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  1. SAF 6 frame, Ceracell were the original supplier.
  2. I sent off 70 mats last spring, not particularly full got a little over $5 per mat. Was pleasantly surprised as another Beek friend had less than $1 per mat from his mats. Put the mats on after the wax season has finished but while the weather is still warm, take off before the wax starts.
  3. I have 200 liter of 67brix left from last years (12 months ago) 1000 liter IBC, stored inside the shed. Haven't needed it this autumn.
  4. Yep that was exactly what happened. I got tired of having to relearn the forum as the management seemed to be making upgrade changes faster than I could cope with. Yes as @Trevor mentioned I'm keeping busy with full time beekeeping and life.
  5. Your a bit out of date, it sold on Trademe yesterday for 2K
  6. Top 3 are partials (not full frames) the first 6 are wall to wall full, got over 100kg from this one 3 seasons ago and less than 20kg last season. On the topic of swarm control for a rental. I always split them early and take brood away almost every visit at this time of the year. My goal is to not have a garden rental hive swarm for any reason. I pick an easy to get to, but discreet spot for the hive and the client gets told in advance that I just turn up when it works with my schedule. I give them a small "facts sheet" which doubles as my contract to sign when I make the initial inspection. I have a spare jacket in the ute for the occasional "watch over my shoulder". Mostly they quickly just get used to the bees and settle in to watching them come and go.
  7. Community service is the main reason I do it. I charge $350 pre year (which is about what I miss out on for commercial pollination) They get 12 jars of honey (about 8kg) and I keep the rest, in a good year that can be quite a bit
  8. You really need good honey flows for 8 frame boxes.
  9. I'm also running 11 frame brood boxes (jumbos) and 8 frame 3/4 depth Manley for honey.
  10. I think you will find that there is a routine "honey test" that will show contaminants, when a preset threshold is reached/exceed it indicates that the contamination came from brood comb.
  11. I agree, I call the them protein supplement patties. Like @john berry I use them sparingly where natural pollen is poor or the weather is poor for extended periods. My rule of thumb is if there is no pollen stored in the combs they get a portion of patty cut to a size depending on the size of the hive/colony. A feed of sugar is also matched to the amount of honey stored and the size of the brood area.
  12. Slight clarification, Illegal to extract the honey from frames used for brood for export. You can extract for NZ only use or leave the honey for the bees. My Jumbo brood frames don't fit into my 3/4 honey boxes so it is not an issue for me.
  13. True I've had to say no to the good lady who wants to take some of my boxes inside the house for furniture, (coffee table and storage shelves)
  14. Brush for me too. I tend to paint during the quiet periods, EG late in the evening or early in the morning or Sunday when I don't want the noise of a machine.
  15. Guess what? I use glue in the joins instead of primer paint, I also plane a small shampher on all the tops and bottom's before assembly and then finish sand all the corners to a small radius including the hand holds before I paint. Is it worth the extra effort? I don't know, but it is what I do.
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