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  1. @M4tt, it is quite similar here too with no edge protected staples(double zig-zag sewing).
  2. In an artificial world the tourist will feel like in paradise. They will pay the cost while the locals do not count as usual. To keep up with this system, media has a big part. Few of my hives need a honey super. There are combs between the frames and the lid filled with fresh honey, and you can not move the hives as they are heavy as. By the time I mastered the "winter honey production" there are not too many honey buyers out there if any, for some multi-floral blend.
  3. Can someone broadcast the main parts on FB Live? Just add here the link and we will be all set. I will give 505 thank yous.
  4. I am here to collect unwanted hives from those who no longer want them. Just saying.
  5. The pumping hives are more likely to not have a brood brake, hence the difference in mites. These hive are so crowded that they have an army to get out even when is spitting out there and no sun at all. They bring a little bit of food into the hive the the queen will keep going.
  6. 😀 On a table saw. I got commercial grade boxes from Ceracell and Ecrotek too over the years and I had the same problem. I am not "Cindarella" to select and pair the sides for each box. The main problem is that always at least one side is not the same size with the rest of them. It is like they made them on a different machine or.................?????? The only one time I got top quality flat pack boxes from Kiwimana and they had all sides the same size - beautiful boxes(it was the time when you had to subscribe one month or more in advance at Cera or Ecro). The price was higher but I needed the boxes and they were top quality. In the end of the day I still trimmed the boxes to 239mm. I made a jig with clamps to assemble two boxes at the same time. I assemble them up side down to have the top rim level and I use exterior PVA glue. I also made a jig for drilling four holes(2.5mm) per corner and it makes my job easier and faster. Then four screws 8gx50mm per corner and all done. Next is trimming. I paint the edges too with 2-3 layers of fence paint. I got a paraffin deeper few years ago but shortly after that a house in the neighborhood burned down on Christmas night(apparently it was a lab). Seeing those flames I ditched the plan to fire up my deeper in the 5mx5m backyard(townhouse ).
  7. Does anybody use glue for the corners? I do and I use screws too. My homemade jig can handle two boxes at a time. The only time consuming operation I consider is the trimming after the boxes are put together(I like the boxes at 239mm high). Maybe from now on the gear manufacturers will not have so huge orders and they may pay more attention to the quality just to stay in the top market.
  8. So the sender knew about the rules. That makes her/him more guilty.
  9. I got new gloves 😀 My syrup mixer is ready to use and I finished the beeswax melter too.
  10. @CHCHPaulthen laying is in full swing. You have to watch the stores.
  11. What it looks like obvious comb will not be mixed into the propolis scrapping.
  12. @CHCHPaul I use 9 frames per box(brood and honey supers too) so my frames are a bit more spread..... and yes they build up some propolis between the frames, however there is plenty of room for the strips. I will agree that not everybody likes the 9 frames per brood box configuration.
  13. Roller brush with foam roll and the plastic frames go well. One kg of wax will give a good 18-20 frames waxed. Yeah, there is a bit of wax on top and if I do not open the hives on regular basis I will end up with a lot of propolis too at the ends and that will glue the two boxes hard as.
  14. Same here, no brood, however I will have to top up with syrup so it will do the kick start to the queen for sure.
  15. For vaporizing I built a tray from ply and pine rim with a small cut for the vap's bar. I can set this under each hive - I use mesh floors - and it works perfectly fine. My staples had two sewing(zig-zag) each side(not right on the edge but close) and few strong hives demolished them. The next lot I plan to use straight sewing but using a double needle - see how long they last. Another plan is to make a four layers staple batch for next season.
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