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  1. Well they sent me home due to the stoppage. What happened after that isn't my concern. As this has now gone wildly off topic and has been resolved, This thread can be closed. How about rather than making a new profile to hide your identity you show your face? Or would you like your first appearance to be in court?
  2. I got stung a number of times, None were the reason for US (Not just me) stopping early one day.
  3. I got paid yesterday (overnight Friday after serving papers)
  4. That's not correct. That says more about you as an employer than it does about me as an employee. When to have to worry about your employee knowing more about their rights than you do then it's time to look at how you're employing people You probably want to google "unjustified disadvantage" to find out just how much "repaying the inconvenience" costs in Court.
  5. Depends what you put up cameras for. Stores that use them to "prevent shoplifting" can't use the footage against employees goofing off in the isles. You can record anything if you believe a crime is being committed. I record daily phone calls of which I'm a party to so i'm well within my rights.
  6. Given half a chance I would. The problem is my skills are acquired or self taught and while they are very good, I don't have the required bits of paper to prove it. Ummm Are you sure about that Trev? https://www.lawsociety.org.nz/practice-resources/practice-areas/employment-law/covert-recordings-by-employees-and-their-admissibility-as-evidence
  7. Employers don't get to see that ability, knowing the law and my rights doesn't usually come up in job interviews. Doing the job wasn't an issue.
  8. Might be my prerogative but a handshake agreement doesn't stand up in law. https://www.raineycollins.co.nz/your-resources/articles/employer-fined-for-no-written-employment-agreement http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/business/9460871/No-contract-rules-out-trial I asked a pretty simple question, I want to know if its common in the industry. While there are some very astute people in this group, there also seem to be some that don't know where the line of responsibility lies which is a bit of a worry as I know some are employers.
  9. When you call tech support they record for training purposes and advise you of this so they can use the recording. I record on my phone so I can remind myself of details, phone numbers etc. Fortunately the law is on my side should I need it as evidence The prime motive was to secure employment. I record all phone calls as is my right so im not focusing that on a specific potential employer to later use against them
  10. Unless you believe it could be used as evidence. Being employed without a written contract lead me to believe I might need an accurate record of conversations. Didn't happen in my instance, I wasn't drumming honey No I didn't but I've been bitten by dodgy employers before so know enough to have my ducks in a row when it happens. It's not illegal to record a conversation, it's illegal to use it unless it's being used as evidence. Phone companies record everything and have the recordings for police within hours of a warranted request. I don't need a warrant for my o
  11. Good thing I have photos of Timesheets, All text conversations, Phone calls are all recorded...... I've been ripped off by dodgy employers before.Are you saying I should just give up on my hard earned wages? I'm well aware. My original post asks if its common with Commercial beekeepers to abuse staff in this way. As James said, Hives don't pay bills. Also makes me guilty of theft as a servant which is a prison time offence.....
  12. I'm an ex union rep so well versed in employment law.
  13. Pity that wasn't done and I'm not sure about using the law to my advantage Pity that wasn't done and I'm not sure about using the law to my advantage Should read, Not shy. The law is on the employees side and puts responsibility on the employer so regardless of the other side of the story the employer failed to get it right.
  14. Got a house with 2 fires.....In the lounge.....Don't ask. Been exploring the fishing in between looking for work.....Yet to get out hunting. As long as you stay away from the locals (those that have been here since before Maori populated the country) Yeah it's not a bad spot.
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