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  1. This is the time of year I get my true reward..

    freezing off the gumboot clad toes spinning yarns and playing hot potato as we wait for the bus.. quality. 

    Won’t be enjoying any bee work for a while with a complete distal bicep tendon rupture to live with but on the bright side... glad it’s happened now and not October. 


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  2. 1 hour ago, ChrisM said:

    . Btw, welcome, you've all become hobbyists.

    Lol .... 


    many path led here.. but most path begin  at the hobbyist gate 


    deep down below the profit margin or the grey hair is the excited grin of the hobby keeper... floating in the timeless ebb and flow off the colony. 

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  3. 39 minutes ago, kaihoka said:


    I have been told one of his new guys was too casual and missed it and spread it everywhere .


    The importance of identifying these staff members and changing sometimes many many yrs of attitude and habits can be difficult but not impossible.. it’s much much easier to remove the bad apple early before the whole fruit bowl goes off.. as in this case.. now facing many sleepless nights wondering how far it’s gone through his outfit. 

    Next spring may be an eye opener.. 

    kaihoka keep your chin up, complete your inspections thoroughly and keep your hives gear separate and I’m sure you will be fine.. if it’s there to be seen you will find it.. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, Trevor Gillbanks said:

    However, that is what does happen with some of the long running aspects of our life.

    Where is @Alastair

    Does seem a bit odd to me as I’ve mentioned in the “where is?” Thread.. seems to have gone from extreme posting to zero overnight..  hope the ol fellas alright... 


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  5. 11 minutes ago, Mummzie said:



    which is a little sad  - as a nationwide collaboration of all  beekeeping types, methods of use and all results in all climatic conditions would have been of great benefit to all.

    Totally agree.. bit difficult now I guess .. without all the players involved. 


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  6. @kaihoka could the amounts of rain you were getting back around Christmas have anything to do with your low wasp numbers? 

    Flooding out nests etc? 

    The wasps around here have been the thickest I’ve seen them for a long time, a couple beekeeper mates have seen the same thing further north into the Kaikouras.. it’s been extremely dry here this summer with Beech Dew only just re appearing on the trees, the robbing by wasps had to be seen to be believed, one arvo at a forestry site they robbed my ute worse than bees even getting inside it in big numbers, my hive tool pocket with a small amount of honey inside it was a favourite spot for them also. 

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  7. I too found this issue this season as mentioned earlier in this thread, I didn’t muck round re treating with staples on these bad colonies and threw in bayvarol.

    in my case it was only a couple of sites and I literally saw the mites arriving. 

    Pretty certain things are looking up at these sites now visually but haven’t washed. 

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  8. Also Randy Oliver.. 

    pretty sure the bees removed them really fast. They were layed flat across top bars.. bees chewed out between frames leaving very little effective medium to deliver the goods.. 

    hence the trials with ovaboard and also gib tape that followed. 

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  9. I’ll stick my neck out and suggest this regular occurring argument is such because of the great kiwi DIY to get the job done attitude.

    Vespex hasn’t been around forever.. pre vespex people possibly did whatever they could.. in some cases as Allistair mentioned with disastrous consequences. 

    Becoming approved to use vespex is not difficult and removes the flip side to the old homemade options.. while still getting the all important predatory wasp control done. 


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  10. 2 hours ago, jamesc said:

    What the heck is going on .... I got another enquiry for Dew .... price is back a bit on the $14/kg we were getting  ..... 

    $14.00kg 😳 sheesh. That’s a while ago.

    If it makes you feel any better on your offer , I jumped on 3 bucks a few weeks ago to buy some groceries.. 

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  11. I’d prefer to come into every season not just spring with near zero mites..  ox/gl in my experience is painfully slow in bringing back heavy infested colonies, trials done last season showed they do clean up but coupled with population loss can take too long. 

    I’m of the mindset to keep mites very low and don’t give them treatment less time to build up to a point synthetics are needed. 

    I’ve just worked one of the 3 sites today that I saw mites entering on bees on 16/3, ox had been in 4 weeks then.. the bad hives (8) of the 28 I gave bayvarol, the rest I left with ox, they all look really nice today, average 5-6 healthy brood with lots of eggs and grubs bees weren’t robbing at all and imagine they’re up in the gully in the beech. 

    Edit.. treatment less during main flow, early Dec-late Jan. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Alastair said:


    What is your hive setup through that period Stoney? IE, how many brood boxes, is there an excluder, how many staples and what size is your normal cluster size?



    No real flows since end of Jan for me colony size is 1 - 2 boxes. I’ve pulled excluder so Q now has access to 2nd fd (Honey) they will all be in here come end of July when I swap the bottom empty to the top. 

    Usually winter with staples numbers of which depends on brood amounts. 

    Weve had snow here already this autumn with several frosts even back in early feb...  

    honey dew usually sees populations wintering much larger. 

    All have a 3/4 of honey ready to pop on if required as we bust out the other side of winter.


  13. To maintain clean colonies I have found the best option for me is to have a treatment of some sort in over winter...

    to give the Mite any breathing space between Feb and August leads to problems. 

    That way I don’t really care what my neighbours regime is other than them getting weak and robbed. 



  14. invading mites have been entering thick and fast mostly at 3 of my wintering sites , these 3 are neighboured by the same beekeeper..

    theres also been almost no dew flow with bad robbing some days... I’ve seen bees landing on the board with a mite attached, the staples have been working as I’ve a carpet of dead crawlies on the floor. 

    I decided I’m not playing any games or experimenting with these now it’s the big league and have placed Bayvarol in them. 

    Reinvasion is real and can catch you out . 

    Ill be happy if all they bring home is mites. 

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