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  1. i find this very offensive. I am not trying to stir up anything. also - i do not work at mpi in case that's got anything to do with anything. Satisfied? glad to hear it - sounds like if the purchaser isn't reading the paperwork it's on them
  2. still trying to sell a bunch of jarred honey, and boxes with frames that have had the comb removed... also, the honey frame listing suggests that it was closed due to selling one item and then choosing to close it..
  3. did a little more digging. Unfortunately many buying pre-soaked don't understand this... they think they're buying oa strips as a varroa treatment. Nothing more, nothing less. If asked about instruction etc, they'd have no clue what you're talking about. The elegant solution only works if both parties involved know and understand the deal. Hopefully it's not investigated and all continues well
  4. looks like he's recently sold 16 hives too, no DECA - he gets his coi signed off "by a friend down the road" https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2313635988 probably safe and legit enough, but it would be a stupid buy and sugar is over ten times cheaper anyway plenty of unanswered questions on his auctions, at least some will relate to afb history...
  5. phil and others have often in this thread very thoroughly pointed out that anyone mixing up and using a non-approved treatment is using it as experimental etc earlier in the thread, and someone - can't remember who - linked the relevant rules and regs about why it's ok to do so, but illegal to sell soaked strips as a varroa treatment. If people are using the treatment and don't understand that, well, that's the way things go. Sorry I wasn't clearer about what the locking up should be about - it would be illegal sale of an unapproved animal medicine/purpose combination. Selling the ingredients and the strips as an unsoaked package is an elegant way around that. I'm very impressed by the experimental work that phil has been doing. agree - in hindsight i should have simply got in touch with phil some other way and let him know that people were publicly stating that he was selling them the strips pre-soaked.
  6. nothing to do with beekeeping so doesn't really matter eh. agree. I'm not a politician
  7. for example - not my job to deal with illegally selling soaked strips as a complete treatment though - figure nobody would be that stupid given the potential consequences. i can post others if you want. edit: i probably tend towards prosecution being the appropriate response if someone was breaking the law in this manner. Regardless, people illegally selling treatments as treatments should be careful who they sell to - shouldn't trust people like those in the screenshot below. And others, including some with scale obviously left the details of the linked page out of the screenshot - probably fairly easy to guess what it is though want more? safe to assume all purchasers lack cells
  8. @Philbee plenty of people posting in public fora about buying the strips pre-soaked from you phil. Dunno whether that matters, note mpi monitor this thread etc there is an mpi staff member name in the most recent beekeeper magazine thing, some meeting he attended with apinz people. Email him directly cc the relevant minister and opposition spokesperson, suggest that it's an oia request regarding how many such reports they have ignored
  9. votes on use/spend were going to be based on hives/production.
  10. sooner that company goes bankrupt the better. Wanting to import honey, importing propolis, buying into selling aussie honey as manuka, etc, etc. Thank goodness the levy didn't go through, they'd then control the beekeeping lobby too
  11. bet there are plenty of us with a few boxes of frames we don't really need - some will be those semi-commercial dreamers who are now going broke and hoping to get back what they paid for their small volume purchases of a few thousand frames still unused.
  12. i recommend beginners and hobbyists don't stress about mixing brood and honey frames - much easier, and us beginners/hobbyists aren't selling honey i'll blame (give credit to) @tudor for a lot of my approaches to beekeeping too. Although i do have a bit of a creep of heavy full depth boxes which is entirely my fault./
  13. plenty of different kowhai varieties, with massively varying flowering times. Plant it when the long-term locals tell you to, or when all the trees are in full bloom - not just an outlier or two
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