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  1. yup, they sell a "creamed vanilla", suspect they'd be in trouble with their 100% honey claim if anyone dug even a tiny bit into their seemingly false "pure honey" labelling...
  2. no pesky requirement for any manuka in the blend, easy to fortify with some basic chemistry, etc
  3. i've been middle back-seat passenger saved by a lap-belt in a high speed head on colliion, broken two bike helmets, and broken one climbing helmet. maybe i should buy an epipen?
  4. i won't edit your post and add an fyp (fixed your post). But is there also an element of "plastic is for mono-manuka"?
  5. Going to end up renamed as the purple bikini thread
  6. Isn't a problem that they have some 10 year contracts with landowners that result in big outgoings even if the hives weren't there?
  7. Isn't a problem that they have some 10 year contracts with landowners that result in big outgoings even if the hives weren't there?
  8. went through the three wellington hives i manage today. Good brood, good stores, plenty of nectar coming in. Seems good to me. Heaps of cabbage tree heavily in flower around the place
  9. so fancy! i leapt to 2,500 hives at 20kg/hive. rounding eh
  10. watching some country calendar. Trying to figure out how many hives it takes to pull 49 tonnes of high grade manuka in a season - per the claim at about the 7'40" mark (start watching from 7 minutes) here: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/country-calendar/episodes/s2020-e27 I mean, the kamahi flow is nuts near some hives i've got, but i still don't expect to break the 100kg per hive there this year
  11. I think the Wellington club arranges days where you can get boxes dipped. Might be $3 a box or something, somewhere Wainui way? I read it in a newsletter or email, don't remember details sorry
  12. How did this occur? Are you sure the queen didn't leave behind swarm cells which will provide her replacement? Queens don't tend to leave a hive without queen cells already built, or in the case of dying, means for the hive to raise a replacement emergency queen.
  13. i've heard manuka (edit: and probably kanuka too) called manuka all my life, could be a rural/urban thing perhaps? or could have varied across nz?
  14. bee collecting mahoe pollen today in wellington
  15. Wonder whether it's more efficient for a tui to eat a bee laden with nectar than to get it direct from the flower?
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