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  1. Hi I have had my honey extracted and the test results are DHA 1040 and MG 215. What is it worth per kg and will this go up if I let it mature. How long would it take and what will it go up by?
  2. yea buying 50 hives off the bat is not a good idea. Your business model should be buy 5 hives, learn the ropes and expand from there. What other income do you plan on using to live off after you go full time ? don't expect to make a profit in the first 4 years as most money gets reinvested in gear. I can't see any good beeks wanting to go work for 1 year for a boss who has no idea about bee keeping most would run a mile. bee keepers are in very short demand and would not be worth there time getting you off the ground to be ditch in a years time. I think you might be over thinking the busi
  3. Known Thieves - Stolen hives anyone know who this pitch fork bearing beek is who has made this site, looks like they are making the site right now as name as face are going up every few minutes
  4. Local beek had 50 of his hives stolen in mangawhai area from 2 sites, must be another commercial in the area as they need to have local knowledge to find these hives. One site is 1km down a farm access rd and the other in waipu not visible from the rd. Time to buy some trail cams.
  5. yes must be a few hundred sites on the rd side around the coromandel loop. would these be registered ? would you have to apply for doc or council consent?
  6. yes i would like to buy one for my own use
  7. so what are their per kg rates like compared to market price
  8. what are there honey rates like per kg compared to normally extracted honey
  9. spoke to the beek today hives have been tested by asure quality and no disease.
  10. I know 1 land owner that had 30 hives on there place poisoned they told me the beek had 3 other sites done. I have had people snooping around my hives removing lids as well
  11. hey @tristan did you hear about the 120 hives poisoned in mangawhai langs area over 4 sites? all the same beek.
  12. you would not be paying trade me prices of 250 for a 5 frame nuc thats for sure. I only paid 125 per 5 frame nuc last year
  13. Don't really think there is any price variation between between full depth and 3/4 nucs. my question is more to the point of what sort of discount would you expect for this quantity of hives?
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