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  1. which council is it? when you suggest "a way around this issue", are you suggesting that the correct solution is to impose some rules? my ideas: 1 - explain that the council have no role to play in this, and that it's part of due dilligence on the part of landowners/investors making planting decisions, if the investors failed in this then it's not the role of council to bail them out for incompetence 2 - explain the logistics - bees fly a long way, "boundary" will mean different things to different people in this context 3 - there are long-established apiaries in close proximity to new plantings, rules to force beekeepers to leave established apiaries would be perceived by many as effectively theft 4 - throw this example at them. Two neighbouring properties have commercial manuka plantations - which is the boundary rider? \ 5 - point out that the major commercials are guaranteed boundary-riding in other locales, so any local protest is fairly hypocritical let me know if you want more ideas and i'll post them. funny, and sounds plausible, viz a stupid council employee got sold a fairytale by the big-C and now that they realise that the emperor is wearing no clothes they're scrambling to protect their stupidity. agree 100% with the first point, and vehemently disagree with the can of worms idea in the second
  2. a handful of questions: 1 - how frequently did you treat with oxalic acid vapour during the six week treatment period? 2 - did you test varroa numbers during and/or after treatment? 3 - what is it that makes you think that your bees are robbing a neighbour's hives?
  3. if you end up stuck in wellington on the way back down south then shout out - if you want the luxury of a couch, a shower, and a box of speights that is edit: and stovetop or filter coffee if that's to your taste, our fancy coffee machine went walkabout recently, so none of that on tap unless i walk down the road a hundred metres
  4. must be close to christmas given how the flowering is going
  5. @Thomas Clow two questions: 1 - why not post a public link to make life even easier? 2 - do you endorse/support that give-a-little page?, noting i know of people prepared to put some money down (me included) who no longer will because of that page - noting that if the analysis of the pros and cons of that approach is too complex, then i can't imagine development of new markets will be easy
  6. talk to whoever fanny and elodie worked with at otago university during their phd and post-docs respectively. i've forgotten the name, if you care enough you'll google it if you're still struggling, i could ask elodie next time i see her, likely later this week
  7. great info @ChrisM, thank you for going to the effort of collating and posting. Could also prove to be a very useful resource for those engaging with the process in other areas/regions.
  8. I find it disconcerting that the coop is begging for gifts of money via a givealittle page https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/creation-of-a-honey-producers-co-operative-for-nz?fbclid=IwAR1RHwPkOvoSNwHr9Gy5zExRIBsoGriCBgfa8JL5QIH2I0_52StqVLMGe6E it just seems a bit off, nothing against the idea of forming the co-op, only the approach being taken with this seems out of alignment with everything else that has been talked about
  9. probably not, so much free content out there. I did pin it for a couple of weeks on that facebook page though, so hopefully that got you some useful traffic.
  10. just like a budget hack.. it's online, take it down if it's not launched - i had no idea it wasn't launched. I googled your name and honey. You, said, and i quote; " That honey pot image is also used by others, including ourselves, on our own website." - suggests it's something you've been using for a while rather than something that isn't even 'launched'. you also state: "You are going to need to take some care though if you want to use that honey pot design commercially, it was created by someone else and is likely owned by someone else." -> i guess you're taking that same care
  11. there's a pic here - could be the one. Google Craig's name to confirm i guess: https://www.beecroft.co.nz/#new-page-1-section
  12. If you can pull it off, there's a lot of value to be had at the premium end of any brand/product spectrum - which is more or less what a lot of @Adam Boot's posts seem to be getting at. Hope you manage it, it's far easier to heckle from the sidelines than to get in and do something. this imagery sounds a lot like Pure NZ branding - which proved effective, especially until people came here and saw all the south island river beds devoid of water due to it all being extracted by irrigation - lucky most tourists don't see that, and when they look at stands of pine forest they assume it's "the nature" eh
  13. fair enough, as i said, it's entirely up to you guys. I will try not to take offence at being called a conspiracy theorist, nor will i level that insult at anyone else - i wish @Dennis Crowley had simply said it was none of my business. As @Maggie James correctly pointed out, it isn't. Simply curious. cheers. although i don't like it, i respect that people do things within the law (as this obviously is) to keep their livelihoods/businesses afloat, i'd do the same - beyond that, i'd expect people working hard and figuring out how to keep things going to be justifiably proud of doing what they need to in keeping things up and running.
