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  1. Lawyer was probably asked to maximise short.term income and minimise inconvenience. Those signing such contracts were gambling. The whole point of gambling is uncertainty of outcome. Hope the person signing (and without beekeepers signing up it couldn't have happened) who is the person responsible for screwing everyone else over gets pursued to the limit if they are in breach of contract Then again, post.reflection, sucks if they signed a contract under the old manuka standard that became untenable under the new, and fairly unpredictably changed rules
  2. faceless bureaucrat - work for a regulator, think i've posted about it on here before when phil assumed i was some guy he knew at mpi. I'm not at mpi. Nothing to do with honey either..
  3. play. I live in wellington these days. Not sure how much longer, world is pretty big. Lived in dunedin a while (2009-15), and have good mates living in my house down there - hence the couple of hives that work in absentia cos people are plenty capable of under-supering a hive when asked based on guesswork and weather. Also why they're run without excluders. Air NZ grab-a-seat alerts means it normally costs about $100 return to get there for a weekend. I could probably figure out how many times the hives have been opened in five years, seems to work alright. Two swarms the first year as i was figuring things out, both got caught via remote instruction My sister, my mum and her partner, and my dad and his partner all live in taranaki = where i lived until i left at 17. So I'm up there a bit too - especially when my three year old niece needs to go tramping and her younger brother isn't up to much walking yet. Hence the apiary up near the national park. Growing the on-call beekeeping crew up there too - helps that any honey they want comes in ten litre servings...
  4. a few years back a cousin of mine asked my views on her plan to quit her design job to try and make a go of it as an artist. That was a few years after i'd quit some job to go play poker. I advised her to become familiar with cooking and eating good food with rice and lentils as the foundation. Fast forward about seven years. She's still making a go of it as an artist, i traded the poker gamble for a desk job, and kept my house
  5. a pic of my ford laser bee truck parked in front of a shed that would make a good bee shed if the track to it wasn't so tempted to rip out the car's under-carriage. Or for an owner of a bee-truck with some clearance. Only bee gear stored there is some spare beesuits and some wasp poison. Just down the road from my taranaki apiary. Edit: there are some top-notch pole sheds around the place
  6. standard price? what was the assembly process like?
  7. set up a stall next to the corona flavoured bats
  8. a few people come out of the woodwork to help extracting it, and bring various jars or containers, sometimes even five or ten litre buckets one of my best friends passed through wellington last week, she was the one who started this whole bee thing for me, back before we'd met Murray Rixon or @tudor - she and her now partner took one five litre bucket and two two litre buckets of fresh taranaki runny honey (back-up sealed lids with duct tape and in council recycling plastic bags as even further backup) as carry-on to nelson, and now it's over the hill in @kaihoka's neck of the woods (well, not quite, over at Tui, but still in golden bay). Reasonably easy to get rid of when it's free to a good home.
  9. went through my wellington garden hive today - full inspection, all looking good. Post-honey pull I'll be moving it, right now it's far too heavy! three boxes (2x3/4, 1xfull depth) ready to extract, a fourth pretty close as the emerging drones are back-filled with honey. Did some destructive drone sampling and found 3 varroa in the sixty-ish drones that got needled. Chucked some wet cappings from the last extraction in a top-feeder on top for them to clean up - expecting to escape the bees and pull the top four boxes for extraction in about two weeks from now and chuck some strips in. Every time I lift a full depth box of honey i mentally salute those tough enough to do this for a living - I hope the market picks up for all of you.
  10. sounds like good news all round then - a novel idea of edge protecting multi-layer strips as a delivery mechanism is patented and people can choose to buy them from the developer or not. And an alternative with cardboard/similar and a single stitch up the middle to stop the strip collapsing if the bees chew out the top part. Just need to make sure that isn't patented, or if it is that it's by someone who is happy for people to use it themselves - wonder if apinz should get a patent on it and pre-advise that they will let it be open access etc?
  11. Had a quick skim through. Seems that what is covered/claimed in the patent is what is described beginning page 15 of the patent document, basically edge protected strips and their use as a varroa treatment medium. I'm no lawyer though
  12. Probably good to stick to beekeeping on a b3ekeeping forum though eh
  13. And that's the end of the story? You worked 32 hrs, got paid for it. Or does this saga continue? Also, yes/no - did you get stung by a bee during those 32hrs, or at that work location?
  14. Might be an ambiguous post? Reads like you expect every and all phone calls to involve a crime that you're a victim of?
  15. Did you go into this situation hoping or expecting this outcome? Regardless, hope you get paid for the hours you worked
  16. How about hanging those scrapings in a Muslim bag inside a bucket in a hot room
  17. Clover and nodding thistle.. Packing it in - added two supers each hive, one dry, one wet. See if they end up full by mid.march
  18. Extracted six 3/4 boxes yesterday using the capping fork and two frame manual plastic spinner. Jarred about 40kg of it, the rest is in ten litre buckets. A friend turned up with a couple of arataki two kilo square plastic jars to fill, they're great, will try and track down a few. Some guy was blowing smoke about buying some boxes of capped honey from me to run through his np1 facility and sell cos he claims to have a market and not enough product. Suspect it's just talk, but if true it would save me some hassle extracting honey and getting rid of it
  19. Any insurance assessor is likely to be looking very closely at beekeeping claims, insurance companies push prosecution for fraud so I suspect not many would take the risk
  20. if he's convicted without name suppression then you can name him publicly, e.g. here. that's a big thing. Do it so we all know the identity of this piece of dirt. Even better if you can link to an article or court document already publicly available. people get really upset about this... as an example, here's a commercial diver (star of spiky gold hunters on tvnz on demand - worth a watch) who is also a convicted fisheries criminal still operating in the fishery he was poaching in: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/southland/diver-convicted some get upset that his history follows him...
  21. 100% agree re not being commercial looks like i misinterpreted your post, probably still sensitive relating to the afb criminal in canterbury and the associated posts. sorry.
  22. hope the courts treat them as they deserve to be treated, regardless of whether they are mates of @Dennis Crowley you approve? thank goodness he didn't kill anyone. Insurance shouldn't pay out if they're breaking the law... ideally keep drivers like that off our roads . Hope the police/courts hit hard
  23. sounds like a good day for adriver anytime they fall asleep at the wheel and write off a truck on flat straight roads and survive. Not sure why there is any sympathy suggested, hope they get the book thrown at them, glad they didn't kill any innocents. keep people like that off our roads
  24. i hear ya. Friends give me grief into feeding any spare $$ into my mortgage rather than investing - "man, don't you back yourself to beat 3.5% on the markets?!?!" very small numbers so probably has a difference of about $10 per annum or so
  25. jeepers, is that due to there approx 7% drop yesterday? she's an interesting graph, filter on two year history: https://www.nzx.com/instruments/CVT late last year a mate asked whether he should shift a significant amount of value into those shares, i said now based on my limited knowledge but obviously make your own investment decisions. He looked more deeply into it and agreed it looked bad, seems like he saved himself a loss
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