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  1. I wonder how someone as an equipment supplier, who didn't actually keep bees of their own, would get on?
  2. The one I work for has one of those too - and only very recently did they remove the "will be shot" clause from the list of punishments for it!
  3. Nice spot up there, @BRB - must be a neat view!
  4. A rather heavy show just passed over-head here, still raining lightly. Looks to be blowing your way Rob, but may dry up before it gets there with any luck. Right as I was getting ready to do some concreting too!
  5. Welcome to the Wairarapa, Rob. The last couple of days have been quite the excitement - so much for @yesbut's weather predictions a few days ago! Will be heading out tonight to feed my home hives - they'll be tearing through their stocks at this rate.
  6. How big are the bales, @Rob Stockley? I brought a wool fadge from RD1 a few weeks ago that was compressed full, around the $80 mark.
  7. I have found five or six so far this year - mostly in the house. They have been hibernating in my wood shed and when brought inside, warm up and begin flying around. Squash! I was thinking about putting a bug bomb in the woodshed and putting a tarp over the front to seal it best I could, but it's only about 10m away from the hives, and don't want to nuke them with the fumes.
  8. Hmmm Tom I would question that - I was always taught to add acid to water. The process of adding water to acid is a highly exothermic process which releases a large amount of heat. When acid is added to water with constant stirring the heat is evolved gradually and absorbed by a large amount of water. As a result, acid doesn't splash out and thus no acid burn takes place.
  9. We were posted from palmy two years ago, spent last year in Waiouru, and now to Wellington.
  10. Hi Rob, I'm a little further south in Featherston. Would definitely like to catch up over a cup of tea or a smoker one day. There is a Wairarapa beeking club on Facebook and although I haven't had a chance to go along yet, they do seem very active.
  11. Thank you all very much, I am once again further learned.
  12. @Trevor Gillbanks, Trev, many moons ago you recommended a particular brand of hand pruning saw to me, but I have forgotten the name - could you remind me please? This could have been a PM, but others will probably benefit from the knowledge too. Cheers
  13. We're having quite the problem with them here too. They're going through poison like it's candy, but I keep finding dead rodents so it's working...
  14. Drowning them in cheap beer, jam and water is working reasonably well here.
  15. I imagine there would come a point where the hive would collapse and abandon the location as the constant flume of oxalic would severely interfere with their pheromones. Where this point is though I'm not sure - every day / second day / five days?
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