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  1. Hi, I found a wasps nest about 30m away from the hive this morning. I tracked them to a stand of trees we planted. I went in this evening with veil etc and 2 x shirts a rake a machete and a bottle of petrol. I managed to find the spot and clear away some long tendrils of kikuyu but then the wasps just rose up and created a cloud, there was no way to see the entrance to their nest. Then I started getting stung through both shirts. This could be a long painful job. Any suggestions on how to find the entrance without just picking away at the grass with the rake and getting stung a lot?
  2. Peter Molan | University of Waikato | Papers - Academia.edu This looks interesting.
  3. I made up a double porter escape and decided to put an empty drawn super above the excluder and the full super on top. The bees thought that this was a stupid idea and thought my wearing shorts was just too good to be true. Is there a beekeeping name for the involuntary windmilling and shrieking that seems to accompany the hive asking you to leave?
  4. Thanks Janice, a good idea. I will mark some frames and maybe colour code a super for the chemicals.
  5. hi guys, I have a full depth + 3/4 depth for my brood. So 10 full frames will be enough?
  6. Hi, My brood and 3/4 has settled in well after a rough few inspections, the worst being six stings and putting the hive back together with a lot of squashed bees. It seems this lot don't like smoke so I am now using it sparingly. I have a good amount of honey in the brood box and a full capped super maybe 17 frames in all. I thought I might take off four frames for us and leave the rest for the bees. Once I have done this I plan to put in the varroa treatment. My questions are; is this enough honey for the brood? Do we store the bees capped honey on the hive and if that is the generally accepted practice will this honey be tainted by the varroa treatment? And finally does the honey in the super have to be swapped for the food frames in the brood box ie. frames 1,2 -9,10? It's a lot of questions but the literature is pretty vague and / or contradictory about these jobs.
  7. Oh no I just saw that i'm an egg; you may want to disregard anything that I say : ).
  8. I just did that. I figure that way the bees know there is work to be done.
  9. Thanks guys I added a new 3/4 brood box today. I will consolidate this hive and think about splitting later or hopefully next spring. Should I have added another super at the same time? The first one is pretty heavy, but I figured bees would have plenty to do in the new brood box...
  10. Hi Grant, have you sourced a handle yet? I think its something I can make up for you in the new year.
  11. I will get ms to do it. yes Janola is sodium hyperchlorate and caustic soda. http://www.snell.co.nz/images/pdf/Janola_Premium_Bleach%20msds.pdf don't use a spray bottle.
  12. http://ec.europa.eu/food/animal/liveanimals/bees/docs/manual_bee_keepers_en.pdf I just read through this; does anyone know if Janola is a mix of sodium hyperchlorate and caustic soda? This is the recommended disinfectant for hive tools. Which is a ###### as hyperchlorate makes me crook.
  13. Hi, yes thats the hive. I got conflicting messages about having two brood chambers from the bee club, some saying it was the only way to go others suggesting too many bees for one hive. I don't really understand the finer points of this debate but I am surprised by the speed of the bees growth and how swarming theory becomes practice overnight. I think I will aim for a split as I have been in the shed making bee boxes for the future. If the queen cells are capped too late in the season for the split, would an extra brood box still stop the hive from swarming?
  14. Thanks Rob, I imagine my friendly bees might turn grumpy without supplies. Its good that the cells aren't capped yet as the hive only has the outer frames filled with honey and pollen and have only just drawn out comb in the super over the past week.
  15. Thank you Rodger, that is all helpful . Two of the cups are midway and one at the bottom of a frame and these seem to be friendly and quite strong bees (from 5 to 10,000 in two weeks) so I am keen to get another hive up and going.
  16. Hi again, I just completed my third inspection of the new hive and oh my goodness what a lot of bees. Lots of capped brood, including lots of drones, some capped honey, but I forgot my specs so unknown egg count but did spot queenie, unlike last week when she must have been at Balmoral : ). I found three queen cups, I'm almost certain there was no contents (glasses) and they were all open so I'm good for the week but...If I get a queen grub or find a sealed cell at this stage of the nucs development what options do I have? Do I just destroy the cell or can I start a new brood this far into spring / summer. and with maybe 10,000 bees.
  17. Thanks Trevor. I hate to think I was stressing the bees by giving them too much space.
  18. Hi, I just did my first hive inspection, quite nerve wracking as queenie was on the last frame. All seemed good over half of the frame was capped, lots of brood, and I spotted lots of eggs. The bees have been incredibly busy with the fine weather and have drawn comb on all of the frames (half drawn on 1 and 9). There are heaps of bees and more on the way so I decided to put on a 3/4 super as I really don't want them to swarm. Is this too soon? and are there any downsides to early supering? thanks Neil.
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