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  1. Also remembering that each time you go in to a hive there is the risk of accidently killing the queen. Even the best of beekeepers can crush a queen while shifting frames etc and the risk is raised significantly for inexperienced beekeepers.Because of this I go into my hives only when absolutely necessary. She only has to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you then have another more major problem to deal with.
  2. They seem to think they had arrived in the last 2 days. This is a badly run down weather board house as well.
  3. Hi all and does anyone know of a good method for baiting a hive out of a wall without pulling off gib etc. Friends down the road phoned to say there were bees coming out of there wall. There is a 20mm hole in the wall where an old cistern overflow pipe had been and the bees are coming out of there. I was wondering if putting a hive on a stand and running a 20mm pipe from the wall directly into a hive with old frames and sugar feed may be the go. Has anyone tried something similar before and had any luck. There are some people who say use a bait box with a new queen but I was hoping to bait the
  4. Same here in Huntly. I am finding the wax moth seem to be everywhere and even the slightest bit of debri on the floor of a hive becomes full of grubs and eggs. We have just gone through swapping all bases with others and giving them a thorough roasting with the blow torch before putting them back on. Bloody nasty destructive things.
  5. As stated this is a very rare occasion but it seems that the frames are designed perfectly to have a bee free cavity built in to each one and if a grub can get in there they can multiply significantly without bees bothering them at all. I am not saying this is common but in this one hive I have seen it happen. If left I believe they may have got a good hold and eventually forced the bees out but I wasnt going to wait to see. Maybe I am wrong and they may have found a way to get to them but from what I could see in this case they couldnt.
  6. Yeah and that may be the case but in my 4yrs I have not ever seen this before but I do believe it is possible. If these grubs had managed to spin enough webbing in the middle of this hive the bees could never get in to stop the growth. Just because you have never seen something it doesnt make it not so. Also the hive would not die, the bees would have just absconded. Also as an after thought I have read in different books about wax moth over running a strong hive so maybe other people have seen this before.
  7. I would take exception to this belief that only a near dead hive can be over run by waxmoth. I have gone into a good strong hive full of bees and right in the middle of the hive, have found frames where wax moth trails were obvious. I lifted them out and cut away the comb to find 2 very large grubs who were tunneling straight across the centre of a honey frame and the bees although knowing they were there, couldnt get to them. The moment I made enough of a gap for them to be exposed to the bees, they were furiously at them .I believe that if this had gone unchecked, they could have slowly forc
  8. Are these countries also asking that everyone pay an exorbitant fee to a bunch of fat cats who do nothing other than shuffle papers. If the true associated costs were what you paid, no one would mind but all government departments seem to find an opportunity to get there hooks in and then let you have it with both barrels. The fact that there is a lack of transparency when ever it comes to the fees we pay in every aspect of our lives means we can be merrily bled to death and we should always just believe that it is just the way it has to be. There does seem to be this mentality in this country
  9. Oh great another tax! One would be forgiven these days for thinking that the governments of today and all of its associated departments , council included have been given the green light on finding as many ways possible to tax the population to death. Even taxing them repeatedly for the same things and hoping that people are to stupid to notice the difference. A bit like having a noose around your neck and some over paid politician swinging on the end of the rope.
  10. Nothing ever changes in the bee keeping world and the multitudes of conflicting info. I have only read that research into the use of OA has shown to have no detrimental effects on the bees in vapor form but does impact them to a degree when dribbled over them and ingested.
  11. I would wait until the hives start building up in Spring and just do a walk away split. As for the OA, that is the only treatment I use and I would just Vapor treat them and count the Varroa fall the next day rather than bother sugar shaking them at this time of year. If the count is high just do another 2 or 3 treatments a week apart and monitor the numbers each week. Kind to the bees and very effective.
  12. I myself have only ever done away with 2 queens and this has only been due to them not laying. Both times they were queens that had started laying well and then just stopped due to not being mated properly. I dont have it in me to kill my old, good queens so generally if a queen is starting to get old I just make a split from the hive so that I can keep the genes from that hive going and in most cases the old queen and hive will sort them selves out and if not you can always combine with the split or manipulate the hive to form a new queen. In most cases you will go into the hive one day and t
  13. Yeah and same here. I will never get used of the horrible feeling you get when you hear the crunch of some poor bee who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and although I like to keep my bee keeping as hands off as possible , that is not the only reason I dont sugar shake. It is just totally unnecessary when doing oxalic treatments. I will do my treatments in the usual manner for 4 to 5 weeks and then on the last treatment wait till the next morning for the results of the drop and this method hasnt failed me as yet. I find it equally as accurate if not more than sugar shaking the poor lit
  14. I myself never sugar shake my bees and I dont believe I ever will. I have for the last 2 seasons only used Oxalic vapor as my only treatment and I have seen a significant drop in hive losses since I have gone down this road. I find if I treat my hives and place a sticky board beneath the mesh floor, the next morning an accurate count can be made from what is on the paper. I still dont get why anyone who is using oxalic vapor would then find the need to stuff bees into a jar of sugar to see how many varroa are left.
  15. Yeah and that seems to be the way it works within my hives. I have nearly all wood and wax frames but have the odd plastic one that came with hives I had purchased while getting my numbers up and the bees seem to hate them. Some they will draw up so far when they start getting short of room but the moment the option of a pure wax frame comes along they prefer to leave them and draw up the wax ones. As much as I hate making frames up and wiring them I would rather stick to something that the bees prefer.I dont think they leave them because they arent waxed properly as some of these frames are d
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