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  1. @CHCHPaulthen laying is in full swing. You have to watch the stores.
  2. What it looks like obvious comb will not be mixed into the propolis scrapping.
  3. @CHCHPaul I use 9 frames per box(brood and honey supers too) so my frames are a bit more spread..... and yes they build up some propolis between the frames, however there is plenty of room for the strips. I will agree that not everybody likes the 9 frames per brood box configuration.
  4. Roller brush with foam roll and the plastic frames go well. One kg of wax will give a good 18-20 frames waxed. Yeah, there is a bit of wax on top and if I do not open the hives on regular basis I will end up with a lot of propolis too at the ends and that will glue the two boxes hard as.
  5. Same here, no brood, however I will have to top up with syrup so it will do the kick start to the queen for sure.
  6. For vaporizing I built a tray from ply and pine rim with a small cut for the vap's bar. I can set this under each hive - I use mesh floors - and it works perfectly fine. My staples had two sewing(zig-zag) each side(not right on the edge but close) and few strong hives demolished them. The next lot I plan to use straight sewing but using a double needle - see how long they last. Another plan is to make a four layers staple batch for next season.
  7. Did anybody sell scrapings recently? I do not have propolis coming from mesh so mine is not pure.
  8. @Joe B, this season most of my hives do not have brood(first time I use staples). Not sure if it is the weather or the treatment. All autumns and winters my queens are laying. @VictoriaF what happened with that hive? If it was mine I will remove the honey box and leave all the bees in one box(assuming there were two boxes). Next add a top feeder and give them syrup(it is a test so it can be 1/1). Check it in one week and if there are no eggs then there is no reason for me to keep that hive. - heavy smoke to make sure the bees will fill up their mouth with food - after 5 min dump the bees on the ground few meters away, assuming there is no rain or so - leave nothing where this hive was
  9. Did you have any problems with burr comb? I cut down few myself too for a 1/2 box however I did not use them yet. I am wondering if the bees will glue them to the top bars from the box bellow. Roger Delon developed the Alpine hive with such frames that there were no end and bottom bars. Instead there is a steel wire("U" shape) attached to the top bar, surrounding the bees wax sheet and the bees will stop building the comb when they get to the wire. There are out there bkpers who are using this hiveware.
  10. No moisture if you have the right ventilation. Mesh floors work best for me.
  11. Mesh boards or open boards like HD are good for ventilation purpose however the top must be sealed for winter. I used to use a plastic sheet over the frames then a hive mat and the lid. No condensation or mold at all. Bees fired up in early spring without to have to clean moldy frames etc like before I had mesh floors. Nowadays I use 18mm marine ply lids(no plastic sheet, no hive mat). Works perfectly fine. Full bottom boards need a partially ventilated hive mat and moisture absorbent material under the lid to have a fully dry hive over the winter. Some beekeepers like this version. German fellows, do you have any experience or feedback on bottom boards with basement? I do not have any other name for it. Basically it has a huge entrance(400mm wide and 150+mm high) and inside has a mesh(or a metal plate???).
  12. Hah, this one looks better and faster.
  13. They did not say who is paying for the big lab tests. Just wondering.
  14. @TanijakI will add the plastic sheet after feeding below the hive mat. Also reduce the entrance if not done yet.
  15. @Tanijak up there Far North you may have humid winters so ventilation is a must. While I had full bottom boards(ages ago) I encountered dump frames covered with mold and it was a nightmare to recover those hives in the spring. Then I changed to mesh floors and I started to use the plastic sheet + 25-30mm polystyrene sheet in the lid. I had great wintering while the hives were on 1 box and the stores were like 60% of frames full. Then in August I started to give them some 1:1 syrup. Most recently I switched to 18mm marine ply lids(no plastic sheets) and still mesh floors for 1 box. Stores will last till August and then the syrup comes. No problem if the hives are booming too early because I can add the second brood box, so I prevent swarming. Plus I use some brood from the very strong hives to equalize and to rebuild the lost hives over the winter.
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