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  1. Found the first Queen wasp flying around today down Otorohanga way. Managed to dispose of her!!
  2. I have about 150 hectares (425 acres) of maize planted last week up wind from my place (planted every year) 300m away. There have been lots of dead bees outside this week. The interesting thing is that I moved three hives from about 3 km away just before it was planted and they are the same but the Apiary where I got them from there are no dead bee!! There is also quite a lot of Kiwifruit not far away. But my initial thought was the maize.
  3. I have thought about a trailer a bit for extraction. I think that you would need about 6m to fit a decent size unit in. You will probably need a small 4WD truck and a big trailer or you could use a tractor because access to many sites would be hard work when it get a bit wet. As for keeping the bees out and ventilation I thought you could put mesh vents in and then cut a hole a bit bigger than a box in the sides one for boxes in and one for boxes out and set up a high velocity blower that will prevent the bees from getting in. This would also give you good air circulation.
  4. The wool carder bees have been in the Waikato for a few years, the numbers do seem to be increasing. They are just something else to competing for the same food when there is not much around.
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