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  1. Bron it looks like your area where you lived has had a warm summer - wished I was there. As for us it has been cold, wet. We have had the odd few summer days - then wet again and COLD by the evening. The bees are even starting to winter down and it is only early February. Hope it warms up soon, looks like I will be only taking a few frames of honey out for our own needs only.
  2. The worst sting, that I got was 50 plus stings on both hands. Just put on light garden gloves and went down to my hives without a smoker in the early evening, just as the weather was changing. The stings came out with the gloves. Thought I better phone to get medical advice - they advised a jab in my backside. I got away scott free. Still didn't learn my lesson in buying a EpiPen. Most likely sould
  3. You fullas come get some rain from here. We got plenty. In fact it has rained so much - I went into some of my hives yesterday, to find we had no stores left. Had to start feeding out big time . Apart from rain we have had it cold and windy seems like for a month now. The girls have been locked up for ages now.
  4. Growing old is compulsory. Growing up is optional
  5. Understand - spelling is not my strong point.
  6. I didn't mean muzza buzza, it does sound like you are getting a hair cut. I ment muzzas backyard honey or Muzzas Honey. Something that sounds a little different. Thankyou for answering the question
  7. Just another question . How can you find out if trade names are already taken? I like the sound of Muzzas Bees or Muzzas backyard bees because it has a rhyme with buzza - Sounds cool to me what do you think?
  8. Wow it looks like I started something here. Thank you everyone for your input - very helpful advice. Looks like its to visit an account for advice. I have been told by some friends that you have to be above a certain income to be able to register for GST to be able to claim it back. Is this true ?
  9. First of all please excuse me if this thread is in the wrong place. I have had a few hives for five years now and with hive numbers increasing (nine at present, including freshly captured swarms) and costs likewise I would like to start selling honey to cover some of my costs and hopefully eventually make a profit one of these years. Everything has been done on an ad hoc basis so far with little recording of expenditure and it is now time to become at least semi organised. All advice and/or ideas on how to set up a business gratefully accepted.
  10. Needing some more advice. The Mother hive is now broodless - should I place eggs and a frame of young brood in there, or wait for a week or two. It looks like the 3 other swarms had virgin queens in them. No eggs present after 4 days. They are drawing out the frames in an orderly manner. I was surprised as we had put one of them in a cardboard box for 2 days and the frames were leaning half sideways. It was only today that I could get them into proper hive boxes.
  11. Maybe those ones are architects not engineers. My three swarms are drawing out comb in an orderly fashion.
  12. Muzza's husband here. I'd like to suggest booby trapping the access track but I probably shouldn't.
  13. Thanks for your advice. Will try this and let you know how things are going. Just one question. What do you mean by checker boarding?
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