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  1. We haven't had any reswarm yet. I have noticed they spend a few days flying around. Getting use to their new home I guess. We have caught 2 swarms this year and both have stayed put. I think if you get them before the scouts have found a good home they will stay. The more experienced will soon put us right
  2. Here is the largest and easiest swarm we have caught. One of my son's hives decided to swarm. He had just organised a lawnmowing service. The guy was happy to mow near the hives. He rang my son to say he was surprised just how many bees were flying that day. Son got home and saw this up the tree. Didn't even need a ladder
  3. What is the matter with people? I would be feeling exactly the same.
  4. I was around at my brother in laws place today and saw his pears were falling and rotting. I was expecting to see wasps, but saw this instead. Not a wasp in sight
  5. It looks like Budlleia to me. i have it in our garden and not only the bees, but Monarch butterflies love it also
  6. Just spun 4 boxes of honey last night. Got 84 kg off them. A variety of honey. There was a few very dark frames that tasted a bit like licorice. These darker frames were a bit harder to spin the honey out. We have a three frame extractor and had to watch we didn't put them in with a lighter colour frame, as the machine would go wildly out of balance We used a roll pricker, like a paint roller. What is the trick to not getting it clogged up with honey and cappings?
  7. Just been into our hives. We have taken off 4 boxes of honey, but left 8 on as the bees have not capped them yet. We will leave them on for another 3 or so weeks. We still have a flow on here. The bees were all very quiet. When we inspected on the 5/1 we had a hive that had gone queenless and had no brood. We put in two frames from another hive and when we looked today there was eggs and grubs. We saw the queen. She was on the first middle frame we took out. A bit small looking but doing her job. Of the 4 hives this one is the weakest (it was one of the strongest), but it still managed to fi
  8. Took a couple of boxes off one of our hives today and got 42 kg of honey. This hive has another 3 boxes on it, but not enough capped. It was our strongest hive, but I noticed it seemed to have less bees lately. We checked the brood box and there was no sign of brood at all. Last checked the brood box 20th November when we had the AFB check done. We have taken a couple of frames of brood and eggs from another hive and hope the bees will make a queen. The strange thing is that this hive has never acted queenless. It is about 4 metres away from our back door and we have never had any aggressio
  9. You all ways play tricks on the apprentice
  10. @Carlton I can't see your pictures
  11. Went through our hives. All looking good. Two got an extra honey super on. One has two honey supers, and another now has three honey supers. The smaller hive just got its first honey super The third we had a quick check to see if the new queen was laying yet. No sign of eggs, so closed it up and will leave it for a few weeks. The little swarm we caught is going well. Now has eggs and will be moved into a fd box soon. I need to get some more bases made up.
  12. Migratory bee keepers moving a third of our hives. Chasing the big money - urban honey in Rangiora (our son's place) Note the 300 cfm bee blower in case things go horribly wrong All settled in
  13. Checked our hives today. All but one going great. Two have 2 x FD honey boxes on. The four swarms are settling in ok Found these two having a very indepth conversation
  14. I am just reading The Honeybee Democracy. I am really enjoying it. I have decided hubby can get me Wisdom of the Hive for Christmas
  15. Just had our first swarm this season and damn it had to be from one of our hives. It completely ignored the bait hive. Sorry no photos. I just get so caught up in the moment I forget to take a photo. Blowing a strong north west here. It took a while for them to decide where they were going to go. Finally landed in one of our fruit trees after doing a circuit of the industrial area behind out place.
  16. We got the rob out notice. Pretty scary. We had an inspector come around and check our hives on Thursday last week. All clear.
  17. North Canterbury bee club. The next meeting is 30th April at 176 Giles Road Clarkville This is staring at 10.30 and is aimed at newbies
  18. I just leave them to it. There is little brood over winter. I have had no trouble with them leaving brood. In the Spring they are usually up in the top brood box. I will then switch the boxes around to put that one on the bottom. I don't leave any honey supers on. I make sure when I take the varroa strips out that the bees have sufficient honey around the brood. I haven't had to feed. I am in a urban situation though and there is usually something for them to harvest during the warmer winter days. I never take honey from the brood boxes, so I am pretty generous with what I leave them. Spri
  19. I am in Kaiapoi and I don't bother with polystyrene. I run a two FD brood box, which I just narrow the entrance way and leave it alone. The bees have managed fine over the last 4 years, including when we have had snow. If it is cold they stay inside, but we have enough warm days for them to fly. Our hives get a bit of winter sun at some part of the day. The thing to do is make sure the hives are well set up for winter, with good stocks of honey around the brood, and good numbers. Varroa treatment done. Bees are very resilient.
  20. Our apiary is just beside our fruit trees. As Rob said the garden is very well attended indeed
  21. We have now taken off our honey boxes. Checked hives for AFB, and winter stores. Have put Bayvorol strips in. All hives looking good. Have one swarm from February that has good numbers, Queen laying up a storm. Lots of pollen, but not much honey. Had feed.
  22. Just an update on this hive. We took the strips out yesterday. The hive is looking good. Still a bit low on numbers, but has good winter stores. Queen laying well. We put a frame of brood in to give it a boost.
  23. I have an apple tree doing the same
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