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  1. do you pluck them warm? too soon? https://www.dogwithtwotails.co.nz/news/2020/3/30/covid-18plus?fbclid=IwAR1kggBQR7I9KCPQvLYnT_bKiPYz9gKN-jM7yZWi5UfcGPqVc-Foq-bx5UI
  2. I thought i'd be far too late to get in early enough to start the new month! Today's lunch-time activity will be rendering a bucket full of wax cappings, and pulling a couple of honey supers off the garden hive. This evening I'll extract a few boxes of honey with the trusty cappings fork and two frame plastic extractor. Ten days since i last ventured into a supermarket. Will try not to go more than twice during april.
  3. logsplitters must rank up there with avocado stones for ACC claims
  4. anyone heard rumours of temporary morgue builds?
  5. my guess, varroa issues causing the queen to stop laying and therefore looks queenless. recent brood means the queen was there fairly recently. where in dunedin?
  6. i mean, i'd hate for the wasps to starve for want of protein. Far more efficient for them to die of something else. I was supposed to be helping out some old-ish people by putting out vespex at their place this weekend. Torn on that one now.
  7. downside of scattered hives... i've had offers of assistance for my dunedin hives, will call those offers in if i can't get down there by end april. Was booked to fly down this thursday. Taranaki hives, looks like i'll be driving up pretty soon and sorting them then driving back next day with a car-load of honey to extract - with nil human contact during the trip. hope everyone is faring well. I might have been down on API-NZ a bit, but getting clarification so quickly re beekeeping has been the sort of thing that demonstrates value, kudos to @Dennis Crowley and others.
  8. @Maru Hoani - I don't anything much about trucks, but there are a couple in a liquidation auction page 1 of the catalogue here: https://www.thorntons.net.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/25.03.20-CatalogueGeneral.pdf this might be a better link: https://www.thorntons.net.nz/online-bidding-thornton.html#!/auctionDetails/952
  9. sorry, wasn't asking you to know names. hadn't really expected you'd know - Impressed by your approach to your answer. thank you
  10. Wonder what they're managing/doing now
  11. i ran a little "backyard beekeeping" workshop today as a voluntary exercise for a little community project i support. Started by asking everyone why they were interested in beekeeping. That was interesting, not too much "save the bees", plenty of "bees seem really interesting", "honey sounds good", and "fruit tree pollination" type of answers. My immediate out-take from that was that i'd got lucky with the people attending. did a full hive inspection of a hive consisting of a brood box of undrawn frames, a queen excluder, and two fully full honey supers. One honey super was full depth, and one was 3/4. Zero bees in this made up hive Discussed the pros and cons of 3/4 vs full depth. Got everyone to try lifting full honey supers of each. Think i might have imposed some bias there... went through a lot of different gear, including passing around a variety of beesuits - from $10 junk from one-day through to decent stuff. spent a while lighting a smoker. Opened up a hive that i'd prepared yesterday (hence brood frame in top box) with people wearing various beesuits from the spectrum i'd shown earlier... Pulled out a frame of brood and a couple of frames of honey from the top box and passed them around. Extracted the two honey frames we'd just taken from the hive, plus a few more. Jarred up the resulting honey after discussing tutin etc, then everyone who wanted a jar took one = everyone. Loads of good questions by a bunch of onto it people. Think it went fairly well. Nice way to spend an afternoon.
  12. recommend providing more details, or probably even better to start a new thread with an opening post providing a lot of detail
  13. wonder if it's worth giving someone from the club a call and explaining the situation. They might be able to mail members saying something like "anyone free to go take a look through this hive" - an experienced set of eyes could be worth (far more than) its weight in bees and honey.
  14. i pulled mine across from the aggressive funds into two very conservative funds back in February as the market response started to become fairly predictable. But now I need to keep an eye on when the markets are likely to be bottoming out so that I can move it back again.
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