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  1. Welcome to the forum.. a dead bee carpet as I described is literally that.. you can barely see the ground for dead bees. would really need to see a pic as Allistair said to get an idea of bee numbers. when was the last time you checked them and what was the strength like at that time?
  2. How’s the flowering looking in your area @Maru Hoani
  3. 3 beautiful big cells on the top bar there James.. wet feet from dripping willow nectar things are certainly moving at the mo..
  4. Classic! Serious foresight on Arataki’s behalf to have the kneeling guy wearing a face mask
  5. Gale NW here Maggie since 3am.. vege garden soil height has lowered 50mm.. there maybe a flick of snow on the hill tonight but 14 deg temp shouldn’t be too bad. I’d say the southern end of site hives have had a good forager boost this week..
  6. Relentless gusty nor wester beating me up again today, pulled the pin about 3:30 due to concerns around tree limbs sending me to meet my maker earlier than I’d like.. popped into the builders to cut out any rogue cells.. pretty happy with the juicy cells.. Thanks @Maggie James for your tips and tricks. However I did revert to cloake board method 2 builders are level above the other and it really shows.
  7. I gave up today.. the yard sits under tall gums and the roaring above had me glancing up every 5 minutes.. as I told myself.. surely I’d hear a crack before it falls on me or my bees or my ute.. that and everytime a good gust came through it would take half the bees off the frame.. enough is enough. tomorrow forecasts isobars are pretty tight might stay at the shed and make Nuc floors. fingers crossed fridays change allows some mating weather..
  8. Good work on your cells Phil exciting times.. it’s a bit like fishing I recon.. waiting to see that new brood from the queen you have just produced a bit like setting the bait. My mating nucs I make up as 1honey 2brood , 1 drawn 1 foundy, willow is starting here and I make nucs up in coreflute boxes for transport to mating yard close to the cell builders (1km) then drop them in their double nuc placing cell later or the next day. with the weather we’ve had the last few days I’m expecting this Friday and Saturday will be an insect sex fest.. fingers crossed.
  9. Vibrations and sharing of the food source.. I get a kick out of seeing the frantic dances.. willows just starting here.. fingers crossed the nor west winds aren’t too strong to put a finish to the flow before it begins.. wouldn’t be the first time..
  10. 24-48 hrs for polishing works for me.. good luck with your first crack at it @Phil46 David Woodward’s book is a good one to start out with, well explained and pretty bomb proof methods explained.
  11. Welcome to give me a call@CHCHPaul .. over the last week or so I’ve been using power sites to patch up the weak hives.. wanted to even them out pre willow flow which has now begun. First cells of the season are ready end of this week, so will be making tops and nucs up as well. Been a real chalk and cheese of strength for me this season since leaving half my hives on their summer sites up country til a fortnight or so back, not used to seeing only 2 frames of brood in August but sure been handy to have those weak seats ready to receive a donation.
  12. Bee awareness is a great time for me.. I get to hit our local school kids with 45 minutes of facts, passing spring flowering plant branches around and see their little eyes pop as I overload their brains with enthusiasm in everything bee related. My poor boy gets pretty embarrassed about his dad coming to school in his bee suit though. this year I’m going to focus on identifying differences between wasp and bee.. crazy how many people can’t tell.
  13. You tried a trap? Can be very effective.. a bit like varroa treatments.. working for you while you warm yourself fireside...
  14. Still trying to get out to your place, busy as a bee at the mo but will get there at some point, maybe next week after I finish my round.
  15. Wonder how they declare on the HD where they produced the rata honey then..? Ashburton?
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