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  1. first spring inspection today for an experimental hive that had been looking like it might have some varroa-resistant tendencies, so didn't get an autumn treatment. Strong, heaps of bees, heaps of stores, plenty of varroa in the drone brood, strips going in. Worth a shot.
  2. i've never used essential oils with bees. haven't fed a hive in years either. possibly don't take as much honey off as i could. works for me. if you don't need to feed then you don't need to worry about adding oils to syrup... aim for that.
  3. I meant a profit for those who bought wholesale at $3 a kg and are onselling. Anyone selling wholesale at that price can't be profiting on it
  4. Went to Pak and save after seeing this post. Plenty of honey for under $7 for 500gm. Including airborne - still an ok profit if you're getting it in drums at $3 a kg...
  5. cracked the lids in a three hive wellington apiary today for the first time since May. Season must be underway. All had plenty of stores and nectar coming in. One was a little light on bees and no brood starting - added a couple of brood frames just in case. Other two are just starting to boom, only a couple of weeks from needing another box. I'd say it's a good idea for most people, not for all though, and far from essential.
  6. Yep. I had to deal with both sides of that one. Basically an access issue about a dodgy bridge, the complainant's Facebook feed still features a smiling pic of hives and the other guy's ute in the foreground
  7. I'm a hobbyist. Fewer than ten years experience and I've never owned more than fifteen hives, not sold honey
  8. wetex kang reads like a fascinating guy. Mates with Tame Iti - and in business with him First chinese candidate for the maori party beekeeper pharmacist etc. second time crowd funding for bees too - first time was my beehive limited. Smart to get other people to pay to get your business up and running i guess
  9. looks like people are lucky to get $200 for a three box healthy hive of bees these days. Big contrast to $1000 only a few years ago. e.g. https://trademe.nz/marketplace/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/beekeeping/listing/2299444933?fbclid=IwAR36kRLG1QIMEo3CYBdL4chwCQXVcVU4eASzTJcGfK8kq2JFw_tXmIAQZ4c
  10. i've got a couple of these cheapies, always really careful with them as they feel like they're going to break... what's the liability risk of selling something known to be not fit for purpose?
  11. great looking site/apiary. Anyway... bees survived through until the end of winter - check spotted an issue and asked for advice - check varroa treatment in - check (although i'm not so sure thymol strips are the bet idea) that list is a big step ahead of many beekeepers i'd consider useless good luck! and keep asking questions/taking pics. for now, reduce the entrance massively - 1cm x 1cm is plenty. also, you mentioned sugar dropping out - not sure what you mean by that, but it sounds problematic - a description of your feeding approach would be useful. know any beekeepers nearby who could call in for a look-see?
  12. or has woken up with a lot of dead hives, and either has some good manuka sites/ is scared of those who have a share in the dead hives / hasn't checked the honey or hive market recently / has found a sucker to buy them
  13. insured? any current or ex-employees with a possible grudge or bills to pay?
  14. From some Facebook page: "Anyone know who has the bees on Piako road (near Valentine rd) C0657. Looks like some lowlife has tried to help themselves, straps cut & lids on the grass of these 2 hives"
  15. Plus an average width of tree crown cover of at least 30m, it's this one that disqualifies a lot of riparian planting. Also worth checking how many years of growth are ineligible for credits if funded from one of the afforestation schemes. Anyway, sounds like you'll get good advice. Although I'm often critical of MPI, I think their forestry in the ets fact sheets are pretty good
  16. Re the carbon credits, check the forest land criteria on Mpi's website, particularly the required dimensions and possibly the crown canopy cover requirements
  17. How much energy and bee numbers do you think get used up defending a hive from investigation by scouts from hungry hives And from flying more due an unseasonal winter = plenty of flying days and micro.flows
  18. Really dry summer in Nelson right? Wonder what sort of things that caused. Another thought, I know that Argentine ants cleaned out a few hives in or around Nelson late last summer and they're spreading, could they have struck?
  19. Someone set up a bottling plant? It feels as though there has been more concentrated/deluge style rain this year, not sure how available data series that show that are? Obviously a normal rain gauge checked every day or so won't indicate that
  20. might be worth locking this - i got an automatic reply from Kellee's email address saying that she no longer works at hills labs
  21. smart exit sale rate, they'll hopefully be smiling forever
  22. also an interesting forestry read: https://www.woodbusiness.ca/highlights-of-the-global-softwood-log-lumber-conference/
  23. a mate with no idea about beekeeping but a fairly good eye for a market deal wanted to talk about comvita shares with me recently, the questions he asked me and my answers left him uncertain on whether to gamble and he was going to do a lot more digging - funny, cos my view on my answers was a definite no on the gamble. Then again, i'm not a speculative investor not really so much related to international buyers testing, more to do with oversupply due to some beetle in russia or something along with the trains from germany
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