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  1. Looking for Wairarapa extractors

    There is a wanted section in the classifieds. Thank you.
  2. Allergic to bees!

    I had a GP tell me he was allergic to bee stings. I asked what sort of reaction he had and he told me his hand would swell. I said that's normal, not an allergic reaction. Lol
  3. paid parental leave

    Congratulations from us all
  4. Roy Arbon update

    He's been suckered more than once, so I hope to God he's never let lose on a computer again, for his own sake. So in the nicest possible way, I would be very happy for us to not hear from him again, so at least we know he's relatively safe. He might not be so lucky the next time. He only needed to be heading to somewhere with the death penalty or a less accommodating judicial system and it would have been a different story.
  5. Varroa and the Brood cycle

    Perhaps you could do a Blog https://www.nzbees.net/blogs/ so that others CAN understand the significance and learn from it?
  6. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    try that now - test message
  7. Afb inspection price?

    Current going rate https://www.nzbees.net/classifieds/item/14-afb-checks/
  8. Stolen hives

    That's stink
  9. Contaminated Honey?

    Nothing of the kind. Everyone has completely missed the point.
  10. Robbing

    The current level set is to send to those that can only, and those that can't, can't, as per our discussions.
  11. Selwyn beekeepers


    Can you change it to the correct date then please?
  12. To quote someone else. So, this is a worm hole I didn't think we'd fall down. You never can tell.
  13. OK, so the concept (which is not being grasped) is this: You ask a question Someone posts an answer The good answers get rated up The bad answers get rated down You can have more than one answer, these will rise to the top The best answer (or the answer that was implemented), can be selected by the OP or by staff. Why its not working for you? Q&A is not a conversation topic, so if you are going to use it as such, you will be forced to select "date order" sort each time to allow you to follow in that manner. If you are quoted, your alert will take you to that post If you are tagged, your alert will take yo to that post If you are using the search correctly, it will take you to the next unread You cant ask another question further along - you need a new topic Why do it? If you have a question, when others come along later they can quickly find an answer or suitable answers, rather than sifting through 20 pages of chatter. Questions that are asked regularly, can be rated up, so that they appear at the top of the list. This helps newcomers in answering the same questions that get asked over and over.
  14. Nah. Your question should be made on its own. You highjacked my test topic