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  1. copy and paste the URL of the page you are referring to and do the same for a sentance or more that specifically meets your point.
  2. Actually it wasnt the question per se that bothered me, it was the antics it led to in the followup posts,
  3. If you look on your warning panel it should show the topic title - click on that and it goes to the post referenced (unless it been deleted).
  4. I've spent 8 hours on this topic and after discussions with the team we've done some tidying up. We're not averse to opinions. All posts are personal opinions and that is what allows the content to build, but that has to be balanced, rational and where possible accurate. I don't actually care what side of the fence you are on in terms of debate, but you need to be civil. I have to ensure the site is run within the correct interpretation of the rules and that is what is enforced. Don't combine forces or tag team your views to turn the discussion into a verbal wresting match. Post accuracy can be debated from both sides of the fence, so back up your claims where possible. If you make a mistake and want to retract something report it for consideration. If you name an individual you best be darned sure what you are saying is correct, because you will be the one who has made the claim. Remember this site is publicly visible across the globe. If you say something then consider that permanently said. Calling people liars, saying they are dishonest, accusing them of trolling or saying their posts are rubbish or anything else along those lines is considered a personal attack. Repeating yourself (even the main complainants have been at fault here and I deem the entire thread to be 50/50 on both sides in this regard) not only devalues your contribution but it gets boring and is regarded as trolling. Replying to yourself is regarded as post bumping or multiposting and is frowned upon - learn to multi quote properly. I've said this many times over the years, other sites don't discuss their moderation or administration, it just happens. The team here aren't used to that, in the main because they know most of you IRL, which makes it much harder. Because its highlighted, it feels like kindy or big brother and that's just one of the downsides we have to deal with. However, questioning why something was done or showing your displeasure over a staff action within a public post is a definite no. Refresh yourself with the post guidelines, site rules and instructions for newbies. Multiposting, trolling, swearing, making accusations, personal attacks have all raised their head here and have all been present in this topic. A range of tools are available including warnings, deletion, topic bans, post moderation or site bans are available as part of the staff toolkit. If past occurrences are anything to go by there will now be a heightened period of awareness as the team are reminded about being proactive. If you feel something needs action then please use the report icon for each post. Now lets get back to some healthy debate.
  5. I made it very clear why I came into the discussion. Don't push my buttons Keith, because my button has slightly more kick to it.
  6. I agree, I'm raising these points with the team as I go through the topic. Although I'm more concered about the reponses to the gender enquiry, something which is completely irrelevant. What surprises me a little is the lack of member reports on these posts. We get alerted when an opposing view is made, but not alerted when someone is being picked on - what's that all about you lot?
  7. And here you have succinctly defined most of the early posts by Keith, yet you found those acceptable?
  8. I've seen this pop up a few times in this topic. NZ Bees and NZ Beekeepers imples this site. Please when refering to other organisations be careful to use the correct name
  9. I'm only at page 5 of this discussion and catching up due to the moderation note, but all I can see from you Mr F is repetative trolling of people who dont agree with you. Let's hope I dont find much more on the next 10 pages because I'm beginning to get bored.
  10. Grant

    Commodity Levy - Voting Now Open

    It affects your login, so a username change would need to be clear and not duplicated anywhere. If you message me under your old name and I change it, you not be able to login, so would need to realise you need to change to your new name. It may also be useful to then put a note in your signature so that people understand who they are talking to.
  11. Grant

    Epipen - life saving info?

    Absolutely not. Not under ANY circumstances. An epipen is SINGLE USE a self administered device. You DO NOT under ANY circumstances store a USED syringe for later use assuming you recover. For a start it will be blunt and 2nd it will carry infection If you want to go down the ampule/syringe route then go ahead, get trainined and carry stock The emergency bush medicine videos you are referring to show an unauthorised use, but even they are not intended to be used for "later use".
  12. Grant

    Extraction Service Available - RMP and EU

    you need to place an advert for this please
  13. Grant

    Buying brood

    By registering on the community.
  14. If you would like help from the forum community, please do us the courtesy of registering accordingly.
  15. Grant

    WANTED! Small (3-4 Frame) honey spinner

    Interested parties can create a listing