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  1. Thanks @Grant, hadn't realised those were post links not thread links. Apologies for contributing to the need for what sounds like a time.consuming moderating session
  2. Just checking on how to identify the posts for which I received warning points for inappropriate language (one I think) and for abusive behaviour (a large number apparently?). Aiming to minimise the risk of raising ire again by checking what raised it this time. Cheers
  3. in response to the gender query could have 10,000 hives for all i know and fear
  4. she avoids acknowledging one of her early posts here, despite being asked about it explicitly. This should answer your question, unless @Ali is a liar or has gone through a significant transition in the last few years
  5. @Ali your post here is full of #### - it's like all democracies, a majority of the voters who choose to vote. Same with NZ government.. you are now perpetuating lies and mis-truths. I was heavy on @ApiNZ Levy Proposal avoiding questions, most of those are now answered but you persist in claiming they haven't been. I recommend you do as i have, and pull out now. Nobody who reads here has missed your posts, everyone knows your position, i doubt you're doing anything other than alienating everyone with your repetitive ranting. You have posted nothing new or of value to the debate in days. Also, why are you ignoring the question about whether you were a beginner seeking experience and advice a couple of years ago. I don't believe you didn't see it. I've got a lot of respect for those such as @Trevor Gillbanks and @Frederick who are open about their skin in the game as well as their position. You do nothing on that front.
  6. tommy dave

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    i had an extract-to-buy arrangement hooked up for my small excess this season. Unfortunately the person is no longer in business. Luckily it doesn't really matter except that i'll have to spend a couple of days extracting honey by hand and any brewer friends will be well stocked with free mead supplies. I do wonder what those other close to 2000 beekeepers with between 6 and 50 hives do with their honey surplus..
  7. don't know, looks like i got it wrong. This from the 2017 apiculture monitoring report: https://landusenz.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/2017-Apiculture-monitoring-report-FINAL.pdf " Almost 40 percent of hives are managed by 37 enterprises, with the largest enterprise managing around 60,000 hives. "
  8. tommy dave

    Tasman Fires

    is the ban on mowing lawns or using chainsaws still in place?
  9. tommy dave

    Question Re-queening

    sounds sorted. Glad to hear it. Nice work. next step. Here are a bunch of questions to consider, likely you've already thought of them. but, just in case, i'm sSimply posting them to get you thinking well in advance. There are plenty of right answers, my impression is you'll find one so long as you think about the questions : 1 - how many boxes will you overwinter with? 1a - how and when will you reduce the entrances? 2 - how much honey will you leave on each hive? 2a - how will you store any wets (as in frames/boxes that have been extracted from but still have a honey residue)? 3 - when will you varroa treat, and with what? 4 - how will you monitor varroa levels post-treatment and in spring? 5 - how will you monitor stores through winter/spring? 6 - how will you monitor varroa during spring buildup? what will your treatment approach be? 7 - how will you manage brood area space in spring to prevent swarming? 8 - how many spare frames and boxes will you have for next spring summer?
  10. tommy dave

    Varoa death strips

    what are the chances this has already been forwarded to MPI?
  11. tommy dave

    February 2019 diary

    ####, last thing my taranaki bees need is another flow. Somehow i've ended up with a few hundred full depth frames and thirty or so 3/4 depth boxes spare. Guess if i sort out thirty full depth boxes i should have enough space through to autumn, and that's cheaper than a pile of 3/4 frames. But i really don't like the weight of full depth boxes up high and heavy with honey
  12. helluvah lot faster asking you for yes/no questions than apinz, and (in contrast to the other) you aren't even being paid to respond to questions on this forum thanks.
  13. as a likely future levy payer with no vote in the current process, and not planning on being more than a very small player ever (if at all) i'm very interested in the outcome of this vote. I respect @Frederick 's preparedness to put his name to his posts, and his story. @Ali's approach is a fascinating contrast. I'd be 100% in favour of the levy if it was 1 levy payer-1 vote for the levy spend decision making. Or there was a cap on voting power. Not because i think i'd agree 100% with the spend decisions made (i doubt anyone would be), but that i'd be ok with them in a general sense due to being part of a larger grouping who had an equal say in directing the spend. Similar to democracy in general i guess. Not because i've been impressed by APINZ in any way, but because that could be changed from the inside. Any concerns i have about apinz apply equally to the other various beekeeping organisations/groups/call them what you will. Imagine a situation where a large proportion of nz honey production is foreign owned/controlled (how far off are we already, especially if we include debt to overseas owned banks), and apinz started lobbying for allowing honey imports...
  14. did SNI or its representatives send the letter? yes/no question again
  15. wow, @ApiNZ Levy Proposal, i'm not sure if you intended to answer a question different to the one i asked, but if you didn't then you need to check your head. I didn't ask you to give voting numbers. And if you did.... here is the question again, have you (apinz or its representatives) been given any indication about voting numbers to date? please answer this yes/no question rather than a different question this time...