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  1. Nope... I don’t think whiskey is a problem at all, except when the bottle is empty
  2. I’d say Dennis is in deep conversation with Dr Whiskey after all that sunbathing, killing turtles and transgender unicorns.. your best bet for ApiNZ updates is to sign up, you’ll get an email every couple of days keeping you up to date with the big bad world.
  3. I’ve also had more than a few pots of honey go to horse wounds round here. Always good feedback.
  4. I’ve gotta thought that could help, take it or leave it.. what about offering main man and his boy half your hives to run, there’s a few ways you could do that, one is obviously sell them to him.. the other half you run yourself.. simple life happy wife.. just an idea but I bet it would lighten your mental load a bit and chop your costs back a fair bit while ensuring you still get to puff smoke into beehives.
  5. @jamesc I recon your collection of words quoted above pretty much sums it up.. some, including myself call it gambling or playing poker but whatever your views on it I think it all boils down to that burning optimistic thought... what will next season bring? That and of course the buzz of working frame fulls of shiny healthy bees as mr bellbird sings his song.
  6. Trev are the benefits of donating unlocked as soon as payment is made or does it require the donor to open or activate something in particular?
  7. Cmon James... one more day and you can visit the DOCTOR.. cures all ailments.
  8. Bumped into my mate the cocky while signing out at the yard today, usual yarns... been pretty cold huh? .. how are the bees looking?.. Bit of fresh pig rooting out in that new grass paddock.. hows the new worker/tractor/drill? ... what are the bees on at the moment?.. then he says..”Jeez you gotta be crazy to be a beekeeper, man what an industry to try and beat a living out of” I laughed.. then agreed and kicked a stone around on the ground for a bit. Sums my day up really, realising I am a tad bit crazy almost made me smile as much as flicking a few lids off for a peek at the girls..
  9. Personally I don’t mind the destinations... as long as tons of it at a time are leaving on the big bird..
  10. Yea I have a few damp ones too, they get that slime on the inside of the box, feels so good tidying them up. We had a lot less nor west wind this winter with plenty of sub zero nights and single digit days.. bees look ok with plenty of tucker on board though and will get stuck into a first round in another week or so. Sounds like you have plenty of good ones there to patch up the others...
  11. Hey @M4tt what was the reasoning with leaving them alone for 5-6 months? Doesnt sound too good at all. Ive got my good woman with me in the ute for a couple of months.. have opened a few lighter hives up today for a looksie and getting her accustomed to what goes on under the lid, still very cold here til late morning, bees very active through midday, most queens have awoken with fresh bands of eggs around the capped brood curve, I’ll be looking to add the first OX treatment about mid August.
  12. We had some tested a couple seasons back just to see where things sat so to speak.. the results were surprising to say the least.. And the honey wasn’t produced down country amongst the tractors and spray rigs.. the outfit I was employed by at that time has an organic only spray policy for sites only using WeedEnz suggesting the environment has been loaded with this stuff and it certainly is showing up in honey. My opinion is it comes in on pollen following spraying and not through nectar secretions where the plant has sucked it up.. Id say it spreads through the beehive on bodies and feet similar to oxalic/ glycerine giving everything a nice coating.
  13. But late for that now @CHCHPaul darn it.
  14. Bit nippy for a pumpkin round here today got myself the hot job pushing boxes through the superdipper..
  15. Feel for you... and really hope it shows up. We had one stolen couple yrs back along with a fair bit of gear.. not ideal. Good luck.
  16. If you have mesh pallet floors @jamesc take my word for it... you’ll need a way of blocking it. When I worked for James we vaped the whole outfit but found without blocking the floors was no good.. first we tried sacking to block them, but was slow so made up a piece of ply with a screwed on wedges on one end and would slide it under two hives on one end of pallet then place another wooden wedge under it to secure it to the hive mesh, blocking it. this unit I like because you can do 3 before a refil unlike the provap but the operating temps for vaping oxalic is also important so it’s not heated past 230deg.. is there a controller here to maintain the burner temp?
  17. They’re a workhorse but can be pretty noisey, I’ve had a briford tandem for 15 yrs it’s done some serious work in my past life as a stone mason, dragged up and down the Waimakariri riverbed loaded up with stone, had to re do the swivel part of the suspension a couple times but the deck still looks new due to sheets of 12 mm ply used as a buffer pad. Good solid well built trailer.
  18. By crikey jimmy that is one heck of a hut you got ya self there.. outstanding.
  19. I had an idea for info Sharing afb cases a couple yrs ago while in a management role and attempting to create solutions to ongoing AFB issues in a particular area... and I put it to Marco. it involved beekeepers that neighbour or share an area with each other all agreeing to let each other see their individual apiweb info.. I thought this was a great idea and promptly jumped on the phone and ran it past 2 neighbouring large commercials.. surprisingly they both liked it and wanted to know more about how it could work.. Why not take this further me thinks... and add varroa treatment- and timings so everyone’s aware what everyone’s up to.. following several excited calls back and forwards it turned out the technology with apiweb was unable to do this for us. Of course we could have used our own system and simply added our sites onto some mapping software to share info etc. A change in my role with that company never saw the idea realised.
  20. Just to clarify.. $100 per drum per month is to have that drum sitting in the hot room to grow... storage... well that’s about $7.00 but yes @Trevor Gillbanks , Maybe silly is the word to use .
  21. I’ve been having a think about setting a shipping container up at home for storage of some of our honey and for growing some Manuka out. Thinking of setting it up with an extractor fan for helping to maintain growing temp during the hotter months and panel heaters for colder months. It costs just Over $100 per drum per month to grow out manuka at the extraction plant we use which is just down the road from us. What sort of set ups do the smaller sized operations have around the country and what has worked well or failed miserably for you? Obviously will still have a couple of audits per year for storage RMP plus the application fees.. wondering if it’s worth the paperwork/costs.. feedback welcome..
  22. I agree regarding the need to monitor Mite loads... although I’d say not many do and for various reasons.
  23. That’s great for those of us with hives tucked up in the beech.. what say those keepers with only a pasture crop..? @jamesc your coast holiday sounds exactly like mine... is my missus not telling me something here? ... could The coop be formed around a driftwood fuelled beach fire..?
  24. You’d have to harvest something other than M to get $112 kg down here though. Maybe Jimmy, Stella and the 500 ponies could pick you up on the way to the promised land.
  25. My boy is a couple of yrs into the bee sting desensitisation program, his doctor tells me the venom they use is imported from America... there was a shortage last year, due to wasp venom being sent instead of bee venom. luckily didn’t effect us, but sheesh.
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