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  1. Farmlands Rangiora have syrup.
  2. Having the dogs go round the hives is the next level of inspection, it’s fantastic to see them indicate at the pile of stones left to mark a previous afb find, where the spores in the ground set off the alarm bells. Fighting afb must be fought on as many fronts as possible to get anywhere... do as you’ve always done and you get what you’ve always got. Perhaps we won’t see real change until the changing of the guards when retirement makes way for fresh thinking..
  3. Can you get them to a commercial freezer? May save a bit of your life for more enjoyable things...
  4. Not me this yr, flights booked.
  5. These are the box jigs we use at work, we had one on display at the conference last year, work boxes are screwed with stainless on all faces.. my own boxes I prefer the speed /cost of 50mm staples and use a great jig that enables 3sides staples in one movement, loosen the jack spin the box and staple the other end, I shoot 28 into each box, strong enough for me and my “after hours” workload.
  6. There’s probably more European Foulbrood spores than MGO in that jar.
  7. Mate! Do I give my tin as replacement to your wonderful dog handler next week when the last few sites get the sniff? Banging out a casual 5 Hundy after work in the evenings.. alone with my thoughts and the gentle thunder of the compressor.. what will the coming season bring.. fame and fortune or perhaps more heartbreak and accumulating full drums.. I live in hope sipping from my half full glass...
  8. Marty will flip out if he’s able to obtain said tin ... I have an old pure nz honey tin (green and red) in top condition that I’m willing to give as a replacement.. plus whatever the naturopath wants he will get.. including Marty’s body parts if he so desires.. thanks James..
  9. Jamesc our workshop manager Marty has asked me to ask you .... if this tin EVER comes into your reach again that you pass on my cell phone number to the owner.... It’s his great granddaddy who started around 1922 ran this outfit.. from West Belt Rangiora.. Marty Woods clearly states he would give a body part up for this tin “left or right it’s your choice” he said
  10. I agree, yes colour looks wrong but the rope length and consistent thickness of the roping.... sac brood will rope at times but usually only on the first try and even then its not a snot like consistency and has lumps etc
  11. Sometimes there’s no point in counting crawlies.. gorse is flowering here, Queens are laying again after a very short break.. ive just finished wintering my girls, very happy with how they look.. 40% OX wides all season.. mite washes show zeros ones and twos.. with the odd one higher. All re treated, will open them in up again In July
  12. The rope , consistency and colour will be undeniable. Good on you for posting the question.. wish more people asked instead of thinking they know better..
  13. Stoney


    There’s a lot of factors that come into that equation... but I gotta say.. if I do the butchery, basic steaks, roasts and mince,(no processing- sausages, salami etc) also I don’t need to travel more than 1km each way... meat is often incredibly cheaper than shop bought. Now... back to bees... as you were.
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