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  1. Wonder what they're managing/doing now
  2. i ran a little "backyard beekeeping" workshop today as a voluntary exercise for a little community project i support. Started by asking everyone why they were interested in beekeeping. That was interesting, not too much "save the bees", plenty of "bees seem really interesting", "honey sounds good", and "fruit tree pollination" type of answers. My immediate out-take from that was that i'd got lucky with the people attending. did a full hive inspection of a hive consisting of a brood box of undrawn frames, a queen excluder, and two fully full honey supers. One honey super was full depth, and one was 3/4. Zero bees in this made up hive Discussed the pros and cons of 3/4 vs full depth. Got everyone to try lifting full honey supers of each. Think i might have imposed some bias there... went through a lot of different gear, including passing around a variety of beesuits - from $10 junk from one-day through to decent stuff. spent a while lighting a smoker. Opened up a hive that i'd prepared yesterday (hence brood frame in top box) with people wearing various beesuits from the spectrum i'd shown earlier... Pulled out a frame of brood and a couple of frames of honey from the top box and passed them around. Extracted the two honey frames we'd just taken from the hive, plus a few more. Jarred up the resulting honey after discussing tutin etc, then everyone who wanted a jar took one = everyone. Loads of good questions by a bunch of onto it people. Think it went fairly well. Nice way to spend an afternoon.
  3. recommend providing more details, or probably even better to start a new thread with an opening post providing a lot of detail
  4. wonder if it's worth giving someone from the club a call and explaining the situation. They might be able to mail members saying something like "anyone free to go take a look through this hive" - an experienced set of eyes could be worth (far more than) its weight in bees and honey.
  5. i pulled mine across from the aggressive funds into two very conservative funds back in February as the market response started to become fairly predictable. But now I need to keep an eye on when the markets are likely to be bottoming out so that I can move it back again.
  6. nice looking drums. Something i've been wondering a while, and never got around to asking until now - when testing runs of honey against the manuka standard, is it a sample per drum? per extraction run? something else?
  7. i'm harvesting some this weekend, and will pull the last of honey off during the first weekend of april. Depends on location, hive situation, and plenty of other factors.
  8. if you're on facebook - search out the commercial beekeeping nz page. If not, you ok with me sending him a message linking to your post (saves a middle-man, then he can contact you direct if he wants to etc etc). Mods - i hope this is ok!! edit, i messaged him your number and linked this post.
  9. on some facebook group (not one i manage or admin or anything!) someone was asking for pasture supply. Said they filled the 100 tonne order within a day. No idea on details, could screenshot the details of the buyer if that's of interest? ben priestly
  10. glad to hear some good news. Now debating, again, testing some honey from an apiary with a lot of bush and manuka around the place. Too late this year, would be eye-opening if i've given away a drum-worth of mono though. Would have to consider another few hives there. re holding the hive tool, funny, i'd never even thought about holding it any way other than Dennis does - it's a shame, no easy solution to address my place through the hives edit, i started with a j-tool, which influences the way it's held a bit, could be relevant here?
  11. wonder if you inadvertently just created a market for frames full of manuka pollen to add into extraction runs?
  12. Had my first experience of wax moth this year in Wellington. Stacked a few boxes on a solid surface and left them over winter, through spring, and into summer. They were heaving with grubs when I went to grab one. Guess a bit different to what you can get away with on a mesh base otherwise closed up through a southern winter and then straight into use when spring rolls around. Scraped the plastic frames back after submerging in water a few days - figured drowning would work. Dead wax moth grubs float, in case you were wondering. Then soaked again, scrubbed the frames down, and will wax coat when I next want to use them
  13. I had honey and pollination, didn't list queen breeders. My mistake
  14. not sure that beekeepers not producing honey are beekeepers? unless 100% pollination? do you ever feel any moral guilt? the waitaha is beautiful.. go for a walk towards ivory lake one day if you have the time and inclination
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2551287133 sorry, thought i'd included it
  16. 1500 hives for sale on trade me for $135 each... ouch
  17. Airborne and another brand were $5 and $6 for 500gm on the supermarket shelf last week
  18. Beekeeping for me this month should consist of pulling off the last of the honey, chucking in strips, and setting things up for winter. Then pull the strips a while later and leave them alone for three or four months
  19. based on his postsi just assumed he is a buyer (or on behalf of) and doing everything he can to push prices down and maximise revenue for his employer. Which is ok if not pretending to be something else based on his subsequent post, looked like my assumption was wrong
  20. remember a year or so ago when someone complained that they kept seeing advertisements for russian dating etc on this site? similar thing i guess
  21. thoughts on sticking to vapour for another few weeks before adding strips to ensure treatment still in as the re-invasion from collapsing hives nearby starts to bite? say hi to nick from dave with bees from tomahawk. Last time i saw him was at the airport in dunedin. From memory he got into warre around the time i ran a topbar workshop at my place, pros and cons, all that - had both at that stage
  22. sorry, can't answer your question beyond i've heard and an obvious suggestion, but i'll suggest it anyway: wonder if it's worth calling a few producers directly to see whether they'd take $x a kg for y number of drums sort of thing?
  23. My guess. Market founded on a myth. New myths have replaced it. Maybe acai berries or diluted water or something To clarify. How many NZ beekeepers would tell friends or family it's worth paying $200 a kg for health benefits compared with $15 a kg for NZ bush blend. That should answer the myth or not question
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