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  1. Welcome to the forum KK. Good on the beekeeper for passing on a hive that needs some attention. I have seen so many just left in a paddock to rot and we don't know this beekeepers circumstances. Anything but shameless given the information available. Heavy duty windbreak cloth is great for sealing a hive entrance on long trips, just staple it on tight or the bees will find the tiniest gap. Good luck, many beekeepers would have you beekeeping with fear, don't take too much notice of them. Learn to keep bees with confidence and you will be successful.
  2. Burning polystyrene hives because of afb (or any other reason) has a potential to create bad health, particularly nervous system issues, worse still is any harm caused to third parties. A manufacturer, importer or distributor is not going to tell you that.
  3. Right now it is probably more profitable milking cows by hand. In five to ten years at least two out of five of the big dairy sheds will be covered in cobwebs. TBH beekeeping will move to something more 'bee natural' but in the mean time follow your heart.
  4. Can someone please post very clear statistics of the proven incidence of afb transmission via second hand gear. Then we can all make fact based choices.
  5. Used to use sacking when I started beekeeping in the mid 70's, now use hay, easy to get, easy to light but smoulders down a bit quick. Once it is smoking well, pack it in the smoker tight. Here's a tip, it is easy to get in the habit of using to much smoke. Two to three puffs per box only if necessary unless your bees are really shirty.
  6. If we keep farming the way we are now or keep supporting the status quo then there is going to be very little land that will produce anything worth eating.
  7. Image 1952, 1953 is Dombeya, Image 3335 looks like giant buttercup( Ranunculus acris) , Image 3336 is Crassula ovata(money tree or jade tree)
  8. For every 100 responses on this forum about 50 will be 'bang on the money' and about 2 will suit your situation!
  9. Habitually using more chemical than the recommended dose is unethical, illegal and environmentally irresponsible. You are better off to ignore AFB.
  10. If we were all a bit more sensitive to bee health and welfare maybe there might not be so much AFB. Killing a hive of bees is something that a beekeeper might quite rightly allow to have an emotional impact. The countryside is already littered with the carnage from beekeepers who are emotionally and socially bankrupt.
  11. God forbid that Maggie Barrie has anything more to do with it! She has already hinted that it might go in the to 'hard basket' if it gets into conservation land.
  12. The only obvious hazard from Easter eggs is the probable sugar overload on our kids and grand kids. Have these fools from Worksafe got the nuts to point out the harm that is doing, ....... I don't think so.
  13. Photo 1, Hebe Photo 5 & 6, Dombeya
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