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    Sorry.. it’s getting on, I’ve been shifting at night and working all day and was lazy not wanting to trawl back through old posts.. Will leave you to the sandpit.
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    Fair enough.. what was your important question? I may be able to help answer it for you as have been pretty much oxalic only for the last couple seasons..
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    Come on now boys.. if you can’t play nicely in the sandpit Trev will put the sand back in the cat litter box.
  4. Aaah yes grasshopper.. and the best beekeeper ditches the bad sites without a second thought. Bad sites are like bad ex’s .. if you keep going back you keep getting burnt.
  5. It’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission sometimes.. I’d have a night time blaze up and wake up with a clean slate. I Feel for ya and all the hassles that go along with it.
  6. By damp I mean the brood box sides are wet to touch, usually forming thick “slime” on inside of the boxes, can be simply from the pallet not sitting on level ground with rainwater sitting in puddles in corners of the vented pallet floor. These staples feel heavier and look different to dry hive staples.
  7. I agree regarding winter use.. damp is no good. Also think small colonies under a box of bees are best treated once they have expanded or treated with synthetics as the small colonies can take a long time to hit that critical mass to just take off.
  8. Jamesc must have an appointment with Dr Speights tonight, would be great to have had his poetic take on this These 2 factors are clear differences in yours and my results. My own hives have small honey flows throughout winter and early spring... I don’t feed sugar and usually winter 3 boxes of bees , double brood , excluder, 1 super of honey. At work since staple experiment (into season 2 now) we wintered 1FD brood and 1 3/4 stores, excluder, feeder containing a raw sugar bin and a bin for syrup. Work hives are worked every 3 weeks and fed syrup as required. Food is a factor in these differences I recon
  9. Correct, I’ve not seen a patchy brood pattern caused by staples... patchy brood patterns in my hives are IMO caused by other issues. Queens, virus (old comb) nutrition, If youre ever south of the border Alistair I’d welcome a visit from you and happily spend a day swinging the hive tools around some of my sites. Ive got nothing to hide and have been open and honest with my experiment.
  10. Wet and dry staples were discussed many pages ago on this thread, and how we killed bees when we first used them “wet” that brood pattern IMO is food related.. as in there is no natural forage available and the resulting brood pattern.
  11. I’m sorry but I don’t have the answers for you, I wish I did.. all I can do is listen to the failures and try and understand what the differences are in use between success and fail. This is all fairly new and we ARE the experiment. Yes some people have had rubbish outcomes that’s certainly not being denied by me, it’s trying to get to the bottom of the WHY.. like what was done differently to my positive outcome.. beekeeping styles and techniques vary so much it makes getting to the “what’s different” very difficult.. its not like we are talking about bricklaying here.
  12. I take it things on your side of the divide ain’t lookin so flash big hands?
  13. Alistair im sensing some extreme hostility here.. For the record I am in no way dis believing you or your findings, “I can’t believe it “ is not a personal attack in any way. Put in context.. A bit Iike a train crash in front of your eyes.. “I can’t believe that just happened” I really shouldn’t have to explain myself here but there you go. This thread should be for sharing ideas and findings/ experiences not attacks. Also for the record there has never been a live beehive either of my own or at work that has dwindled down to a handful of bees due to oxalic staples, the only dwindled hives we had over winter were all at the same bush site too long last autumn and bogged themselves out with Dew. Hand on heart our bees are expanding, drawing wax and in some cases swarming .. not going backwards. This is what I’m seeing and is simply my findings. It would be really helpful to know the how and why of the extreme differences being seen.
  14. Bush sites are humming, bees actively working the supplejack, matagouri also putting on a good show.. foundations getting drawn and the veil is off so I’m a happy camper..
  15. At work we are well into our second season experimenting with ox/gl .. in several thousand hives. Why does it show really positive results for us and not others?? Our morning yarns between unit managers no longer contains the subject of mites or wing rot. The bees look awesome. My own bees are also into their second season experiment, yes I lost population at the first August round, but they bounced straight back, I’ve since split them in half and they are again building and exactly where I want them. I see mites very occasionally and it is a surprise when I do. Drone brood is clean and only a very occasional rotten wing. Thats opening 150-200 lids a week at a quess.. i honestly dont get why we see what we see and others hives a dwindling to a cup of bees? I Can’t believe it. Alastair correct me if I’m wrong but was it you last season that had bees tested for resistance to bayvarol after a mite issue popped up following bayvarol treatment? Someone on here was having problems but results came back negative?
  16. I worked a site of 22 today that I was a week late to last round and they had started the process, I usually cut all cells (shake frames) and leave eggs and remove queen.. if they’re beyond the point of no return.. because I am doubling numbers aiming for a December flow this yr I left them with 2 half built cells.. (to save some build up time)... two hives side by side.. one has a huge population with a golden new Q the other had swarmed on the first cell hatch which I caught, and had a broad VQ present.. roll of the dice really but it sure is fun using various techniques to retain workforce.
  17. She’s a roll of the dice alright..
  18. Yes unfortunately that is now the case... honeydew for drawing foundy and winter food for the girls.
  19. No idea... butmuch less than most.. my winter -spring sites are all within 15k of home, summer sites just over the hill furthest about 35 km. 2001 435000 km hilux and trailer.
  20. Yea 30 deg here.. I was leaking sweat today checking my hoard of splits made through October.. willows done, lucky for me they have a large area of flowering eucalyptus they’re chipping away at til the catsear starts. Ill be hauling them into the backblocks shortly to build on the matagouri while we await the money crop.
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    Red Deer will stand on their back legs to reach high to graze on griselinia , the trees can be bare of leaves to over head height in the red deer wintering areas. But I’m sure it was no different for the Moa.
  22. They’re not my hives! ... this season has been some big changes for me.. I’m only a contractor these days.. almost stress free.
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