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    I used the same black mesh for the underside of my topbar and it worked fine for varroa mites,they fell through,right onto a plate I left there for inspection.
  2. I think bees,insects even and flies do more for this country than politicians(parasites),but then bumble bees actually work longer hours that standard bees,they knock off at 7.30pm-ish and are often taking their last breath on flowers,my honeybees rest at 4.30pm and they don't get up till 9pm barely a 8 hour day.Still parasites,sorry I mean masons,woops I mean politicians probably work 2-3 hours on a normal day.
  3. Drill a pilot hole first and any wood is fine,it pays to do it with pine too to avoid splitting.
  4. I like this video because he uses very basic tools.Speaking of freemasons (as they do in the vid),has anyone noticed our parliament building is called the beehive,just sayin .
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