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  1. My experience is.. Yes. It’s not very often that I re visit a site ‘out of round’ but this August for reasons I can’t remember I called back to a site of 20, 14 days following fresh staples.. without checking my dairy to confirm exactly but from memory 16 of the 20 had cells at surprisingly similar size, indicating the urge struck at the same time. Very easy to suss this out in your own hives by just popping back inside 16 days. I cut cells out in some to see what happened and those queens are still laying eggs today as I shift them into the scrub.
  2. That’s awesome, how much adrenaline is in the ampule? Is there enough for more than one dose? Oops just read the label holds 2 doses.. I wonder if he will post them..
  3. In my case they were spraying gorse, large area, I was informed it would be happening but the heli outfit weren’t sure as was weather dependant ... the call came in the night before. I had asked for sticker not to be used and was told it had to be. Now I could have shifted them all out (25 hives) 2 weeks earlier when I was told but didn’t as was told would be very early morning. The cocky told me they were still spraying in the afternoon. To be honest there’s not a huge difference in the bees that I’ve noticed. Do any bees survive to make it home to pack poisoned pollen into cells?
  4. I have a site thats forage was recently chopper dosed with Met + penetrant.. they flew most of the day getting it done. I didn’t notice piles of bees out front as I guess they never made it home.
  5. No shouldn’t be.. maybe it had been feeding on something disgusting.. the best bacon is made from these pigs that get into the winter sugar beet crop.. man they are to die for.
  6. Another Interesting day today.. my bees are all on my mates farm next door to me.. where I hunt.. we had a tornado run 5 km through the neighbourhood a couple days ago.. destroying trees , roofs, nuc yards etc.. i took a morning to check my sites, luckily only the nuc yard suffered loss.. while checking one site I spotted a small mob of pigs up to their ears in grass about 30m from my site. Within 5 minutes I had 3 of them on my ute. One for the farm manager one for the worker and one for us for salamis.
  7. May as well list your bike on trade me now to pay for it... 😬 Where are you based? Last season was an absolute crapper down here.. low quality and amount.. one to forget for sure.
  8. I’m a stubbies and gumboots wearing southern bloke.. your generous offer would strike me with a severe feeling I owed you... a bowl of milk or a bellbird carcass ...(whatever cats eat) I could always mail you some bees.. which you could do whatever you wanted with them..
  9. My hives had winter staples pulled out end of July and fresh staples placed.. then I split and more than doubled numbers sending 2 with each unit. Which are being removed now as I prep them all for shifting. Back at work they run back to back treatments.. same as you.. pull them after 5-6 wks and replace and or replace as they’re chewed. Back to back treatment in my view is NOT what’s killed your bees. Otherwise works hives would not be sitting on their summer sites boxed up to the heavens.. But that said.. I’m a far less experienced beekeeper than yourself... if I was you I wouldn’t treat with OX in winter but I don’t know your bees or your sites.
  10. As for the testing I agree, it would be great for the greater cause but we are currently living on the bones of my backside and testing is not on my priority list at all until I’ve sold the honey my bees are yet to collect.. your losses sound far worse than anything I’ve experienced. I only have 200 colonies of my own which are very much my babies. I have stepped out of my previous roll managing, only supplying contract labour but still keep up to date with the team. DWV is almost non existent in mine and the company I managed. I should say.. never seen .. not non existent as we have not tested
  11. When we had our population loss at work it was agreed on that it felt we had pushed pause on the colony for 3weeks.. we described it as we “lost a brood cycle” we maintained the treatment period across the 3k hives despite sleepless nights awake worried and by the next visit they looked as they did the round earlier... but shiny and healthy looking.. its sounding like yours have been reduced dramatically with also brood damage. Ours produced a honey crop no drama. I’m just worried if you treat in winter it will push them over the edge.
  12. Glad to hear.. No testing for me, I’ve had no real reason to test bees as have had a very positive results experimenting with this treatment overall.. like I’ve said many times before, it’s not perfect at all.. but it kills varroa very well which is at the top of my priority list.
  13. And that’s entirely your call. Whenever I’ve lost a box of bees following treatment they’re back to where they were in 4 wks not crushed for the season. Tread with caution is my advise.. if you have decimated your hives bad enough to wipe out this seasons crop then I wouldn’t treat them in winter with it.. by the time you see the damage it’s already done.
  14. Just my opinion and I really don’t fancy another keyboard battle here... he has some nasties lurking and I would concerned about losses.. these losses are far better during a brood growth phase than not.
  15. If it was me I would be giving it another go next spring.. not winter.. while they’re heading towards the rising curve.
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