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    Queen help

    Well, whadya know? Had a quick look this arvo and two of the three have eggs. Not many guards and a little depleted in numbers but looking positive. I've put a frame of eggs into the queenless hive and will add another in a few days. Worth combining two of them?
  2. Guy

    Queen help

    I'm on the shore. They're pretty docile and no obvious increase in pollen going in. I'll have another look over the next couple of days
  3. Guy

    Queen help

    Two of these are a couple of years old. One is a split from a swarm this year but no queen present. The others had laying queens until a few weeks back - wonder if one lost theirs during the swarm. Not sure what happened to the other. Regardless, all queenless.
  4. Hi, I'm probably in completely the wrong forum but was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction... I've got three hives but no queens. I had a couple if queen cells that hatched in one hive but no sign of any activity yet (it's been three and a half weeks). I've tried to source some queens but there is a shortage. Can anyone help?
  5. Well, while I waited for her to settle in a turned my back to look at my other hives (and all of the wasps hanging around!). She may well have bolted at that point. Unfortunately she wasn't marked and I'm terrible at spotting queens so I guess I'll have to check back in a week or two to see if she's still alive and well...
  6. They were very quick to her and piled up but I didn't see any stinging...
  7. I've split a hive and requeened last Tuesday (my first mail order queen - weird). Checked to make sure she got out ok and found her still in the packaging - alive and well but they hadn't made their way through the food. Looked like a fair bit left so I took a chance and opened it up and let her out. I'm hoping it will be ok - is it normal for other bees to rush over to her? Or did I just watch the slaughter of my new queen?
  8. There was just nectar in the brood - I replaced 2 frames with eggs from another hive - they have capped these. Thought they'd have made emergency Q from the eggs if no Q. I'll add a couple more frames of eggs.
  9. Hi all, Two queries. 1/ I have a brood box with no eggs. I wondered if the queen has died/left etc but just to give her a chance I added a couple of frames of eggs from another hive. Checked today and the eggs have been capped but no queen cells have been produced. I'm wondering if this means that I have a queen in there somewhere but she's not laying at the mo. If so, why would she have stopped laying? 2/ Because I only have two hives I tend to extract honey manually. This takes a bit of time so I do a couple of frames at a time. New one for me - one frame had some pollen underneath the capped honey. Some of it was a thick black substance - it looked a little like old capped brood but when I lifted it from the frame it didn't look like nearly ready bees. Any ideas? Regardles, I extracted the honey and put the frames back in the hive now for the bees to clean up.
  10. It's been an ongoing thing. The hive swarmed and eventually returned to the hive queenless. I split them and one hive quickly requeened. The other took a long time and I added brood from another hive to help it along. Eventually had a queen, and she laid for a week or two. Now no eggs for a few weeks - no new eggs to turn into queen but no emergency queen cells either. Because I added frames of brood to an already strong (in numbers) hive, the hive is big but getting old. Activity in and around the hive has been noticeably reduced over the past week or so. I had a good look and there is no evidence of a queen cell that has hatched. I would ideally prefer two hives rather than three as well...
  11. Just after some advice - I have two hives that is a split from earlier this year. Both were QR but it seems that one of the queens has failed - no new eggs or brood for 3 weeks. Thinking of recombining the hives and have read that putting a piece of newspaper, with a slit in it, between the two hives is the way to go. By the time they newbies chew through the paper they will have accepted the new queen. Is this about right?
  12. Fantastic - look like 3 QR hives. Honey boxes on and good for a long summer Thanks again for your help all.
  13. Really didn't occur to me that you could just buy wax. Thanks @Pinnacle, I'll try it out with one of the hives and see how they go. @tudor - if I don't have any queen action within the next couple of weeks is it worth combining the two hives again?
  14. Thanks for your help - the footprint hive has a queen. Many fresh eggs spotted. The hew hive has no eggs but there are no queen/swarm cells from the brood put in there last weekend so I'm assuming there is a queen in there somewhere (waiting to lay or waiting to mate?). Original hive going strong - a number of cups again, a couple with eggs, but no royal jelly and I destroyed them again. A lot of brood available if new hive needs another kick start. On another note (another topic?) - I've got a load of plastic frames which haven't been given a base layer of wax, and I've run out of wax. Any suggestions?
  15. OK - no new eggs in the footprint hive but plenty of pollen going in so I'm hoping this means QR. Add some capped brood and eggs to help them along just in case? Split hive is very strong but no queen and not much sign of pollen going in. I've added a frame of eggs and capped brood to keep them going and repress any potential laying workers. My strong QR hive looks good - saw queenie the other day. Lots of eggs and brood. Plenty of stores. Quite a few cups but no sign of any royal jelly being fed. There were a couple of eggs in these cups so I destroyed them just in case. I'll keep an eye. I'll check again at the weekend as it's time to remove my varroa strips and add the honey supers. Any advice at this point?
  16. Sorry - just an observation of my other hive, where I'm getting open brood. Just found a lot of open, uncapped queen cells - they weren't there, or obvious, last week and I have a lot of eggs in the hive so I'm assuming all is well. I removed the cells and will check again next week (with the others). Thanks for the ongoing advice
  17. Had that little peak. Queen cells look to have hatched in both hives now but no sign of any egg laying. Have a quick peak in another week or so? I'm really conscious of having hives with laying workers as it took out one of my hives last year. Had a lot of queen cells emerging throughout my 1st hive. I usually find the queen in this one but couldn't see her today. Plenty of eggs have been laid though so I'll assume she is ok and check again in a week or so.
  18. Looks like lots of pollen is going in to the new hive. Does that possibly mean I have a virgin queen or will she have mated?
  19. It was capped. I'll have a peek in a week. Incidentally, just noticed that the doorways seem to have been opened up a bit - presume by mice or rats. Can I assume that the bees will ward off any mice/rats? All three hives are pretty strong at the moment. Rather not leave any poison around with children, cats and chooks in the garden. I'll have a word with the cat
  20. Had a quick check of my footprint hive, which I hoped was QR but no eggs so guessing between the swarm and the split the queenie disappeared/died. There was one ugly looking queen cell so I left it there and added some capped brood and stores from my QR hive. Obviously leaving my new queenless hive alone for now. Guess I'm playing the waiting game with both now...
  21. Update @tudor - the presumably QR hive on the original footprint had quite a few emergency queen cells. Only 2 eggs but there really wasn't any drawn comb to lay in. I'm hoping the 2 eggs are enough to confirm the presence of a queen, and that she'll be able to lay in the soon to be empty cells. I've left 2 good looking capped queen cells in the new hive - they're looking strong with plenty of capped cells. I've got three hives now - 1 def QR, 1 hopefully QR and 1 with two good queen cells. My plan is now to wait for 7 days to see how the footprint box goes, and add a frame of capped cells from my QR hive if there is evidence of a queen. If no evidence I'll add a frame with open brood cells and hope they get to work on a new queen. Any advice from here?
  22. Hi @tudor - I shook the bees off and replaced the new hive about a meter or so away from the footprint. What next? This time last year I ended up with a queenless hive and despite there being a number of emergency queen cells I ended up with working layers and ultimately a lost hive - keen to prevent this but I guess that's all down to getting a laying queen. Mostly rain forecast for the next 10 days so gave them a feed too.
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