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  1. If you could package your positive attitude and outlook ... maybe into all those empty Dr Speights bottles , and sell it on the open market the world could be a better place.. there are always options and different paths to take and that is a fact.. i just hope some of us can see these opportunities and grab them with both hands... I think not having all eggs in the bee basket is the best option right now..
  2. This is true...but ... when you have a mortgage, living bills , overdraft chewed out, kids to school/ feed , sleepless nights after nights and no funding there must come a point where that grit turns into gravel then into rocks that pull you under.
  3. I’m always amazed with our southwestland bees, they swarm like crazy sometimes entire sites have gone.. I take a stroll into the rainforest for a nosey but they just vanish.. extremely strong intense flows with off on weather, see ya later.. we run them as double FD brood. Its a complete different ball game to east coast permanents. Always a treat to spend a few days in the bush working those thumpers.
  4. Don’t be fooled Kaihoka... experienced professional operations still deal with disease.. and bees can still swarm..
  5. Yeah .. na , it has a tendency to put holes in things.. and I already got a couple of those..
  6. I gotta Husqvarna side by side... in 12gauge.... it’s old, real old, it’s a bit rough round the edges, it’s beautifully well made... it’s pretty quick up and down hill, but I wouldn’t like to sit on it. Its not that nice to stand behind either really...
  7. Sorry bout that.. I don’t have Facebook, Instagram or any of them other all consuming mediums of communication either.. in fact it’s only a few months ago I worked out how to post pics on here.. give it a couple more years I might work it out.
  8. James I have to wonder..... does his first name starts with J??
  9. Wowee that looks a good head, wouldn’t expect any less up there, any more pics of the sticks?
  10. Done that this year, night in the hut, deer taken ( butchered & carried out by me) booze drunk, lies told..... no sale made. Was worth a try I spose.
  11. Classic! So his girlfriends are behind the wire? Poor ######. You could always build a soil ramp on outside of the fence to give him his dream of getting in
  12. my rope out pic in this thread is newer comb, just not light in colour... i think you would need to catch it in the first couple of cycles.
  13. You see this from time to time often in queen cells, a worker has gone in perhaps to clean the hatched cell and the lids been closed and re sealed.. what a way to go!
  14. Got a good pic showing tongue today. AFB hunting once again, this rounds incouragement for staff is a $50.00 supermarket or hunting and fishing voucher per find.. just to make sure the tempo is kept up and we don’t get complacent this close to winter break.
  15. How much wax you get is all about scale. We send pallets of boxes and frames by the truckload to a company for rendering down. If you are doing the odd frame here and there it may take you a long time to build up any wax stock.
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