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  1. Thankyou for the replies. Dam thought it would be a nice way to store boxes over the winter instead of cluttering my shed.
  2. Have emerging Queens. How long can I leave them in the hive? They are in protective cages. Next question is if I put the wets back on above a hive mat with a hole in for the bees to clean. Can I leave them there all winter? Cheers Tony
  3. Four K for an extracter? How big is that etc. Link to the site perhaps?
  4. Hi, we now have a facebook page. Eastern Bay of Plenty Beekeepers Club. For general sharing of information.
  5. Hi. Do you just thaw the honey when you want it. How long would it take to crytalise Cheers Tony
  6. Their new home is 14ks away so thats not a problem. I need a queenless hive anyway.
  7. All year I have been hoping for a swarm. Lo and behold I got one. But sadly it is in the wall of a house I am selling. was hoping to vacuum as many bees as I can before have to kill them off. Can I just start a box and add to it daily as I collect more of the bees or will they fight as I add more. Cheers Tony
  8. trying to figure out how to use these for queen rearing. can I place them ontop of a hive and using the excluder. Put a queen cell in and will the bees tend to it. Or do do I need to go through the whole procedure of adding brood and frames of bees before adding a queen cell? Cheers Tony
  9. Hi. I have a queen I would like to breed from. But can never find her. The first time I saw her I reached for my marking pen and she had disappeared never to be seen again. I have searched and searched for her for months. There is always heaps of brood and the bees are so docile. What would be the best method to carry on the line? I was thinking maybe just wreck a brood frame as my hands are not steady enough I feel for grafting. Cheers Tony
  10. In answer to Dave Black my count was once again below the minimum and I live in the Whakatane area.
  11. Thanks Grant and Gavin, Yes we are exploring those options. I should have stated that we are situated in Kawerau and I know there are a lot of hobbyists in this area. So somewhere communal would help us all perhaps.
  12. As I have stated before my bees have totally caught me by suprise After taking a box of honey off of most of my hives and franticlly building more boxes and frames my hives are now five boxes high. This after having waited all last season to get one box. I have read and searched everywhere for someone that takes smaller lots of honey to no avail. So was wondering if we could set up a kitchen that meets the criteria would people be interested in using the facilities for a fee of course or investing in such a venture. We feel we have most of the equipment already on a small manual scale. Comments and ideas gratefully accepted thanks.
  13. If you were closer I would certainly be in Fiona but I think freight would be too high. Will Arataki and check them out
  14. @Trevor Gillbanks wife sells awesome stencils. I mark all my boxes with mine.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I got caught out badly this year. Last year I barely got one box of honey off eight hives. This year I have had six boxes of. honey from the same hives. Now I have to race to put together more wood ware. Have also from those same hives have helped a mate create an apiary. So have taken about eighteen splits off them.
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