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  1. interesting point. interested to hear people's views
  2. Hi ther . That's such a kind gesture. I totally appreciate your offer. I tried to private message you but couldn't quite figure out how too. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks all for your sympathy. Hope the thieves get caught
  3. It's such a shame what's happening to the industry it really is turning into bee wars out there. Poor bees and beekeepers. As if keeping bees doesn't already have a lot of risks
  4. Really sorry to hear of your loss. I lost 2 hives from the bethlehem community garden this week also. Very sad especially for little players that don't have many hives. Will keep my eyes out for your hives.
  5. Getting attacked in Bay of Plenty also. Hang in there fellow beekeepers. Havnt been able to find nest either but wasps and manual eradication keeps things somewhat at bay
  6. Hi there everyone I'm new on this forum. My names Lucy I'm just wanting to know how all your bees are going this spring? I am in the BOP and am finding the season very slow. Bees needing lots of feed, a few hives are starting to bring in some honey but not a lot. If anyone could shed any light on how things have been for them this season that would be awesome. Kind Regards and Happy Beekeeping
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