  14. ignoring the insults. two points. First, my comment on the honey judge was that there was an element of naivety - i'm not sure why you suggest i accuse her of anything beyond that? " the judge in question may have been naive, but it's effectively a New Zealand endorsement of aussie honey being sold as "manuka". " secondly, i think it's reprehensible that people in NZ might be selling honey in bulk to australian packers while knowing that it is going to be packed and sold as aussie manuka. You and i may well disagree on that one - i'm curious if you're one of the people doing it. Given that you don't answer the question on whether you were involved with people doing so, and instead resort to insult, it's easy enough to leap to conclusions that may or may not be correct (e.g., you are doing so, but are not proud of it). The question again, for reference: @Dennis Crowley do you have any financial or political involvement in nz honey being sold to australian packers?
  15. yet more personal attack while avoiding the questions. Then again, that has become your standard approach in many aspects on this forum. Respect is earned, or lost, on action. Care to answer those questions? or dodge them? looks like your true colours are shining through. i'll repeat the question, in case you're pretending to have missed it first time around: do you have any financial or political involvement with entities selling honey in bulk to australian packers? that would include those players that effectively own apinz then again, based on history, you'll probably consider that my questions and opinions have no merit due to lack of skin in the game, so why should i care if people are kneecapping nz beekeeping by supporting aussie packed honey packed as manuka...
  16. i hoped everyone knew that i'm far from expert context: i'm some guy who does his best to admin some beekeeping page due to some sort of coincidence of timing. I run a few hives, but have yet to reach a decade of experience. my hives tend to survive and produce a honey surplus, mostly due to keeping things very simple on the varroa treatment and inspection fronts. I could probably sell tickets to builder mates for them to watch, as a comedy show, me on the tools - instead they simply turn up for beer and proffer advice too late unless i ask for help, in which case it all goes really well. i do what i can. Far from expert at anything.
  17. the judge in question may have been naive, but it's effectively a New Zealand endorsement of aussie honey being sold as "manuka". If anyone defending this is involved, in any way, including said judge, in selling honey to oz that is subsequently blended and packaged as manuka then that would be a great tell of their morality and standards. @Dennis Crowley do you have any financial or political involvement in nz honey being sold to australian packers? regardless, it sounds as though apinz are all over nz honey being sold to oz and labelled as aussie manuka, maybe cos so much comvita honey can't pass the nz manuka standard? do you have any financial or political involvement with entities selling honey in bulk to australian packers? that would include those players that effectively own apinz
  18. gorilla grip eh... need competence.. there i was, on saturday, making up a few boxes. Inside, no gloves, got a bit of glue on my hands... no worries... at some point i wiped my nose/face... again, no worries, until i woke up next morning... at least the red blotches on my nose are now more itchy than sore, and cortisone cream seems to be helping. some people shouldn't be allowed near power tools or industrial glues/solvents...
  19. decent price, that's a few boxes worth. I was under the impression that you were buying boxes assembled from ecrotek? i'm debating what to do for the next pile of boxes i need, not heaps, a few hundred at most - your thoughts? also, cos it's may diary. I went into my home hives last week and got weak so varroa treated. These are strong urban hives last varroa treated in spring with bayvarol. Anyway, haven't treated since and booming. Went into them and did the late autumn/early winter honey pull, then got nervous and chucked in some strips.... meh, given that two thirds of the hives are on brood breaks that was a paranoia too far. Whatever, will maybe keep the faith harder next year.
  20. a few years back when i was five years into traveling around the place gambling for a living a cousin of mine asked me for advice about quitting her job to have a go at being a self-employed artist. I suggested she spend a month longer earning a decent wage and use that time to learn to eat well on meals based on lentils and rice fast forward seven (?) years, she's still artist-ing, i'm back to working for the man anyway, i've done nothing kind to support your project, but i love how it's panning out - and look forward to buying the output if that ever becomes an option 😛
  21. even better, sell it to oz and let them do the fraud thing, then once the funds have cleared issue some media advisories about the fraud being committed by aussie honey producers. Two birds, one stone. only downside, it's probably nz scum corporates doing the dirty fraud in oz, and they might read here and think better of that particular type of fraud, and instead stick to the fraud they're already engaging in
  22. what a waste of multi - pretty sure that's where nz dew and bush (e.g. kamahi) will end up. Same blending fraud as in NZ circa 2014...
  23. thoughts on a combo of gorilla grip and end only annulated nails? they could probably find a neighbour with hives and help them out and get honey out of it without adding to the over-population or spending beyond a beesuit
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