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  1. which allows animals originating from a farm to be traced and found, and problems isolated. But many people weren't using it as legally required...
  2. hope they identify the NAIT crims and throw the book at them. if everyone had been NAIT compliant in the first place there would be almost nil issue, but the industry lobbied against enforcement by regulators... sound familiar in a beekeeping context?
  3. the two dunedin hives have less honey on than they did a week ago - a few hands helped with extracting a few boxes with the old capping fork/two frame manual extractor combo. Managed to jar/bucket up all the honey so no problems with a honey storage stockpile here for now thank goodness. Flow is decent. then a few days camping around rakiura/stewart island. Tropical paradise conditions, plenty of time in the water. Glad we carried a frying pan. No need to get the feet wet to be able to eat well on the low tides we hit. Some cooked as steaks, some diced and fried with onion and cream - each time offered to dubious campers we met, and each time disappeared fairly quickly after the first taste!
  4. you've been listening to your cousin ted-talking?
  5. I've been through all of my four scattered north island apiaries in the last week or so. Taranaki - one apiary with five hives - all hives with supers full and plenty coming in for at least another month by the looks of things. Extracted a few boxes and managed to give about 50kg away in jars. Wellington. Three sites, one hive per site. All within metres of flowering pohutukawa. All have drawn and filled supers added about two weeks ago, more on. The "maybe varroa resistant" hive that was crawling with mites in october when i finally treated seems to have recovered well, plenty of bees and honey and not a mite in sight. Stacks are getting fairly tall in all cases, I see a solid couple of days extracting honey sometime in my near-ish future. Wonder how the bees in dunedin are doing. Find out tomorrow I guess.
  6. Wasn't the same club that was illegally making and selling oxalic strips as ready.to.go treatments that turned out to be dud was it?
  7. Arctic ice.cap not looking so great now though, nor trying to get house insurance or deal with tidal inundation in low.lying areas such as south Dunedin... Entrenched views on climate change debate are similar to entrenched views on 1080. Wherever we're positioned, it's unlikely we'll move too much.
  8. For Christmas my three your old niece celebrated the opportunity to hand wax some frames and tag a super. Pulled a couple of boxes of honey early on boxing day then extracted a couple of hours later with the high tech manual capping fork and two frame plastic extractor. Filling a couple of honey.gate fitted buckets full of honey to leave one at Mum's and one with dad for them to dispose of easily to whoever they want. Trying to figure out how to post pics from my phone, size limit etc edit: hope that worked?
  9. If MPI said that in writing somewhere then it would be very hard for them to refuse to identify who these "industry leaders" are, which could at least allow for feedback if they do any such consulting in future
  10. Supered up the hive I moved fairly early, about 7am. Then taranaki. And, yeah, they filled all those boxes, or pretty close to it... It was misty and windy this morning, cleared up later but I was sorting out a situation where troughs weren't filling up - found and checked all the joins on the delivery line from from the ram, and then the feeder lines that had blown the end cap a few days earlier. Problem was (obviously, once everything else had been eliminated) an air.lock situation. Sorted now, will check all is well when I pull the honey in a couple of days. Least I can do.. Anyway, undersupered them all and will pull boxes on boxing day. Seems appropriate.
  11. good reminder, i gave away a bunch of honey to home-brew enthusiast types. Should be due some tastings sometime soon!
  12. i meant to test honey from one apiary last year for manuka, but didn't. I don't sell honey though, so doesn't really matter. Will probably test this season's harvest, just in case I should be trying to turn a dollar from it in future.
  13. i had to move a hive from site A to site B before xmas. I'd kinda been putting it off, and the hive had been putting on weight. Managed to squash it down to three boxes today and moved it this evening. Decent distance to carry at each end, the destination on broken ground. I think i'd undersold it to the friend who had offered to help, she understood by the time we got it into the back of the car at this end though. No more than 70kg, but still, we both got a workout. Suggested that next time we do thing a bit differently.. Done now... Heading to taranaki bright and early tomorrow, assuming the road is open heading towards Levin. Intrigued to see what the hives up there have done with the two-three empty boxes each that i gave them to play with last time I was there.
  14. no detail beyond what's in the article. Glad to hear the report of no injuries https://www.nzherald.co.nz/wanganui-chronicle/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503426&objectid=12295729&fbclid=IwAR12ibyebGuR1nl3XNhw8EadKpJ5lFontU8XZn4YHGcQOeh0YUPXXUNcZ4M
  15. my impression, reinforced now, is that with such a trivial amount of honey he should be happy that he was able to find a buyer
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