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  1. Actually David my synthetics comment was a tongue in cheek stab at part of Our country’s current drug debate.. i have not ever dismissed the use of synthetic varroa control and in fact will still use synthetic treatments if required. I am also however trialing the staples and without actually using them there is no way of seeing the effects. So I will continue to run my experiment and communicate my findings... OA is and always will be just another tool on the shelf to be used with care.
  2. Synthetics... hmmm have they been de criminalised up your way?
  3. Your teeth must be incredibly white if you been sippin outta the OX/GL tap...
  4. Couldn’t agree more on the communication Matt. These are all our own experiments on our own terms and we know some are having very different results to others. Weeding out the differences in the trials can only be positive. However... we probably should be doing it over in the Ox /GL thread ..... 🤔.
  5. I thought you got yours later on in the season james? We also don’t mix our own brew, they come ready to use. We had a big learning curve in our year of staples.. from colonies bleeding bees half a metre out the front door to mite ridden DWV affected colonies losing half their population in one foul swoop... nowhere to be seen.. very alarming to see .. and followed by many sleepless nights thinking about 3500 colonies we may have killed.. we have been trialing different placement methods and numbers of staples all last season, this is still in my view a rather large self trialed experiment.. theres no instructions or rules.. I have placed them into crashing colonies with 2 mites per bee visible. we have placed 2 per box of bees.. to find mites building up.. then 3 then 4 then 6-7., checking discussing, tweaking methods etc , really keeping an eye on things. these things do work but ya gotta do some grunt work as well. The old synthetic treatment mentality doesn’t work with these. My view is these things are absolutely perfect for suppressing mite invasion in colonies with light infestation to begin with, they will turn around heavy infestation but are much slower than say Bayvarol and also may reduce some population also slowing the eventual turn around.. once the bees are fairly “ clean” these really come into there own maintaining very low single digit mite numbers per 300 bees washed. Reinvasion on some sites becomes alarmingly obvious with regular washing also. If I find a small colony now that has visible varroa damage I place synthetic treatment first, give it some love, let it come away nicely then switch it over to the staple.. just my thoughts anyway.. if our experiences with staples can help one beekeeper deal with mites better than they were then it’s all been worthwhile.
  6. This was how we ran them at the start this time last season and later found we had cut the brood nest in half .. a small percentage of them layed past staples but majority didn’t which affected expansion of the nest. We now run a leg in every seam and alternate ends of the frames. Works for us. Always placed on outside edge of the brood, like say half on the brood and half on the pollen/stores band surrounding brood. For us that is most effective. A full box of bees gets 4, a double brood both boxes full of bees with brood gets 7 . A box of bees containing only 5 frames bees and couple small patches of brood I give 1... adding more as they expand up to a max of 4 in one box. Always wiping excess liquid off before placing. This works for us on our sites. We have done a full year ox staples only. First time we used them we lost bees but so far things appear fine this season. They MUST be with the brood and don’t appear anywhere near as effective if brood is away in the corner of the box post winter.
  7. This was an issue for us also, we used to winter them as a single ,excluder and top feeder, but evolved into a 2nd 3/4 for stores.. as winters have been so mild recently they were very large populations of bees ... and mites.. thinking the single may be the way forward - no escaping the treatment. We didn’t place staples in the top in autumn as the box was 100% feed.
  8. really don’t mind being one of the test pilots on the use of this new ish delivery system and really feel we are making headway with every turn in the road we take. usually our first round following winter is met with heavy mite loads and associated viruses putting us on the back foot at the first step... following the “old” spring / autumn treatment plan.. Positive knowledge is being gained each and every lid we crack and every alc wash we record in this battle. We now have a nice handle on the effects on our bees on our sites but there are also still many questions I’d like to find answers for.
  9. I’ve been washing flat out.. lots of 0-4 mites the odd 5-8 had a nice full box of bees this arvo washed a zero, while another threw 24! There is definitely a pattern for me... we ran 1xfd 1x 3/4 broods overwinter, the cleanest bees wintered as single fd with staples, the higher loads came from colonies that moved up into the top box which was all stores in autumn and have brooded above the treatment. Overall the colonies are smaller than this time last year and also much cleaner of mites.. it has been much colder here in the 2nd half of winter than last winter.. i believe oxalic affects the mites In many ways such as affecting their feet and also thinning their shell and am not concerned at all about resistance anytime this century.. as the pink cat says.. there’s plenty of more pressing things to worry about.. I also believe beekeepers treating only twice a season should become a thing of the past..
  10. We began using staples this time last year so have now completed a full year using only 40% staples for controlling varroa.
  11. Have they dropped a bit round your neck of the woods lately?
  12. The 3 teams should be finished the first round end of this week. Replacing staples.. feeding etc, overall they look good.. did some alcohol washes at this site on Friday.. 8,2,1,0 this site is coastal and generally winters well. We have the usual amounts of dead’s so far a couple at each site.. the lack of DWV seen is awesome.. mites seen in some smaller colonies that had wintered away from the winter treatment on the outside frames.
  13. Absolutely. .. the top right cell you can see is all smeared because that's the one I banged a stick into even though it was very obvious... I enjoy a good rope out.. but can't seem to upload the pic
  14. Excellent Fraz I’ve been trying to upload a good goopy rope out pic but can’t seem to make it happen..
  15. Here is another pic showing AFB there is a cell there showing pupal tongue also. This colony was weaker and luckily was found before it was overcome and it’s stores robbed.
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