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  1. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/12/07/674587061/worlds-first-insect-vaccine-could-help-bees-fight-off-deadly-disease "Bees may soon get an ally in their fight against bacterial disease — one of the most serious threats the pollinators face — in the form of an edible vaccine. That's the promise held out by researchers in Finland, who say they've made the first-ever vaccine for insects, aimed at helping struggling honeybee populations."
  2. Charles, transport is on our RMP, but up until now we have only used big trucking companies which have their own RMP. I must dig out all the RMP documents and go through them all. It was a while ago now!!
  3. Hi, I need to get our Isuzu truck ok'ed to be able to transport RMP drums of honey. I seem to remember our extraction crowd had a form they filled out when they put a couple of drums on one of our utes at one stage. Anyone know where I can put my hands on those forms. We already have a storage RMP for our dry store.
  4. Our graphic artist did up a label, which said 'pure manuka honey' we asked her to change it to 'pure New Zealand manuka honey' because for sure, if you know anything at all about honey, pure manuka actually does not exist.
  5. So these strips have less active ingredient, trying to stop resistant varroa?
  6. If you add import costs, I don't think the price is too bad? We are getting a discount for bulk though...
  7. Hi, I see Ecrotek is selling this, does anyone know anything about it? It looks to be pretty new on the Nz market. Anyone used it? Comments? Thoughts?
  8. I read that it came in with illegal importation of vaccines (cheap ones) and they are pretty sure who it was.
  9. Hahaha... Manic laughter... If only we had it that easy!!!!! My eyes are hanging out after a day of deciphering MPI5 tests... ?
  10. From what I have seen it is MGO 85+ honey which has failed MPI 5 altogether which is selling for $8 - $10/kg.
  11. I wish we did pollen tests on our honey... They are so interesting!
  12. Yep this annoys the heck out of me. Had the final inspection for our RMP premises the other day, and even the MPI inspector was saying that the 'between 20 & 400mg' for it to class as multifloral was so wrong, and that all the beeks needed to make heaps of noise and get it changed to ' greater than 20mg' for multifloral.
  13. I have seen in the past L. polygalifolium honey being blended in with L. Scoparium honey in an Australian sold 'Manuka' but this is a whole new level. Apparently ANY Leptospermum will do... ? https://www.budderoohoney.com/australian-manuka-honey/
  14. There is a LOT of bush floating around which used to be Manuka, but has now failed the MPI 5 test. I wonder if somehow the Ozzie beeks can be forced to try to pass the MPI 5 before they can use the 'Manuka' name. I know some send their Ozzie Leptospernum honey across to NZ for mgo testing.
  15. I was browsing Australian 'manuka' honey on the net, and came across a company which had accompanying test results, from Hills in Nz lol. The mgo was over 800 and the dha was pretty bloody high as well. It was pretty interesting. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the company now and can't find it, otherwise i'd link it for you. What annoyed me was they were able to test only for mgo and just merrily still call it Manuka, no MPI5 test rules over there....
  16. What was the full story with that?
  17. Someone recently told me you can use plum jam or apricot jam with the fipronil in it, as they reckon bees don't go for it. I will stick with Vespex, I would never risk my bees with any type of jam.
  18. So glad he got out! What a crap thing to happen to him.
  19. If he has, could u please post a link, I'd like to have a copy to keep on file at work ?
  20. Found one hiding under the lid of a hive the other day. Squuuuuiiiiisshhh ?
  21. We invoice when the hives are placed and payment is 20th of following month.
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