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  1. @Mattrustyare there dead bees also on the bottom board too? Also do bees have their tongue out?(that is from poisoning) Few years ago I had one hive poisoned. There were lots of dead bees outside in the front of the hive and many others on the bottom board. Very few bees survived it. All those dead bees had their tongue out - poisoning. I didn't find out the source of poisoning. But the most interesting part was that the other 8 hives in the apiary were absolutely fine. No problems there - not even 2 or 3 dead bees on the bottom board. It was obvious that only one hive foraged
  2. Will the pharmaceutical grade bee venom production go under MPI too? I'm thinking about the requirements. Especially packaging.
  3. @Alastair the big vaporizer in the video you shared is available at Ecrotek. The price now is just under 5k + gst(it used to be higher, like 7k). We better stick to our sewing machines.
  4. @southbee that is bad news. Do you have to pay for the site? The good new is you can still get there with cross country skis.
  5. Let say tomorrow I buy 5x1kg of Manuka honey from the local Countdown made by Comvita. Since they are a big, legitimate company, why can't I send the honey overseas? Or am I missing something? It will be good if all this mess up will be sorted in a normal way. I will welcome the idea to have a smart code for each type of packed product we would like to sell(domestically or overseas). And linked to the seller. Have a small annual fee for that like $100/year to ensure people are not getting reluctant because of the high fee. Manuka honey(any grade) should not leave NZ
  6. I'll wait for the mentor and ask him/her to graft. If that is not an option and you said the room around the hive is limited I'll go plan B. I'll do a Demaree setup(1 bottom board; 1 lid; 1 queen excluder; 4-5 boxes; and the relevant frames + bees etc). Its a straight forward method. Queen into the bottom box with 2 frames of capped brood + empty frames, preferably drawn comb but I used new frames in past too. Cover with queen excluder. Second box, frames with capped brood in center at the sides honey and pollen frames. Third box empty frames. In your case maybe fourth box same as third.
  7. @backyardbeesif you don't get a queen or cell then you need lots of young bees in the queenless split. I always move the queenright colony few meters away, and I leave the queenless split in its place so the drifting bees will boost it. Shake lots of young bees(from the frames with larvae) into the split, add frames with capped brood and only one frame with the right age of larvae/fresh eggs. Check the split in 3-4 days and remove all queen cells except 2. And leave it alone for 2 weeks. However in your case I'll do something different. Ask your mentor to graft
  8. @ChrisMyou are right with the process you use. This time I was lucky because the weather was not too bad and there was not too much moisture. I think the key is to NOT have sticky staples and this is what I got. Dry-ish surface while you can feel the mix inside the staples. A couple of years ago when I made my first staples I used Phil's recommendation to press the mix out of the staples. With that method the surface of the staples were still wet(not that sticky but still wet and less mix per staple). With my method I ended up with few extra staples(I didn't measure the mix
  9. The staples got a bit drier(nothing sticky) and today's weather was awesome too, so all went into the hives. No drone brood to open and check for mites. No mite test either.
  10. I got finished my first round of staples this season. For how long do you guys dry your staples for?
  11. In AKL area you can add a new box and give some sugar syrup. See if they take it. Don't split for 1-1.5 months yet.
  12. @jamescI suppose you'll contact AQ to send an AP2 there.
  13. My understanding, from what I read years ago, about the "Ware quilt" is that the shaving has to be replaced every year. Also with the polystyrene you have to replace it after a while(not every year - but depends how fast gets damaged by the ants).
  14. If its a double then reverse the 2 boxes and a week later add a new box on top(only if there is no room for the bees in the double). The outcome is that you win some time till mid/second half of September. Also those who have a small number of hives can remove a frame from position 1 or 10 and replace it with a simplicity frame(no wire, no foundation). The bees(if they are in a good number) will build fresh comb there(only brood cell) and the queen will lay it fully. Depending on how fast this will happen it'll indicate how strong and healthy the colony is(also weather can influence
  15. Thank you @Otto and @Alastair. They said it'll be 2 weeks. I'll get in touch @Alastairif there will be further delay in supply.
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