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  1. I will probably see you at the club then. It is the best environment to get confidence with bees, the club hives are really used to being handled. It's good to see the different styles of handling bees too from slow and gentle to rip and bust.
  2. Hi Carlton. Good on you for having a go at beekeeping. Italians v carnolians, the carnolians are grey and are good at keeping the wasps away but the ones I had would sting me repeatedly if I mishandled them. I only have Italians at the moment but I would have either. I started with a single nuc and I have learned heaps the hard way, the swarm I picked up last year produced 40 kg of kanuka honey and is wintering over very well. Swarms seem to be very vigorous, lots of bees straight away and as has been said they are free. On the downside they can come pre loaded with bugs and infection, so a bit of caution there. I would suggest you start with two hives if you feel up for it as it gives you a few more options if one hive goes into decline. Where abouts are you? We lived in Carter Rd for fifteen years?
  3. We visited Nuie a couple of years ago and it was the last time I found wild bees in a hollow tree. No varroa
  4. You been watching too much breaking bad?
  5. Radio frequency ID. small tags like dog microchips or the tags in library books can be had for 50c. And the scanners cost $125. But you still have to find your hives and or the thieves.
  6. To Bee or Not To Bee – EyeContact hives and apiary enthusiast who is concerned about the catastrophic effects of bee diseases, parasites and insecticides, Noble is actively waving the flag for these hardworking little honeymakers. She has dusted their small furry bodies with gold powder so that the microscope can describe their anatomical detail with maximum acuity. However, through her control of lighting and props, Noble is also making use of the pathetic fallacy and anthropomorphism, where human emotions are ascribed to nonhuman life forms or inanimate objects. Read more: To Bee or Not To Bee – EyeContact Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial
  7. Wasp in Whittaker’s chocolate false alarm; was supposed to be there
  8. I would guess more hives and less Beekeepers in Northland, Tristan, unlike Auckland more Beekeepers each with fewer hives.
  9. Those AFB maps are a bit blunt but at a quick tally there are more incidences of AFB reported in Northland than in the Auckland Region. Obviously a much larger area but equally far fewer Beekeepers. Perhaps it's bigger outfits with more hives swapping frames of honey and brood that get caught out, rather than the hobbyist with one or two hives.
  10. Thanks Gavin I'm really glad you said that it made me realise I should have put the weaker pink box on top :confused:. I've just done that and all is right with the world. Once the nuc has settled with the stragglers I will drop them in the top. (The blue box is so strong they had 1/5 chewed through the paper! )
  11. Well that was pretty horrible. Regicide and mayhem. Gone for a paper unite + apistan for extra mite kill. Quite a few stragglers from the pink hive site I have put a nuc there but don't really know what to do with them once they have settled might dump in front of the new placement. And lots of pollen bearing workers rocking up to the blue hive so I took off the fern leaves as I figure the pollen is a passport in. Any suggestions welcome.
  12. Just a thought, If a hobby beekeeper did get their hives tested at Hills,as a service to the community, perhaps they could lodge the receipt with the local bee club to get one of the many spring swarms off the swarm register.
  13. 'Treat with apivar if in doubt' Not another dose of apiguard.? How about apistan, I think this is the alternate that Ceracell carry?
  14. Y/B, I was thinking of trying to keep to the single box over winter. Multi storey if I must. Gavin, I followed the packet instructions to the letter but have discovered that having a mesh floor can make a difference, however the mite count is low. I think I will do another sugar shake tomorrow if the thunder storms have passed.
  15. Dansar, I have treated them both with apiguard. Gavin that is an interesting idea, the blue hive is very strong, do you think they will fit?
  16. It is such a warm day in Auckland I thought I would do one last check before letting the bees settle down for winter. I wish I hadn't. The pink hive which has struggled on all year has a good number of bees now but the brood is all drone. Should I decap the cells? Is it too late to re queen? And the blue hive is still capping honey and brood but I spotted 3 bees with deformed wing virus. It seems to have low mite numbers with sticky board getting 2-3 over 24 hrs and sugar shake producing similar numbers. Should I retreat now ( with a different treatment to the last one?) or are there some other factors that might bring out the virus?
  17. In the NZ Herald today. An unwelcome visitor in a new flavour of chocolate. Wasp found embedded in chocolate - Life & Style - NZ Herald News
  18. I use an ipad and must have scrolled through the stirrer button (it's on the edge) I wonder how often I've done that?
  19. Kanuka and Manuka - ecological charateristics and values
  20. Hi Julia, I can understand your worries about the manuka boom, typical Kiwi way of business. Boom bust and all kinds of fallout. We are surrounded by kanuka with all of the extraction problems of manuka but none of the commercial troubles. A kanuka can go for several hundred years but manuka is a primary tree, which shelters the emerging bush. It is most abundant on relatively open and recently cleared land. Why not spend some time potting on and planting secondary growth under the manuka, or just broadcasting some locally sourced seeds? You could saw down some smaller manuka that are mixed with established tertiary trees, bonus firewood. In a few years the bush will have changed along with your honey and manuka pests will be looking elsewhere. Encourage neighbours to do the same. Our neighbourhood clears weeds and plants regrowth, it's very social. Don't just sit back and wait for problems to come to you.
  21. Last winter I used sprung lids with 25 mm polystyrene sheet, they leaked terribly. This year I have made up some lids out of old floorboards with tin hammered and folded to be properly waterproof.
  22. Tristan, AFB check was done in the spring. that scares me. it should have been done when honey came off. that's interesting, the forms came out in early spring and my friend just got on to it (unlike me). Obviously the forms were signed off by someone with DECA cert and it was accepted. What is your thinking on the timing of this check, why autumn rather than spring?
  23. I just read up on thymol frazzledfozzle and it seem that its use can cause absconding. So the absence of bee bodies around the hive points to varroa or it's treatment causing absconding rather than nosema.
  24. Tristan, AFB check was done in the spring. It was firing on all cylinders, lots of brood and lots of early (urban) honey. Bees quite aggressive. Thymol went in two months ago 1 tray then the second two weeks later as directed. ( this may not have been sufficient for a busy double brood box hive?) the trays went on top of the brood box, I know as I made up a thicker spacer on her top cover. Hamish, thanks we will try that test. There were no dead bees around the hive though.
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