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  1. We will have something in spring.our don't fault setting is bee box timber with crypto poplar pine and mac.will have lawson as welll
  2. Hi There already milled out about 100m reckon another 300-400 to go. any interest out there in bee land
  3. Hi There we are doing a run of crypto will be milling out to 25 mm thick and 200 or 250 wide. length will be 2-3m. putting through round 20 stems more or less. price will be $4 plus gst p/l/m. Can supply a full gst invoice. Pick up only. Location waihi. Cryptomeria- great straight grain timber. Nice to work with. very light and above ground durable. Dries very quickly but without shrinkage .Many of our boxes are made from crypto and they are already 8 yrs old and no need for paint. First in first served. If you would like the whole order then please specifiy and we can mill to your requirements
  4. Some of our crypto boxes now about 8-10 years old. we don't paint them either .
  5. Cool thanks for that dansar. anyone else
  6. hi there as promised we are starting to bang out bee box timber at 250 x 25 2m long and 200 x25 at 2m long. Basically a box a length. we can do other dimensions as well but will be putting a few stack to gether. we are doing poplar cryptomeria and Lawson as well as pine and mac (when it comes in) at the moment my question to you fellow bee keepers is... what is a fair and reasonable price per l/m. we would like to be able to supply the bee keeper that wants to make two or three boxes or the guy that needs to put a few hundred supers together. Yes we are looking to make money but at the same time this is waste from our business and for me personally I love giving trees a second life especially for the bees. so consider your answers lets make it gst incl. also quite happy to have your trailers at the yard and we can fill them straight of the mill. many thanks
  7. Yeah I do a lot of comb but wont have time to make simplicity frames this year so just looking to pay $$. Many thanks
  8. Hi Guys after a supplier of 1/2 deep frames????Thanks in advance
  9. Nice dansar we use a lot of crypto for our boxes . Its great to mill and amazing to work with. We will be stocking crypto and poplar very soon in bee box dimensions. Another one is cedar deodara. heavy but very stable. The figure in the grain is worth the effort alone with the mill etc. Bees love the stuff. I know that any timber is alright for the bees as soon as we open up a log and bees from our resident hives wander over to have a look see and a lick or two. the poplar lags are almost like a honey flow but its propolis they seem to be after.
  10. I tend to do most of my own boxes rough sawn
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Poplar is a light and fairly durable timber. have milled some in the past for board and batten as well as weather boards. my poplar boxes seem to be doing the trick. We will start cutting some dimensional in the next month or so ( got a few trees to climb in the mean time). So will cut to some of those dimensions mentioned above and we will see what we can do price wise. What time of the year do you need the timber . would be great to get a good supply sorted for when you need it or are passing with a trailer and think you might pick some up.
  12. Yes we get Paulownia from time to time. Mainly for guitar makers
  13. I knew I was going to get a couple of those ones.... come on now...serious
  14. Hi everyone. we have run a mill as part of our business for the last 5 years. It was only recently that we had interest in timber for bee boxes on a larger scale. ( I have always milled and built our boxes ) Just wondering if there is any interest in timber for bee boxes and what dimensions are best for you . We were looking at 250x25 as standard . We have run pine, poplar, crytomereia , cedars, mac etc. So we will milling timber specficaly for the bee keeper. We also have a selection of hardwoods for runners. We like the idea of no treatment timbers for runners and base boards especially. Couple of questions. Price per metre??? what is a fair price to charge you guys and gals? how many metres are you likely to want annually? What time of year do you see as best for you to purchase your timber? Any answers would be helpful.
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