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  1. Oh yes she is.. it’s the kind of rain that somehow makes it halfway up my kitchen window via a deep veranda. I was outside checking for possible wind projectiles earlier and could clearly see a moonlit rainbow over the hill.. always get a kick watching the double stack sliding doors flexing.. then you get the odd flex that makes you double check the wind rating sticker..
  2. Here’s an idea.. how bout a comp on the longest pumpkin.. I wonder if you place a length of pipe (drain or novaflo) over the flower once it’s pollinated and forming shape... the pumpkin may grow to suit the shape., my vege garden is all dug over awaiting planting.. the first prize could just be something cheap........ like beehives on honeydew sites..
  3. Many yrs ago my mate would cut a strip off his track pants while out in the bush.. but only one leg at a time. It was purely hilarious to see one pant leg gradually get shorter til it was shorts length before he started on the other side.. the looks he would get in the petrol station still makes me laugh..
  4. Jaspur we have some work hives that we use for pollination on organic farms. We declare any weed control and also varroa treatments (ox/gl ) to the farmer for their paperwork. Formalities. No big dramas The main hassle is them repeat spraying with organic insecticides during the flowering of the crop. I don’t like sprayed bees so it generally involves shifting back and forwards
  5. I was never any good with math.. in fact, my math teacher would refer me to another class as soon as I walked in the room.. but Im pretty sure you gotta have ya treatment in over a cycle or 2 ... plus 1 or minus 1 or something.. anyway, them little crawlies are gonna keep showing up til they all been zapped... which takes a cycle or two..
  6. They can literally goo themselves to death, packing out the entire brood nest. Some keepers pull the excluders to let her run brood upstairs to avoid bogging and running outta puff.
  7. Tryin to help solve some mysteries.. i recon Gino has hit the nail on the head with the autumn Dew.
  8. Sheesh.. 96 is a fairly juicy site.. Any fish for dinner?
  9. Hmmm so are all your colonies on the site in the same condition? Or are a few of them pretty good? I’ve got no doubt the staples work as we roll through our second spring. youve shown heavy mite loads through sugar shaking.. Is this a contributor to the situation or do you have fairly clean bees at this point?
  10. There’s a million reasons why there’s a massive difference... its putting your finger on which ones.. we were carting brood around today, Playing Robin Hood.. stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Some of the brood receivers on the cold side of the valley looked like that.. punched 4 frames of emerging brood into them they will soon be raging. Warm side of the valley the willow trees in bloom above us humming with bees as we placed pollen traps, equalised them grinning like fat cats at the fresh nectar and slabs of brood.. poles apart in strength, a few kms apart in distance.
  11. Also not all Manuka honey producers are big nasty corporates, there are still one and 2 man bands out there with nice wee blocks that produce well for both the farmer and beekeeper. Passing the current standard can be challenging.. trying to sell honey in smaller amounts for these guys is also challenging, especially with trick labelling out there but it is still possible.
  12. It is now at a point of no return in my opinion... distancing yourself from the trick labelling and get back to the true good ###### honest jar of “it’s exactly what I say it is”
  13. Acid is corrosive.. does this really come as a surprise to people.? If you stuff even used staples into your beesuit pockets it will bleach any clothing worn underneath. My canvas seat covers are stained from the orange buckets sitting there. All chemicals used for varroa treatments have hazards associated with handling.
  14. There’s definately some clever labelling on the shelves.. the 70+ Manuka caught my eye today.. . in fine print stating 70+ Manuka pollen count.
  15. Although I have had a small percentage lose population (some a large loss) the brood just keeps coming with frame fulls of eggs and they bounce back quickly.. for my bees I think in future I will go easier on that fresh ox hit by leaving one or two staples out ... just to see how that goes and observe.. I’ve always thought it more important to smack the mites than go easy on the bees. My staples went in before drone production really ramped up with only around 5% with drone brood at placement. Splitting the 2 brood boxes this round tears masses of it apart and hand on heart I’ve not seen a single mite in any of them.
  16. I gotta say as far as the staples go I’m very happy.. round 2 of my own bees complete. Drone production in full swing, no mites seen, fresh staples been in for 4 weeks, bees are clean as a whistle and building well. A trickle of nectar coming in at last.. willow still 3 weeks away. Have split anything building queen cups (14%) Only about 5% are chewing out the EPs. Around 12% lost population this time round.. with 7% creating supercedure cells upon fresh staple placement. Most have been torn down. happy as Larry.
  17. Since Manuka madness took over I suspect., ... I produce top notch honey.. some of it “high grade” some of it top notch.. everyone that consumes my “top notch” honeydew raves about its strong earthy flavour. Smarter marketing and thinking outside the box will see “low grade honey” lifted to where it belongs I recon.
  18. August dairy, cracked a few lids this morning before rain stopped play, managed to pull a few splits out of the site as some of the girls had built a few cups along the bottom bars.,, that should take their minds off increase for a few weeks. Dropped a caged nuc Queen and bees into each of the splits for good measure, overall there’s a trickle of bush coming in.. counting down for the willow explosion... hurry up already. Sorry - pic is over 2mb
  19. Alls gone quiet now that jimmys in bed, for sure paddy he’ll have a sore head, dr speights down the hatch all afternoon, His hives are all treated there’s only a few the shops all closed up the fires a crankin Mrs C has been out and jimmys been ... couldnt resist 😜
  20. Aaah cmon Dennis.. were in the middle of a “ poem a thon” and your comment definitely doesn’t rhyme..
  21. Them shake dates look like they been doctored... doctor speights got himself a vivid..? I’m gonna suggest we build a wall.. 3km high that stretches the perimeter of the shady gully them beesies are housed in.. I got my mite counts down nice n low and don’t feel too welcoming towards any freeloaders hitching a ride to my golden gully.... crackin me lids in the warm August sun, Me bees are clean the mite slayins done, then in rolls Stella and her horses 500, Hive loads of mites the beesies outnumbered, jamesc at the wheel he’s grinnin real wide, “I found a few hives I thought they all died”, There’s no holding back when he’s drinking the brew, look out quick or he may visit you.. Copyright StOnEY 2019 🤪
  22. Actually David my synthetics comment was a tongue in cheek stab at part of Our country’s current drug debate.. i have not ever dismissed the use of synthetic varroa control and in fact will still use synthetic treatments if required. I am also however trialing the staples and without actually using them there is no way of seeing the effects. So I will continue to run my experiment and communicate my findings... OA is and always will be just another tool on the shelf to be used with care.
  23. Synthetics... hmmm have they been de criminalised up your way?
  24. Your teeth must be incredibly white if you been sippin outta the OX/GL tap...
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