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  1. Just another nail in the honey goldrush coffin. Unless you've got good land or great relationships with landowners....
  2. Happy to come have a look Wendy, at least find out what we are dealing with
  3. I can come and have a look after I collect a bumblebee nest from rolleston. Not sure I could do much tonight but I'd know what I was looking at
  4. Genetic diversity, not all bees in a hive are the same
  5. Look for evidence of a queen, eggs etc
  6. Where abouts in chch are you sarah?
  7. Melt it down. Not worth bothering with. Also not worth the risk of transferring a subclinical afb infection
  8. A tablesaw makes full depth boxes into 3/4s easy enough
  9. Put a split back in the hive. Sounds like your last split took the comb building aged bees away
  10. Warehouse stationary, epson3520, $200 (cheaper when you claim the gst back)
  11. Make it too hard or expensive and people won't do it legally. Look at driver licensing, lots of unlicensed, unwarranted unregoed cards and drivers out there
  12. Chimney brush pushed up from the bottom into a bucket over the top
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