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  1. Nice... the payments must be coming in.. the pics of new gear begins..👍
  2. 😂 I can feel his pain.. It’s been raining here for days..
  3. That right there is p poor preparation my friend .. lucky for me my bubble and large booze stash is safe ...
  4. Alistair Where is your honey sold? I thought only supermarkets can sell food now? The local side of the Rd orchards around here have pulled their signs in a couple were selling clover honey from Otago. I’m not on FB but heard of a local selling boxes of vege pretty well
  5. Speaking of wood and fire, with about 2 inches of rain overnight and today I applied for a permit to burn the bon fire which has accumulated in the back paddock over the drought and subsequent fire ban.. very simple process.. applied yesterday arvo, received midday today. One of The small joys I can look forward to during lockdown is a good old burn up supervised with a beer.
  6. Closed because there’s no one allowed to work in forestry due to pine logs not being an essential service one would presume.. spoke to the boss round here yesterday.. he’s a little concerned about the scum bag poacher activities in his forests and ripping out his gates during lockdown and I don’t blame him.. police will be busy elsewhere while these clowns help themselves.
  7. I guess what happens in the gully stays in the gully but if it was me I’d steer clear of that brew Jimmy. The mix I use though not exactly legal, allows the wasp to carry her piece of meat a couple hundred metres to her home to share to the colony.. that is the key part of the process.. unknown strengths mixed randomly could bring other issues. U should still be able to get what you need to do the job well even in quarantine up the gully..
  8. Get into em JimmyC.. no mercy. I worked a site this morning I have to pass through a large area of beech to reach them.. wasp numbers were rediculous back in Feb... must say at a good guess numbers are now under 50%, still a few hunting protein which will Need another feed of rabbit for dinner.. sure is satisfying work even though the pay is rotten
  9. Good to see improvement and evolution happening on this front. Looking forward to seeing the facelift apiweb as well.. big thumbs up.
  10. Those tree swarms I like to punch a bit of 91 octane in there followed by a squirt of expanding foam.. goodnight Vienna
  11. Hey pete.. I wouldn’t have thought you would have too much to worry about re job security.. it is selling but just a bit less than expected.. things have certainly changed and I guess if those changes are ok to deal with then I’d hang in and ride it out. I recon producing good active honey in the current health crisis should mean we are fairly safe.. even if export shipping lanes have had the big squeeze applied.
  12. Very true Mummzie... there has been countless hours spent on experiments, brews, yarns, communication, theories and bull puckie to get to where it now sits.. def worth a read as a lot can be learnt from the trials and experiences of contributors.
  13. Interesting CraBee, great to be able to compare different areas, I’d say my UMF and DHA would be a lot lower than Nth Island Honey, here is a couple of my batch results showing non K honey 3pla levels.
  14. Was some great heat overall this year, in 30s, hot calm muggy Ozzy smoke hazed days, but very windy at the start of flowering. Last season was a shocker.... I’ll be hedging my bets next season won’t be as kind and will plan for that.
  15. Interesting .. I met him at conference couple yrs back.. this season for the first 2 wks my poor hives endured sustained nw winds exceeding 120 km and I was surprised at box weights during this time.. I was having trouble standing upright...
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