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  1. @tristan, i was expecting you to comment on the suspension and the carburetor
  2. Here is another research https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26866756
  3. Try duckduckgo.com in the future https://duckduckgo.com/?q=is+the+ice+on+anctarticaq+melting&t=h_&ia=web You think like a honey bee, not like a human 😁
  4. Does anybody know when will this $3/kg air on Country Calendar?
  5. I'll give it back to the owner...... for 250
  6. We are getting there. I was prepared this s[ring to remove the staples at week 4 and put new ones in however I am happy to leave them like that till next couple of weeks and then remove them as the flow starts.
  7. My hives started to build up. Still lot of equalization to do. The most common thing I noticed in every hive in the apiary(weaker and stronger too) is the compact brood. Very beautiful brood. This tells me that over the last few years the spring uncompact brood was a result of the varroa's viruses. I always used bayvarol for autumn and apivar for spring treatment(from 2019 autumn I use only staples - autumn batch was in all winter). A small flow is already there and they filled up the brood nest with fresh pollen too. While the weaker hives still have staples in there, the stronger ones destroyed them almost 100%. Splitting, second brood box, stealing capped brood was a must do management. Also I added new staples. Just finished a small but new batch(still three layers of plastering paper but this time I used a twin needle to make a double straight line sawing close to each edge of the staples).
  8. @Philbee you said that your "X" hive had the staples in from april till recently. Did you do a tongue test? Was there any acid left? How/why did the bees not chew those staples in bits and pieces? What do you think? @Alastair you said that those hives where you added an extra box, hoping the bees will expand the brood, actually shrank. When you added the extra box did you put staples in that box? I just did the same now in the spring Few of my hives looked like that they'll benefit if there will be an extra box especially because I don't plan to visit them for 4 weeks. So I added the extra box and I put staples into it too. I'll check them in a couple of weeks.
  9. It may not be the right thread however I don't want to open a new one just for a post. Admin please remove if not in compliance with the rules. I have a few years old solar beeswax melter to give away for free. Lately I don't have enough sun in my backyard(large trees shading) so I changed method. It is made of pine wood(18mm thickness) well painted. Inside has corrugated steel sheet + some stainless steal and a 6mm glass on top. The top edge is sealed with wedge. At the bottom end it has a compartment that fits three ice-cream containers to collect the beeswax. Inside loading bay 900mm x 500mm x 180mm. Pick up in west Auckland.
  10. @Jamo I don't have commercial experience so I don't have the reason to give advice here. However When I come across a weak hive in the early spring(varroa or other reason) I no longer play with it like years ago when I did just like you(adding brood and bees). I better combine the weak hive with another strong one(first I kill the weak hive's queen). Or another way I do if the weather is fine and it is in the morning, I'll kill the queen and I give a lot of smoke to those bees to get some food into their mouth, then 10 minutes later I shake all the bees on the ground several meters away. I leave nothing where this hive was. The brood/food frames if any will be spread to other hives in the apiary. Obviously I check the weak hive for AFB before I "demolish" it. Vasteing the time to figure out what may be the reason behind weakening that hive(apart from AFB or obvious/visual varroa signs) it's not my cup of tee. I'm not that smart. 1 - Demolish the hive(takes minutes) 2 - Move on 3 - Make a split few weeks later if needed
  11. About 12km southwest of Maungaturoto. North of Maungaturoto. Roughly as far as to Auckland.
  12. @ChrisM, I found this site. However I never used this method. It sounds expensive however you have to try it yourself before you know for sure if it is worth. https://www.reddit.com/r/Beekeeping/comments/59o6vc/refining_propolis/
  13. I think a better reminder method will be via TXT message. Medical centers are using this method with no problem and they(some) have 10000+ clients(they are not texting all of them in the same time).
  14. After 4 weeks I checked mine ones last weekend and I replaced 98% of the staples. They were chewed and were falling down. I put the bits of "old" staples on the top of the frames hoping the bees will remove them from the hive(so they will get in touch with the OA and spread it more). No wash here and no visual sign of varroa or virus. The hives in the full sun are doing very good(some swarm cells - but I made the split so it is all good).
  15. Over the winter I scrapped all my honey supers and the frames and I have some propolis in 6 ice cream containers. I better start chewing it if it can not be sold. What is next? Royal jelly?
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