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  1. If you wish to make a sale or wanted listing, please view the sale and wanted information post in the first instance.
  2. If you wish to make a sale or wanted listing, please view the sale and wanted information post in the first instance.
  3. If you wish to make a sale or wanted listing, please view the sale and wanted information post in the first instance.
  4. For Sale and Wanted

    NZ Beekeepers provides a sales area for both commercial advertising and sales through the Classifieds section. It allows for single or multiple products available for sale within New Zealand. We are happy to support you with your sale or purchase as long as it is conducted through the Classifieds section. You will be picked up for using any other method or feature of the site to conduct a sale. There are transaction fees involved. These are collected by the payment gateway and do not go to NZ Beekeepers. Classified are listed by category and you can pay extra to feature the advert at the top of the page and the home page A discussion topic is also created And if you have one or more adverts it creates a "storefront" for your profile. You can do all the usual things to keep track of the advert. Contact the user, ask questions in a discussion or even use the BUY NOW to complete the purchase and secure that bargain.
  5. Queen cells - Kapiti

    Thanks @ChrisM I've updated, but if you get any more, please log as a support call as it was lucky I spotted this comment.
  6. Queen cells - Kapiti

    Try a wanted listing in https://www.nzbees.net/classifieds/category/8-retail-bees-hives-wanted/
  7. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    @Desperate Dan be prepared to back your accusations up in court. You own your comments.
  8. Watsons and sons

    Rumour in a public forum could leave you open to liable action. I hope you have something to back your claims up, because they are on you.
  9. EzyLoader for sale

    Could have used the buy now here and got it for $1k. Lol
  10. I need help with a project

    A problem we have with many international topics is that they for whatever reason, don't fit with the methods in use here in New Zealand, including in many cases legality. In NZ we discourage feeding honey In NZ we don't medicate In NZ we would discourage actively encouraging swarming That aside, your campaign was launched some time ago, and was due to deliver around April 2017. It was attempting to raise $25k has subsequently closed without so much as one single donation. That must tell you something.
  11. Whilst I get your frustration, don't use the site for a place to conduct a witch hunt. Education would be a better more productive option
  12. NZBF AFB Check required

    A reminder that NZBF topics are an area where Act as a marker to staff to keep a close eye on the responses made. Alert more experienced beekeepers that you may require a selective response to your topic. Indicate to ALL members that where opinions differ, the discussion is to be constructive and polite (this includes the originator of the topic).
  13. virgin queens

    If you are selling, please ensure that you use the classifieds
  14. Australian Manuka Honey Association

    Having just got back from Sydney. Aussie manuka was everywhere
  15. Petition for Worksafe NZ to

    Ok well we're not about to play piggy in the middle with that one, thanks.