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  1. Grant

    Extraction Service Available - RMP and EU

    you need to place an advert for this please
  2. Grant

    Buying brood

    By registering on the community.
  3. If you would like help from the forum community, please do us the courtesy of registering accordingly.
  4. Grant

    WANTED! Small (3-4 Frame) honey spinner

    Interested parties can create a listing
  5. Grant

    Children's bee suits for sale?

    Hopefully someone will be prompted to make a listing for you
  6. It's all here https://www.nzbees.net/forums/forum/32-new-to-nz-beekeepers-forum/
  7. Grant

    What does 'pure manuka' mean?

    I dont think that counts for squat to be honest. All @Merk is doing so far is making a jerk of himself and making claims without substance. The last few pages of comments have nothing to say other than trying to be personally detrimental. What point is trying to be made with starting every post by addressing Adam as boot, I dont know? And to be honest, anyone else would have seen him in court by the end of page 1. In contrast @Adam Boot has been positive and countered every single post without getting into a personal tirade. Marketing is all about playing on words, promoting your product and inferring without actually stating a claim. It's what everyone who's cute at marketing does, including some who actively imply scientifically proven health benefits from eating honey. We're insiders, we know the spin but your claims against the product are unfounded and potentially damaging. However, the most compelling comment at the moment would be this one Lets go back to the lessons of watch what you say, because you guys really, really don't get it. You seriously need to address the bitching and balling that goes on in these topics. All this is public for anyone to pick up on. Imagine a foreign media source picking up this topic, putting their spin on it and bringing down the whole NZ honey industry based on what beekeepers have said in a public forum. Way to go boys and girls.
  8. There is no place for wanted items at the moment. They caused more trouble than they are worth. Information on how to make listings is in the new to NZ Beekeepers Forum and within help articles.
  9. So why is it going to a Google docs page which has no link whatsoever to apiweb. And why is it being done by an equipment supplier. All very valid questions in this day and age where accounts, data and pages are spoofed. And despite the answers given we still have no idea who's behind the questionnaire, link or potential service. This sort of thing needs to be done with a lot more consideration in the current data climate. Gone are the days where you can even attempt to post up something as half arsed as this to collect any form of response from a customer base. ESPECIALLY as you will be acting commercially on the information received.
  10. Grant

    Trader Joes taken to court

    Coming from the EU where labelling is quite strict, I think that's going to be really hard to defend. Especially in California
  11. Grant

    Honey prices No. 3

    Yay. Someone gets it. ? Not that anyone had anything constructive to say on the subject in the 1st version. And we've already had a recent resurrection of the don't open topics to question moderation, discussion so there was no need for the 2nd one either. We'll see which way v3 goes shall we. ?
  12. Grant

    Small cell foundation sources

    ok now?
  13. Grant

    Closed topic

    Mods don't have to explain their actions every time the decide to do something. If we did, we'd spend all day discussing why abc did xyz. We've said this before and this is why it's clearly stated in the rules and regs. It's closed and that's all you need to know.
  14. Grant

    Secondhand Boxes

    That was crabee, not Daley. Daley quoted crabees post (which was the supportive one). Therefore its been incorrectly attributed.