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  1. Availability of Macrocarpa hive boxes

    True I've had to say no to the good lady who wants to take some of my boxes inside the house for furniture, (coffee table and storage shelves)
  2. Painting hiveware comercially

    Brush for me too. I tend to paint during the quiet periods, EG late in the evening or early in the morning or Sunday when I don't want the noise of a machine.
  3. Availability of Macrocarpa hive boxes

    Guess what? I use glue in the joins instead of primer paint, I also plane a small shampher on all the tops and bottom's before assembly and then finish sand all the corners to a small radius including the hand holds before I paint. Is it worth the extra effort? I don't know, but it is what I do.
  4. Drones in Auckland

    Down Here close to the coast where there has been good early spring forage I'm seeing some strong hives with significant amounts of emerging drones. I've been adding boxes to give the hive room to expand. Up the valleys they are still in winter mode and will be for some time yet.
  5. a little bit unusual to find sister queens this time of the year but here they are.
  6. After by far my worst season as a Beekeeper I am very much looking forward to the new season and today being the shortest day is the turning point to the new season.
  7. The good stuff. 2006 HZJ79R Landcruiser ute 4.2 natural aspirated Diesel Factory Diff locks, Legal 3.5 ton tow rated. (these are the ultimate on and off road tow vehicle) Speedo 262k roaduser 265k Factory air con (needs a re-gas) Quicklift 050 crane mounted on rear of deck with power pack under front left deck and dual batteries under bonnet. One piece "truck deck" ply deck. (no lumps or joins) The not so good. Paint work could do with a respray. Floor cover could do with replacing. (the one piece vinyl mat has worn through badly on the drivers side) Gearbox gets a whine when hot. (drives fine though) History First 8 years and 230k, Gold mining near Greymouth This is where she had her hard/rough work but also a good service record until they went bust. last 2 years she has been My Beekeeping truck. I've replaced wheel bearings, brake disks, pads, and kitted the pistons all round plus done the hand brake. I've also repaired or replaced numerous other items that were a little worse for wear. Like the windscreen wiper pivot assembly and sway bar. For sale "as is" with the crane (or with crane removed.) As is price $32500. (no GST applicable) Crane is 2 years old and in good condition. max lift 500kg max reach 2.6m (120kg) I fitted an ATV winch to make vertical lifting quicker and easier. Somebody is going to ask? The answer is another Landcruiser.
  8. Topic of conversation over a cuppa last night prior to taking hives out of Kiwifruit pollination. WATSON & SON NEW ZEALAND LIMITED status has changed from Registered to In Liquidation on the 15 September 2016 Appointed By 241(2)(a) - Special Resolution of Shareholders. Previously known as: WATSON & SON LIMITED (from 10 Jun 2004 to 20 Nov 2015) WATSON & SON NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (from 20 Nov 2015 to 5 Jan 2016) WATSON & SON LIMITED (from 5 Jan 2016 to 8 Sep 2016) A Resolution of Solvency - That the company would, on the appointment of a Liquidator under section 241(2)(a) of the Companies Act 1993, be able to pay its debt - was filed on 15 Sep 2016 Read more: http://www.insolvencywatch.co.nz/solvent-liquidations/watson-son-new-zealand-limited/
  9. WP_20160923_07_41_42_Pro

    On the way to work
  10. WP_20160923_08_23_45_Pro

    The alternative mode of getting to work
  11. Going through some of my hive today and came across this queen, Hive was full of good brood and no other queen was seen.
  12. Hi guys as the title says I want suggestions of what to put into internal feeders to help stop bees drowning in syrup. Bracken is often mentioned, but around here I don't see what I would call bracken. can someone please post some pictures. Cheers.
  13. H4605 DECA for the last 5 years. Semi commercial I have a dozen wintered Nucs that I have been holding with the intention to sell them in late July early August when the demand will get me the best possible price. Nucs are currently 4 or 5 frame mostly FD (a few 3/4 frames) plastic or wooden frames. Boxes will be Hive Dr plastic Nuc boxes (a little tired as I've used them a couple of times already). Queens are all February 2016 Carni queen cells open mated. Boyvoral treated in Autumn (now out) Total for the 12 is $4800 no GST (I'm not GST registered) but a receipt will be supplied. Terms are 50% deposit to my account to secure the Nucs, balance at the time of uplifting Nucs. Up lift from Paraparaumu Kapiti Coast or for a negotiated Fee I can deliver. Regards Shaun
  14. Cargo net/bee net

    What do people use to cover bee boxes on trucks/utes for a longish (5 hours) trip during daylight hours? I have 30 odd nucs to move Easter weekend and I know that some of the plastic nuc boxes will leak bees. I want to get a net/cover before I start and have a comfortable and safe trip. Rather than be worrying about the perceptions and concerns of other road and rest stop users. The only thing I can currently think of is shade cloth or wind break cloth.
  15. Last year I acquired a couple of vintage Davidson uncappers with the intention of using the one for parts and getting the other going again. Well with the wet weather over the last couple of days I made a start on the newer of the 2. First an hour with the water blaster to remove the bulk of the wax and crud. Then Several buckets of hot water and CT18 degreaser/detergent and a scrubbing brush followed by more water blasting. I was told the main motor needed replacing however re fixing a loose wire and pressing the reset revealed that the problem was over loading caused by the crud seizing the bearings and chains. Hence the 5.56 head ache.:devil: A can of CRC, a screwdriver to work every seized link free several missing bits of skin a blister or two and did I mention a mean as Head Ache.:sick: I now have the in-feed chain, the main chain, the out-feed chain and the cutter heads all operating again. I still need to re fit the drip trays and the Cappings auger plus another wash with and degreaser/detergent. Question time for those that know. (y) What is the correct lubricant to use on a food grade machine? Bearings and chains? and corrosion prevention? I already know that cold water blasting is the best way to preliminary clean the extractor and cappings spinner and the uncapper will definitely get the same treatment. Any other interesting comments welcome.