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  1. For a petrol pump from TM where can I get fittings? Now they are for $200.
  2. @tonyare keen to write a bit about your FA treatment in a different thread? Strengt, application?
  3. I know that @Dennis Crowley. From my understanding they did not want to sign off the per cent version of the levy. Also it seems that ApiNZ did not fight(or not enough) for the per cent version. And I do not feel MPI being a co-player. Should not be that the purpose of having the beekeeping too in their buscket? When we heard for the first time that the bkping industry will get under the MPI's umbrella, we were told that they will work for us. For who? Manuka honey producers? If the law is not tuned to suit bkping then make sure the law will have one or more articles added(or create a new one specific to bkping) to serve the big majority of bkpers for their best satisfaction(the vote showed how satisfied the bkpers are with the proposed levy strategy).
  4. So we are getting back where I said maybe a year ago that the NZ beekeeping short time future is about who can win a war. Since discussions started about having a levy per kg of honey more bkpers show interest to shift their hives in manuka areas and even to give up(sell) on hives and non-manuka locations. Those who can make a bit of manuka honey will be safe what ever levy will be while others will try to fight voting for better solutions. If MPI will not sign off a percentage per kg of honey levy strategy(this is my understanding) then simply use the fixed levy per kg for manuka honey only. A $1-1.50/kg is reasonable I will say.
  5. I think it was discussed before however I can not remember the difference between bottom driven and top driven extractors - @tristan may have some good experience with them. Can someone give a feedback on the Lega radial 16 frames extractor? Thanks. PS - interesting that the Lega 12 frames radial is bottom driven extractor and $1000 more expensive than the Lega 16 frames radial top driven extractor. Are the bottom driven ones more stable? Can you operate them on a higher speed and get a better productivity?
  6. I agree that hobby sector is growing and many do not know the what and how as being novice. If we say that there should be a leading organization to represent all beekeepers then should not we expect a guidance/support from the organization towards the hobby sector too? Since the hobby/novice beekeepers generally are not timing the work correctly(lack of experience) they are considered a big risk for the industry(i.e. AFB, varroa reinfestation). Why not to have a step by step guide updated weekly and regionalised to support the hobby sector in maintaining healthy beehives? With such a support a correct management can be achieved on national level at the right time. Sure, there will be few who are not cooperative by nature however the whole industry will benefit from such a plan.
  7. @MikeyJBthis was a weak hive. For the next attempt you may want to combine 2 or more hives in one box - at least to have fully drown combs with brood and food - before you move it to the new location. Then a compulsory visit in two weeks to asses the development of the hive and add a new box accordingly. Then you can relax a bit. If you can not visit a new and unknown location on regular basis (your AKL experiment you say) then make a strong hive. You may want to set up a new and strong hive to replace this one and experiment the AKL winter. Note that the experiments are never cheap. One more. Next time set up you urban location with two hives instead of one.
  8. This is what I am talking about for years. Now we have MPI and all the bells and whistles so why not build an internet based marketing where everybody can sell their products as long as they comply with the rules. And I am not talking only beekeeping. Obviously I am not talking about rules that require million dollar investment - building, equipment ........
  9. @Alastair it looks like those bees are very excited about the Mahindra
  10. Is it possible that this hive is a "Rent a hive" kind? Hence only one hive so far from the beekeeper. Hmmm??? I do not see other reason to have only one hive so far.
  11. What part of AKL is that hive? I can have a look on Sunday if it is not too far from me - west AKL.
  12. Can smaller quantities(100-200g) be sold overseas? I heard of 1-2 big buyers but not sure if they bother with small quantities.
  13. Sheep are okay. Sloppy terrain is not so cool. - many types of work involved and for each it turns out you have to walk up and down the hill all the time - the hives facing the hill need cleaning the area in the front of the entries(not so often but .....) while those facing the valley will be more difficult to reach when they get tall There is always a bit of flat-ish area next to the pallet to rest a box. However it will be easier on a fully flat terrain. In this particular case I did not want to place the hives at the top of the hill because I will be in the way of the farmer while at the bottom of the hill are more trees(more shade and humidity in the winter).
  14. Do not take it so seriously @Philbee. Obviously it will not work that way. I just tried to point it out how silly is this traceability thing - fooling the consumer and expecting to fall for it.
  15. I apologize @frazzledfozzle but I just can not resist. @Don Maccan the Australians trace back every bottle of mango juice to the tree where the mango was grown on? Can they do the same thing for mango sorbet? When I will sell whole frames of honey - just pull it out of the hive and brush the bees off and place it in a vacuum bag(on site process) then take an instant picture about the hive(those cameras that print pictures) and put it on the product - YES there will be 101% traceability. We all know how the honey travels from the hive to the jar and the buyers in the shops are not stupid either. I have many ideas how to connect the producers with the consumers and not only however who want that? MPI? ApiNZ? Who want my levy?
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