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  1. I wonder if it could be a combination of sap suckers and drought together pushing trees over the edge . We must be over close to a metre of rainfall in deficit now , over the last 18 months or so. i can drive across swampy gullies that have never dried out before , so the water table will be way down There have been a lot of poplar poles fail up here due to the dry , so will be a replant for them a bit later .
  2. Yup we hand pluck so need to be warm .
  3. Just went out to the garage to get my beekeeping gear sorted an disturbed a possum . He made a run for it and crawled into the roller door . Unfortunately for him he left his tail hanging out! bit of fur added to the bag and a feed for one of the dogs . Just hav to get the possum smell off my hands now .
  4. Good to see the socket is still there if more adjustments are needed . Lack of a safety chain is a bit of a concern , but with such a solid coupling , probably overkill haha .
  5. Along with the ‘hand sanitiser’ theme , I too have been working hard to come up with a product suitable to fight said virus . By some small miracle it actually tastes remarkably similar to Drambue .
  6. You may be correct @Aquilawith regards to the legality of recording a conversation , but if you were taking the recording as in taking notes at a meeting , the done thing would be to provide both parties with a copy ie yourself and the employer . I’ve done a bit of reading up on the subject and a common them of breach of trust and good faith pops up time and time again . Phone companies , banks etc always disclose the fact they are recording . Can be useful for both parties down the track if a dispute over whether a call was made or not etc . The key is an employment relationship is based o
  7. Without condoning the business’s alleged behaviour , why on earth would you commence a job without a written contract , while going to all the trouble of recording all conversations ( hope you informed them you were recording ) etc etc if you are well versed in employment law ? There are plenty of bad employers out there , but equally there are plenty of well versed in law , employees who appear to be planning litigation before they even start the job . Generally they burn out a district every few years then move on . I smell a rat
  8. Agree . Could be a mechanical fault , swerving to avoid something etc etc so to assume speeding while asleep is the cause could be a tad premature !
  9. If the article is correct , that’s pretty impressive or lucky to walk away from the crash with no injuries ! Might need a new cab me thinks .
  10. I think MPI thought the same thing for quite a while too @M4tt ! I was told they sent all the blood letting teams north late last year , and the map promptly lit up like a kid with measles . It reinforces my point that Nait is only effective at helping to control/eliminate diseases with timely testing .
  11. I agree 100% about the tracing and finding the source animals , but say there is a six month delay, and in the interim the receiving farm has onsold animals to multiple other farms , who are also buying and selling . You are continually playing catch up .
  12. I think there is some misunderstanding as to how nait works . It is a tool to track the movement of animals but offers zero protection against the movement of untested but infected animals. In @M4tt previous post he mentioned testing about to start for 2500 beef farms . That’s like not bothering to do AFB checks on all outfits that haven’t had a case lately because they are low risk . The reality is that with animals going from dairy farm to calf rearers, to traders , to finishers , the amount of potential for disease transfer is unreal , even with nait being fully complied with . Even in a se
  13. With regards to the title of this thread , I have just started a batch of Manuka mead . If things get really bad , it may end up getting distilled into manukashine !
  14. Exactly my point . It’s all very well for people to be foaming at the mouth and wringing their hands over climate change , but we’re pretty much on a conveyer belt and we can’t stop it . We are emitting waste products as a byproduct of being alive . That fact that the bulk of our population likes to huddle together in tight groups , getting everything carted to them , giving their waste to someone else to deal with , then getting in planes , trains and automobiles to go on holiday in someone else’s back yard doesn’t help though . ‘This whole electric car thing is another thing too . Obvi
  15. I think you will find that the farm was clear at the time the calves were born , and then the herd were tested at the end of calving , with a positive result . I know several cases where farmers have purchased stock from the Waikato , with the assurance from the stock agent that no animals were from the South Island . Few months later , some of the animals have been traced from farms in Canterbury that had subsequently tested positive , resulting in heaps of heartache for the affected farmers . There are a few blowflies clipping the ticket that obviously don’t give a stuff , and no amount of n
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