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  1. anytime you sell for above cost of production to someone who can talk and is smiling about the trad = not the worst screw-up in the world
  2. i heard a whisper about nz-bush and dew exported and now being sold in aussie blends as 'aussie manuka' - sound about right?
  3. here is a question - if someone was to get a decent test/result for a small volume (say, a couple of drums) that they're giving away to mates this year from a couple of sites with scaling available (genuinely, know all landowners in a five kilometre radius) - do you think there would be demand next year for a few tonne?
  4. it was a good listen, thanks to the both of you
  5. agree, and stuff it, i'll email it through this weekend with contact info:
  6. his name was nobby hall, and.....
  7. i'm not Shane, but i've bought small volumes (several hundred++ from each) of pre-waxed frames from each of several suppliers, including ecrotek, and have been very happy with the results in the hive in all cases.
  8. tastes like tell mpi how useless the border controls are
  9. is there any cost associated with attendance? can't see anything about that on the linked document
  10. do you have other pictures?
  11. sounds like i'll wait a week
  12. the anti-1080 crew is all sorts of inconsistency - but the majority will accept and perpetuate any lie that supports their wish for nz to be 1080-free. Loads of genuine people have been caught up by it, but the lies are mostly fed by two types: 1 - hunters who hate that 1080 kills deer but know that deer are viewed as a pest so have to make up lies to push the argument to stop 1080 killing their sport; and 2 - stupid people who shouldn't be allowed to own dogs who took their dogs off-leash into a recently 1080-ed area and then their dogs died, but they refuse to accept they killed their dog via their own stupidity and instead seek to blame...
  13. here's the update, he's now selling waxed frames. Not sure how he went from being short of wax and needing to import more for frame waxing to having waxed frames for sale. Maybe he saw the light and bought a whole bunch pre-waxed from a supplier and is now selling off those in excess of his needs. Possibly a bit optimistic though.
  14. flicked you the link. i'll get it reported to mpi sometime this week, hopefully someone else has already
  15. i've heard of, but not seen myself, swarms settling under a base or the queen somehow ending up there, and comb being drawn under the base. Any chance of that in this situation?
  16. yeah, done that. Don't trust the guy though, everything i've seen from him so far reeks of deceit. Hhe initially posted a for sale ad for wax imported from China and specifically stated that it was for waxing frames. Subsequently back-pedaled and then deleted his post there, but kept it on local (to him) farming pages etc. Do you know him? he's from up your way. his response to "have you ever imported wax from China?" was "personally, no" - now silent on whether he's used imported wax to wax frames.
  17. not that long ago a mate of various forum members was posting on facebook looking for people to buy wax imported from China from him for waxing frames. He got a lot of grief, rightfully so. Same guy is now selling waxed frames on facebook beekeeping pages. What should be done?
  18. sure, not arguing for or against this one. But that's unrelated to any claim that the three things you listed mess over honeybees eh... nice change of topic though.
  19. wasn't saying it wasn't a threat to the honey industry - clearly the bees involved had survived well enough to produce a crop...
  20. fascinating eh, not that i believe any of the three substances mentioned are any threat to bees...
  21. more importantly, where are all their varroa going? and the spores of the afb infected ones?
  22. based on the weight of flow my wellington hives are experiencing, i'm pretty sure they're foraging on the hives of incompetent beekeepers
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