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  1. I have a bridge to access my property with 3500kg weight limit I am amazed at the number of people that either have no idea of the weight of their vehicle and have concept of what is 3500kg when asked couldn’t say whether that means a quad bike a ute or a logging truck. Anyone with a heavy truck license at least must have studied when they got their licence but these days you can drive a six ton truck on a car license. I had a truck with a trailer behind come a while ago saw the sign had no idea how heavy they were (tare weight of truck was over 4000kg and it had a full load of hives plus trailer with a loader on) but decided because the had a trailer behind and couldn’t reverse it they had no option but to carry on ahead. they made it across with no visible damage how do I stop it from happing again
  2. I think I know the case you are talking about Zespri and the pack house settled out of court( not cheap by any means) not sure about the employer (Laboratory) the orchard pleaded not guilty and won but still had legal cost of over $300 k and a very stressful couple of years preparing for the case
  3. Tunnicliffe's have got the machinery to custom run timber bottom rails with the groove for the plastic and ends slotted and for a thousand should be able to do a price to make it worth wihle
  4. Tunnicliffes can deliver bee hive size timber to your nearest Mainfreight depot see bottom of page 3 on this link but why you would want to I don't know generally it is cheaper to get flat pack box's and assemble them yourself http://www.tunnicliffes.co.nz/beehive-pricelist.html
  5. Bucket seats might be an exaggeration the passenger seat is just opposite hand version of the standard drivers seat but with the controls on the other side it has had a cover on all its life and not had a lot of use the little console that goes between the seats can go with it
  6. Hey if you want to swap the bench seat for a bucket I'd be keen I have the station wagon version of the 70 series cruiser with two buckets up front and would like to make it three seater up front don't think I can recive PM's on here but contact Derek at "Tunnicliffes" if you want to get hold of me
  7. Lots of our customers are on the site here so I though I would tell what's happening regards to the flooding Tunnicliffe's is on high ground the flood waters look to have just come up to the bottom of the yard but not got into any buildings etc The town is still in lockdown for the next few days so no dispatch's until Monday but once the roads open we will be up and running about five of the staff have houses in the flooded area and most of the staff not directly effected will have family and friends in the flooded area Regards Derek
  8. Falcon engineering in Inglewood make branding irons for timber treatment plants good quality but not cheap Falcon Engineering Limited - Striving for Quality
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