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  1. Today around 10-20mm of hail/sleet settled on parts of our property and it's currently 3 deg Celsius. I'm hoping it won't hit 0 deg C overnight. I would call this unseasonal weather! I made up a couple of 5-frame (queenless) nuc splits 8 days ago and are wondering what their tolerance to cold might be like? The nucs consist of the following frames; 1x each of pollen, eggs, capped brood, honey, foundation. I didn't shake any extra bees in and last time I checked bees appeared to fill the area between the pollen and egg frames and the egg and capped brood frames, with some bees between the capped brood and honey frames. On day5 the nucs both had 1 capped and 1 uncapped Qcell and on day7 they had 4 Qcells each (3 capped in one nuc and 4 in the other). Any ideas if 0 deg C would be too cold to tolerate for these low population hives?
  2. I added 3 days to my split date to correspond to the calculators grafting date and saved into 'favourites'. Then I looked this calendar up way way way too often to see where my first ever split was at. It helped stop me from worrying that things weren't happening right away! It suggested 28/Oct as the last day to check for eggs and I finally found some on the 27th!
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