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  1. Hi @KelleeAntoinette, I've got batches of honey from three distinct honey pulls. all in 2019 and north of wellington from locations with low likelihood of tutin issues but still want to test for that. One batch i'm very interested in finding out how it goes against the mpi manuka markers. Best/cheapest approach?
  2. i've got some hives near the end of a dead-end gravel road. There were scouts walking down it a few weeks ago. About the time i was going through the last of the hives doing frame at a time honey pull and brushing bees. The scouts stopped to look through the trees and around the fence to try and figure out what beekeeping was about. The bees had got fairly hot by that stage, and i was remembering the downside of a beesuit clinging to skin when dripping sweat several hours in - the bees were reminding me of their presence.. I suggested to the scouts that they keep moving...
  3. you were using apilife var? recommend against that one unless you've got a few seasons under your belt and can recognise when a treatment has failed...
  4. NZ-Inc continues to produce cheese we label as parmesan... almost makes us sound like hypocrites if we moan too much about equivalent situations where we're the victim eh
  5. what is it, five sheds this season so far? wonder what a tonne of honey is insured for.
  6. hopefully the levy increase proposal goes through, they had a few gears suggested that they were unable to fund..
  7. detail on the most recent find in the Wairarapa is embedded in the thread linked above. The reply from the AFB agency is heartening. I believe the guy down south wasn't inexperienced, but apparently naming people in these situations isn't ok so i'll leave that to someone else in some other channel/medium
  8. i saw a couple of hives with mats of dead paralysis bees out front in dunedin about five years back. They recovered.
  9. * South Wairarapa beekeeper * 275 (32%) of hives owned by the beek found to be infected with afb * 14 sites with robbed out hives. Reminiscent of that guy down in Canterbury not that long ago. In this case, again, i have no sympathy for the culprit and am glad they have been caught. I'm sure we'll have people chiming in again saying that its mean to judge, that seems to be how it goes.
  10. I'm going with some very general comments, hope you don't mind! It sounds like the bees have been beaten by varroa. Strips, in general, should go in at a minimum twice a year. Once in spring, then removed after the treatment period has completed. Then again in late summer/early autumn, and again removed after the treatment period has completed. Other approaches are likely to result in problems for your bees. For now, open it up quickly to check the bees are confirmed gone. If they are gone, seal up all entrances until someone has come to take a look at it. Capped honey doesn't go off so that's not going to be a problem for you.
  11. could the bees have been collecting juice from rotting fruit or vegetables?
  12. spent some time at my equal favourite apiary at the weekend. Decided to let every hive there overwinter with a couple of full supers, only so much space in the car and energy/time for extracting honey.
  13. bumps. This truck struggles with them. Once moved several two box hives from wellington to taranaki in this beast. Lucky there is a back seat and a front seat for honey supers...
  14. a few sources of stings for me over the last few days: beesuit fairly wet with sweat after five hours work in warm humid conditions, wet fabric stretched across skin with a few agitated bees = you'll have to wear thick layers under the suit picking up a box after i was done and dusted, squashed a bee under my thumb because i didn't look to check it was free of stragglers = stay alert and eyes open lazy with beesuit tucked into gumboots. Some poor bee ended up rolling down to my foot and got crushed = keep an eye on all entry points. if you know you're at risk then at the very least try and identify the possible sting causes then do what you need to do to minimise those risks.
  15. ignoring the insulting and disgusting tone suggesting drunkenness or mental health issues... I don't know the history regarding two audits per year for rmp facilities. As you seem disinclined to provide the info here, i'll look into it. Cheers. I've got the following from an api-nz submission (https://apinz.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ApiNZ-Submission-to-MPI-on-GREX-13-June-2017.pdf)that seems to support the RMP approach, but i don't see anything there about two audits. WIll keep looking i guess. 12.MPI proposes that processors of bee products for export under the Food Hygiene Regulations must move to a risk-based measure (either an RMP under the Animal Products Act 1999, or Food Control Plan or National Programme under the Food Act 2014). Do you agree or disagree with this proposal?☒I agree because:Agree. The purpose of traceability is to give confidence in the product.That is why New Zealand’s RMP operators, whoare professional in their operations, have verifiable record-keeping systems in place and are audited regularly.All operators are responsible for the integrity of traceability and that ultimately depends on the accuracy of all documentation.Industry shouldnot need to carry the burden of potentially non-compliant product stemming from premises operating under differing criteriathat may potentially damage our overseas reputation.All bee productscompliant for export must be processed and remain within an RMP system. frequency of rmp audits appears to have been consulted on late in 2018: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news-and-resources/consultations/proposed-animal-products-operational-code-verification-frequency/ guess that was a chance to influence rmp audit frequency?
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