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  1. my guess here is that the bees have moved up to the top, and the queen is laying top-down, so the bottom box is effectively now not-in-use. Hopefully that's the case anyway!
  2. All this talk of queen raising.. I did a walkaway split yesterday, so kinda in on the act. my version = a mate wants a hive, well, mainly his 10 year old son. A couple of months ago I chucked beesuits on them and they went through some hives with me. Still keen, so I recommended they get and read practical beekeeping in NZ. Went through a couple of hives yesterday, clearly the kid had been doing his reading! We found the queen in the first hive, and he explained what was going on to his dad. Much focus on the description of what happens to a drone when it's lucky enough
  3. @Freeslave good on you for posting, recommend giving @Alastair a call per his post above
  4. 2-3 days tops for clearing out wets... edit: oh, and don't do it during a flow...
  5. a few hundred metres above sea level in taranaki, fuchsia and gorse
  6. i do often wonder about how long it would take a hobbyist like me to do this sort of thing. A week? a month? i know that @tudor and i did a couple of days beekeeping together five-ish years back, the hives per hour was a bit lower...
  7. Went up to taranaki on saturday morning. Bit of a drive, some beekeeping, hanging out with my recently single sister and her two kids (three and under one), then on sunday half a day of re-wiring a fence, working on some irrigation etc, then back to wellington sunday night. Interesting going through the hives i have up there bordering the national park, last opened in may sometime. Bit of fuchsia flowering around the place, some gorse, and didn't see much else but didn't go for a decent look around either. Three of the four hives had drones walking around, and plenty of frames of
  8. done right, financially sound possibly less so now that people can't easily sell multi-floral for $10++ a kg for blending though
  9. i think rent-a-hive operations are really polarised - amazing or terrible. i'd be keen on inspecting them all once, identifying which group they fall into and going from there
  10. i, a hobbyist, haven't felt like the posts so far have been bashing hobbyists. here are a few ideas/hypotheses that i've got, true or false who knows hobbyists are more likely to mis-diagnose hive death due to varroa/pms as afb than others hobbyists are more likely to source hives from dodgy sources (i.e. buy in an afb hive) hobbyists are at least equally, and maybe more?, likely to report afb if they find it hobbyists are more likely to be do stupid stuff with second-hand gear the impacts of *most* hobbyists are likely relatively small if they get afb - o
  11. sometimes. It has been each of in error (somehow missed a treatment season cycle), in experiment(varroa-resistant bees?), and in judgement of no need to treat. The first has resulted in a dead hive, the latter two haven't.
  12. good intel, i hadn't looked into the twins sidle, just over the top. Might need to do more digging! as for the patriarch section, i'd heard some interesting things over Mts Sodom and Gomorrah - again, more digging, and probably sidle options Thanks!
  13. i'm planning a little walk at the moment. From the west coast (south island) over to mt patriarch, then backtrack and down the karamea for a bit, up a hill for a look at the ridge along to mt arthur - a little nervous about cruising over the twins solo - then up and across into golden bay. Obviously needing some perspective this october edit to tag @yesbut cos i think he likes walking as well as riding motorbikes?
  14. i'd never put two and two together about you on here and you on facebook. for what it's worth, I'm admin (dave) on that facebook page
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