8. No it isnt. Not being able to post images is a fault at the users end. There is no difference for donor/subscribers https://www.nzbees.net/subscriptions/
  9. A blog post for manuka honey has been amended after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Association Complaints Board. Manuka Honey of New Zealand promoted its various honey products in a blog post called "Can manuka honey stop me getting a virus?” The post discussed various viruses and asserted that manuaka honey seemed to be able to boost a person’s immune system to minimise the risk of getting a virus. “It's been trusted for centuries by healers all over the world... Use High MGO manuka honey as part of your Covid-19 protection plans,” the blog said. A complai
  10. Apiculture has always been an indispensable part of Slovenian culture and identity. Recently though, it has been experiencing a twist in its mission. All over the country therapeutic beehives are being installed that help to relieve stress and anxiety. Video Journalist: Martina Zoldos Commissioned by: Griesham Taan The therapeutic sound of Slovenian bees - BBC Reel WWW.BBC.COM
  11. That claim is not supported in the trails that led to the cough advice, Honey, not antibiotics, recommended for coughs - NHS WWW.NHS.UK 'Use honey first for a cough, new guidelines say' BBC News reports
  12. Its Nelson plant is no more but honey producer Comvita says it is committed to continuing its propolis production in the North Island. Comvita closed its ethanol extraction plant at Brightwater in March due to "considerable investment" required to keep functioning. Comvita committed to propolis as Nelson plant equipment goes under the hammer | Stuff.co.nz I.STUFF.CO.NZ Its Nelson plant is no more but Comvita says it is committed to...
  13. I have a tracker fitted to all my vehicles. Relatively inexpensive if you choose a mongoose with a warehouse mobile SIM card. Also I know it doesn't help for now, but make sure your insurance gives you a guaranteed value. This can be mutually agreed each year. I always do this to exceed any outstanding finance plus the excess. So as an example a vehicle I buy for 30k is insured for 35k with that value agreed in a total loss scenario.
  14. 8pm on Prime tonight. Follows the fortunes of the Murray family
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