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  1. the series is worth a watch for at least one episode to see whether it's to your taste: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/spiky-gold-hunters/episodes/s1-e1
  2. spiky gold eh interesting how a tv series is making a commercial fishing hero of a fisheries poacher eh: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/southland/diver-convicted
  3. are you planning to try and sell as manuka honey? there's no other reason to care about timing, no (should say "very few" cos likely there's at least one out there) beekeepers really believe that manuka honey taken as food has health benefits beyond those from other honey types
  4. terrifying eh word is there were a bunch found dumped at otaki river mouth today/this week. Likely stolen by someone who then found out there is no market for things worth less than $0
  5. i don't get why people race to a conclusion that type A or type B is better in NZ plenty of success stories throughout nz with both carniolian and italian bees it's not like the nz beekeeping industry failed to produce honey, healthy bees and survival prior to the importation of carnie bees. makes sense to me that people would prefer the bees that suit their approach to beekeeping, which is likely learnt via exposure to the bees they have/become used to wonder if there's a survivor amm nearby - what do the bees look like? might be worth a pic, think it's @Bighands who would likely be interested? as well as the rest of us that is! take a pic of a frame of bees from that hive for all of us!
  6. you're forgetting that nobody really believes that meeting the export standard means that the predominant floral source for the nectar is manuka. Not even MPI - they describe it quite carefully in that sense... almost worth donating to get access to PMs/ unrelated - on a forum i used to moderate (still a mod, but no longer really active) there was a lot of jest about the use of PMS vs PMs given what the acronym stands for
  7. crap. Turns out the boxes of frames (several hundred) i have stored out of sight vaguely in mind are all full depth. And all the boxes i made up are 3/4 depth. So I put in an order for a few frames with a major supplier. Couple of working days later got an email stating that the gear was packed for consignment and about to be picked up. A couple more days later i got a phone call saying, yeah, about that, we're out of stock. Suspected that an important customer turned up and scooped the kit, but deal is that their boiler failed so they couldn't coat frames for a while. Bit annoying, getting the money refunded and going elsewhere this time. Doesn't matter who it is (we've all made mistakes/had stuff happen), does act as a reminder to call about orders if you care about them turning up within a week or two. I've got some kitset full-depth boxes i think, so looks like i'll be dealing with a little bit of extra weight in a handful of boxes this summer... main note to self though - check kit rather than assume i know what i have on hand, and get organised earlier rather than later!!!
  8. if it has manuka pollen in it then it's likely the bees actually went near a manuka bush. Unlike some of the honey being sold as manuka under the old approach of blend anything approaching bush honey and if in doubt stir in some chemistry
  9. suspect it's the owner's beekeeping that is swarmy, not the queen. Keeping it will give the beekeeper a lesson in competence in swarm competence that giving it back will never do
  10. you'd probably get someone complaining about pest plants/weeds, plenty of people throwing kfc rubbish out the window, and nobody helping...
  11. as a hobbyist it's really interesting watching friends taste honey from distinct extractions - location and timing key distinguishing factors. Taste preference is all over the place. My taste sounds similar to yours.
  12. i've got vegan friends who don't eat honey, and others who do. It's one of those foods that seems on the divide. Pretty much all of them are keen (or have already) to some day jump in a beesuit
  13. sounds like those who are having to adjust are those who are causing afb problems for everyone. If someone who is causing afb problems for everyone is inconvenienced, well, that's great. Pile on the inconvenience and apply all the penalties available.
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