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  1. @CHCHPaulyou marked them before their mating flight?
  2. Yes, 1/1 syrup. However not with all the sugar in from the beginning. Let say 100L water in -> start the pump -> add the sugar by 10-20 kg at the time. As I said earlier it will take longer to mix the syrup but you can do it indoor too. Meanwhile my petrol pump is ready(the new fittings are on) and I got some sugar today. I will try to do the mix on Sat, depending on the weather condition.
  3. On the box of this pump Al-Ko 7500 it says that it can transfer debris of 30mm in diameter. However you do not know till you try. For $130 is not a big burn into the wallet(and all the extras you need are a drum and a hard wall hose of 3 m long). The Al-Ko 12000 is $199 - it is a bit bigger......... and I guess it is stronger too. These pumps will go more silent however it will take longer to finish the mix.
  4. What a weekend, what a disaster. I managed to set up my thank/drum and the petrol pump. However the pump sounded a bit too noisy in the backyard of the townhouse so I put everything in the SW and went into the apiary. Sweet, rain started purring however a tough bkper never gives up. Pump on a pallet, drum on the other pallet, water in, sugar in gooooo. Big mistake. The returning pipe(50mm hard wall) was not secured properly and withing a couple of seconds it jumped out of the drum with the pump running. Also it was full of sugar/water so in fall to the ground and it broke down the plastic outlet fitting of the pump(that fitting came with the pump). No tap at the bottom of the drum so the sugar/water mix washed the pump inside and outside too. Maybe 5-10 kg of sugar left into the drum. A good intuition I had, by taking an extra pail of water in the car and while I managed to spill half of it on the ground the other half was just enough to wash everything down and put them into the car. Today I got few new fittings - quick coupling. I just saw in Mitre 10 Mega the Al-ko submersible electric water pump for $130 and it can transfer debris too.
  5. My urban hives are going very well, while the rural ones are starving and are small. No losses to varroa or their viruses. New staples doing their job.
  6. Maybe it is a silly question. But... Is AQ the only one company doing the RMP audits?
  7. Few of my ladies starved/died. In one case the queen was walking alone on the frame(maybe 50 bees in the hive). I have to feed next week. And the new staples are in so I want to see how they expand.
  8. Last weekend I managed to prepare the OA/GL mix with a bit of drama. My electric wok(I got it 12 years ago second hand for $5 to melt beeswax) just died so I had to hunt for something and within a couple of hours I got a brand new slow cooker(6.5L) from FB for $30. I am very happy with the deal however I have to admit the slow cooker method is ...... slow. It took me 2+ hours to have the OA melted. It was a bit cold in the backyard. There was no chance for the mix to get any near to boiling point so I am glad that all worked well. staples are soaking till next weekend. My hives are all good(staples lined up ass we learned the method from @Philbee). Now because you guys are saying my hives split the box too(brood upfront, stores in the back). Non of the hives are cranking but they are in a better shape than previous years with Bayvarol as autumn treatment. Very few hives a hungry-ish but they got some syrup 4 weeks ago and now they have some food in the nature(....if the rain stops). Interesting, that always I put the synthetic strips as per @Stoney's pic(square setup) and I was quite happy with that setup. I will try it next weekend with the staples too.
  9. Do it! It stays 10 weeks in the hive and it kicks in slower so it makes sense to start it now. Your friend can remove it in mid october and in november you will have a good hive for foraging. Meanwhile swarming control should be kept in mind too.
  10. @Neville what is the treatment you use?
  11. I used to have a damp site long time ago and everything got solved as soon as I switched to mesh floors. Good insulation at the top and even a small amount of bees will live happily. However a really small colony is worth to combine with what is available(strong or weak hive). There is no point to keep very small colonies from autumn till late spring and then blame the treatments and the weather. Therefore more colonies in an apiary make the beekeeper's job easier. With all that in mind it is never gonna be perfect. Meanwhile is time to make more juice for the spring staples. I plan a 50/50(3 kg/3 kg) solution and add in the left over from late autumn(that was made 35/65 ratio - 2-2.5L left).
  12. Aren't there water supplier companies? Keep a closed system of 2000-3000L and refill by the supplier. Not sure about the pricing.
  13. @kaihoka it may be the right time to move to EU if bkpers get financial help. On the other hand the Russian problem may be our gateway to sell package bees to them next year March-April. They may not pay as much like the Canadians, however we have lots of bees and any money is money.
  14. @Goran you are almost correct. This is the Wild, Wild, South. Just a poor copy of the W, W, West. When NZ was made all the rules were made in the favor of the white so the new settlers can not loose. Even these days if someone has invested money into a business the unwritten law will be on their site. The person with money can not loose - the most important rule in NZ. Compared to Eastern -Europe it is just a different type of corruption which keeps the small guys in a slavery lifestyle. And the unequal education system just makes it impossible to change.
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