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  1. worth a watch? or waste of time? Honey Wars Catch Up - Prime WWW.PRIMETV.CO.NZ
  2. Have you had a covid test? Wasn't Napier one of the ports where boat workers were able to come and go freely for quite a while longer than perhaps was ideal? Edit: more importantly, get better soon!
  3. another one around $500 per annum » Host a Hive - Annual beehive rentals KIWIBEES.CO.NZ there are a few people doing it, making more or less money out of it. Suspect the price has gone up as the value of the honey crop produced from the rented hives has disappeared, so the rental fee has to make it worthwhile in the absence of the sweetener value
  4. Trailers which could break being recalled | Stuff.co.nz I.STUFF.CO.NZ Recall on faulty trailers after one got away. Maybe someone at a regulator has been noting your posts @tristan
  5. @Dennis Crowley - i wish your first response had been left. I'm not sure if you saw my reply from about 6am today, it disappeared too - it basically said that i hadn't understood your view first time around, but get it this time around. Thank you. same applies for this time around in terms of understanding it now, and sorry for what i got wrong. if it makes you feel any better, my comment about trailers and who regulates them from another thread also seemed to disappear
  6. link for completeness, shame the merge replies functionality no longer works:
  7. wasn't that long ago that @Dennis Crowley got upset that I was complaining about some mate of his with multiple dead-out afb hives across multiple apiaries - apparently we should have all been sympathetic to his mate's circumstances. API-NZ in a nutshell can't remember if it was the same guy? can search posts to find his name if that's useful
  8. from memory, that's one of the promised uses of the increase in levy. Sounds good to me
  9. that last bit resonates. My car has a tow-bar. I took a look at it about a year ago. I don't trust it enough - either the kit or the install - to use it.
  10. when these are built, what is the process for them being signed off as being roadworthy? should we expect a trailer crackdown in the not too distant future, similar to nzta's oversight of all those dodgy wofs?
  11. sounds a lot better if you express it in percentage gains, i think?
  12. 100% support country of origin food labeling. I love bacon, but will not buy any with "and imported ingredients". Maybe that makes me a hypocrite on some fronts, who knows...
  13. great video, thanks for sharing. And a good reminder that chinese beekeepers are people too, and likely working hard and doing good to support themselves and their families. It's not people like these who are the cause of sugar syrup honey adulteration, if anything it's a regulatory failure in the west (regardless of whether some find bureaucracy and regulation anathema, there's still a role to be played...)
  14. i've only got one jacket-veil suit. The label says "Bee Accessories - Auckland, New Zealand". I like it, but prefer full suits. i've included a pic in case that's any use
  15. wonder why this is happening in the middle of winter? any idea of the reason for the proposed inspection?
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