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  1. Bees

    Manuka fail

    Yes I agree. The EPW are much easier to put in - they are just slightly shorter as well. Be interesting to see what the bees do to them. I went to one hive this week which had had the old single thread staples in for a couple of months and half of the floorboard was covered in white fluff - looked like snow. Other hives - also with the older strips - looked like the bees had physically hauled the whole staple out the front of the hive and bits of chewed up staple and threads are lying around - looked they had been having a party!!
  2. Bees

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I always prick drone brood to check for varroa and it’s definitely showing up in every hive I have checked around town - though in low numbers and these hives haven’t seen staples up to now. Guaranteed every hive which hasn’t been treated around town will have varroa multiplying . I am hoping that the staples will help me stave off the interlopers from untreated hives.
  3. Bees

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Must be getting close to the end of page 99 🌞
  4. Bees

    Science fair project ideas

    How about collecting pollen over a period of time and getting data from that?
  5. Bees

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    @Ali are you still looking into getting any uncappers? I would definitely be interested in 3 if that can be added to an order? Not actually sure if there is one .....
  6. Bees

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    Impressive !
  7. Bees

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    Thanks yes I got that @Daley . But how can NZ Beekeeping Inc takeover from ApiNZ. How would that work? What are the logistics? Does voting No to the levy remove ApiNZ? I figure not - so if the NO vote was successful - how does the Industry move on?
  8. Bees

    Bearding pics

    No I had been there a couple of days before. Checked it again after seeing it like this as I had never quite seen this amount of bearding before. It is definitely the heat doing it. Looked really daunting - bees are quiet as - mellow bees, one of my new season queens going for it. Will be splitting hive next week to raise a few more.
  9. Bees

    Bearding pics

    The hive was actually fine - I had taken honey off and replaced frames - just bloody hot!
  10. Bees

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    So really what options are there - vote yes for levy. Or vote no. Is there any other option? Not voting is not an option. If one voted NO to ApiNZ - then what happens - ApiNZ still will be in control and we workers are going nowhere.? - I am a small fry in the commercial world and I personally lean towards NZ Beekeepers Inc. but what would they be able to do differently regarding Research? If there ain’t no money in the pot then no one can do anything - I do understand that. And I can absolutely see the need to get our act together and get our own research. It’s hard to know who to trust because everyone seems to have their own agenda.
  11. Bees

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    with all this expensive research equipment out there - and the work Peter Molan etc have done on Manuka - does this mean that researching other honeys will be faster/easier to do? Because of the experience already built up and newer technology out there? I am curious to know how long it would take to research one type of honey - say for example Honey Dew. Would it take a year or longer for researchers to tell us what’s so special about it? And is there anyway a cost could be applied to the research? I guess I am being too simplistic - but it would be very cool to focus on one honey type per year for research. After 5 years we could have another 5 unique quality honeys we could market to the world. (In my dreams)
  12. Bees

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    I was of the impression that banks don’t like to lend money to beeks - if there is no other security the beeks can offer.. Hives die out and an empty hive is worth firewood and as most beeks don’t own the land the bees are on - the banks won’t lend. The only security they have in honey in the drum and we know the joke about that worth.
  13. Bees

    Pollen and nuclear bombs?

    I haven’t tried that either
  14. Did you know? If you collected all the airborne pollen above the USA in peak season, heaped it up and set fire to it, the energy released would be similar to the yield of a small nuclear bomb. Data and images taken from https://what-if.xkcd.com/97/'Burning Pollen,' by Randall Munroeid the above taken from a Dave Black link - i never knew that pollen was so flammable.
  15. Bees

    Bearding pics

    Just in case - sunshine or rain