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  1. I've merged the 2 accounts as it flags my end. Your login will be your old username, if you have forgotten your password there is a routine to reset it.
  2. No he can't. He sells them and it's against forum rules. It he wants to advertise his product he can use the marketplace properly like everyone else.
  3. I wouldn't have thought that was good practice as it encourages the robbing and could contribute to spreading AFB.
  4. 'Discovery' of NZ is a prime example of that 😆
  5. This is a question topic. As you're reading through please rate each answer up or down so we get the best answer. 👍
  6. I agree with the comments. Phil has been a source of good information. Infact it was only last month that I was fighting his corner with regards to a complaint he had against a new member. However when you threaten legal action against the platform you are using to promote and discuss your product, you can't then expect your position to remain tenable. There was no alternative action that could have been taken.
  7. Just a little note out of politeness more than anything to let you know that Philbee decided to threaten myself (as the site owner) with legal action, to further protect his patent last night. As a result he has been banned from the site, so will not be able to reply further to any topics.
  8. You put them there, and may I add it clearly states whats visible when you do so. You also advertised your staples, so they'd need to contact you to make a purchase. I'm horrified you're allowed on the internet. You can no longer contribute to this topic because you're just winding people up for the sake of it.
  9. Edit: Don't worry I've done your job for you. This is where you do yourself absolutely no favours at all. You're selling to a closed NZ market, if you antagonise your customers they wont buy off you even if they wanted too. get yoursleef some marketing people and grow your business instead of self destructing it. wow, that took some finding. Not easy and I know how to do searches and filter results properly to return what you need. Anyway: it was only published on the 31st Jan 20 https://app.iponz.govt.nz/app/Extra/IP/Mutual/Browse.aspx?sid=637175285618349136 745836 - A2_Specification.pdf
  10. Absolutely. this is one of those topics where patent discussions have come in and it would have been better to hive it off into a topic of its own, but we're far too far down the line for that. However, patents are able to be viewed, so why not give the link? (If they are indeed actually patented at this time, but that'ts another issue, especially as there are no new ones regarding oxalic staples since 2016). In the meantime https://www.iponz.govt.nz/about-ip/patents/search/
  11. In which case stop using the topic discussion as a way to protect your IP, then perhaps everyone can carry on discussing how they wish to proceed with their home made alternatives.
  12. We have an auto Moderate feature. We could turn that on, where a post with say 5 seperate reports gets auto removed. People would need to actually use it though. And yes there is the ignore bit where you can't see another person's posts.
  13. You didn't ask a question though, you were making a statement, so nothing to respond to. Document/link repository on bees in media downloads would be the place. Comments allowed but no biggy if they get locked off. https://www.nzbees.net/files/category/12-bees-in-the-media/
  14. It may be more beneficial to add each event to the calendar for the day in question as it will raise the visibility as the date gets closer
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