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  1. I have a hive with a self-generated Queen which is at least 10 days old ( the date she was first seen in the hive) She is not yet laying. At what stage (time) do I give up on her and replace her. I was about to do that today as I had not seen her for 10 days and there were no eggs etc but at the last moment she decide to make an apprearnce and confound me. Comments from sages appreciated
  2. Does anyone have any experience using one of these Foggers and in particular knowledge of a source of ethanol ? Is there a reason that isopropyl alcohol or methylated sprits cannot be used? I am informed 25 grams of Oxalic acid to 100 ml alcohol is standard? Comments appreciated
  3. I gather by drying the wax you mean it gets dessicated/dehydrated in the freezer ? I gather that is why the wax becomes very brittle ? So if you put this dry wax back in the hive the next season do the bess use it as is or totally lull it to bits and rebuild it?
  4. At the end of last season I put about 50 frames in an old chest freezer (running ) and left about the same number sitting in the garage in supers. I had a look at them all today. The frames in the freezer are ant/ wax moth free but the comb is dry and flakes easily.........possibly been dehydrated. the question is should I put theses frames into hives this season as is or scrape them off , hot wash them and rewax them????? The frames that were not in the freezer are not in a good state..will try and attach some pics. Ants have had a field day, cockroaches are rife and it looks
  5. Thanks for the comment..Totally dont agree with feeding prophylactic antibiotics I have read the article YEBUT posted and have concluded I will stick with Sucrose
  6. Thanks, I think the general concensus is that it is best to stick with what works..appreciate the input
  7. Many Thanks for the Article ..I will digest over the weekend..
  8. Thanks for the comments. I am not sure if my full post could be seen but it regarded the feeding of Corn Syrup (Glucose Syrup ) as opposed to Sugar (sucrose)Syrup. The term strong was misleading. I have had a poor summer too , not harvesting a lot of honey, and still leaving quite a bit in the hives. The surplus I left in the hives is already disappearing and I do need to feed the hives and nucs. is I want them to get through to Spring. One of my concerns was about the possibility of insecticide resides in the Corn Syrup which have been suggested to contribute to Colony collapse .
  9. Can anyone refer me to some definitive information regarding the pros /cons of each as it pertains to a hobbyist Bee-keeper keeping hives and nucs. strong through to Spring ?
  10. I don't think it is difficult to calculate the correct dose /amount to apply to a strip ..the issue is whether it is coated or impregnated
  11. Good point.......coated or impregnated..I would suspect coated
  12. I have access to Amitraz and want to put some strips into my nucs. Has anyone got any information on a way to put 500 mgm of Amitraz onto a strip in a slow release form...or maybe I should just dig deep and buy Apivar . I am tempted to put 500 mgm onto a blotting paper strip and see what happens..ideas anyone
  13. Thank-you all.enough info............. to say Ill give it a go
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