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  1. Has anyone seen a “pre swarm” indicator where the bees swarm out of the hive - cluster close to hive then all move back to the hive? I know it’s happened on some of my hives and I can go through hive and sort out swarm cells. i have arrived to a hive to have bees completely covering the outside of 3 box hive. I figure the Queen had chosen not to depart (yet) so the bees come back to the hive.
  2. I have had a mixed result with my hives and staple treatments- though on the whole I am pretty happy - I have hives pumping with 3-4 boxes of bees and brood and then others that have shrunk down and not made it. I started using staples beginning of last season. Of my dead hives I am wondering if the older wax frames are the culprits- I figure there is residue of older treatments in the wax and that might cause some of the problems?
  3. Oops I’m showing my lack of technology skills Swedish McDonald stores have McHives - they are promoting bee awareness. Imagine trying to clean that up
  4. A new slant on drive ins
  5. That Bee Gate is interesting @AdamD. I would like to see the supposed varroa drop from it. Didn’t see a single varroa in that video.
  6. @CHCHPaul - I try to separate out the burr wax and just send rim and frame scrapings. It’s a good way to clean up your gear over winter.
  7. @glenPaterson - I have known of a few people who react to propolis - but usually beeks get the reaction when they take the lid off the hive and you get that fantastic waft (hopefully!) from the hive of propolis tang. If it reacts to your hands when you touch i5 - how about when you just open the top of the hive - your face doesn’t react? i love propolis mats. I use Arataki, I have only 150 or so hives and I make about $3000 a year by changing the mats - usually about 3 x a season. Helps pay for my holidays. Every part of the season seems different re percentage of propo
  8. Thanks for that Phil. I have checked with hobbyist and we are thinking that possibly he set light to one of the frames as it may have been in contact with the vapouriser. I have seen that vapes can cause heat issues in a hive if you don’t open the entrance wide enough to allow the vape plate enough room not to be wedged on the floor or against frames when it’s smoking. He is going to do full check in next few days to confirm..
  9. To check for mite drop - I believe. I I had never thought about it myself but I guess it’s a lot less invasive compared to alcohol test It’s a fact that beeks will keep “playing” with the tools they have. It is still a learning curve with the staples. I suspect he might have had a 3/4 box on and staple hanging down below caused it. It’s Lee here Phil. I just thought I should post what happened with one of the hobbyists.. It wasn’t something I covered when I introduced the staples to the club.
  10. A hobbyist down here set his hive on fire the other day. He put staples in a few weeks ago and then last week went and used a vaporiser on the hive. The Vaporiser heated up staple hanging down between the frames and it caught fire. It was only when the beek removed the blocking on the hive after the treatment did he realise - as smoke was billowing out. So just a precautionary tale. - be careful when vaping a hive when you have staples in.. Luckily he had a supply of water to dowse it with
  11. Thanks - but why does it take so long - surely the results will already be known by the powers that bee’
  12. When are the results of the Levy coming through? I thought There would have been a majority voting online and the closing date was last week. Why does it take so long to get the results?
  13. Thank you so much @npomeroy and @DaveBlack - that explains quite a lot though now I am interested in what DAVE Black said about Royal Jelly not being a Bumblebee ‘thing’ .
  14. In the event of a No I would be prepared to pay a levy for research. Just run by the Beekeepers for the Beekeepers . I did vote No.
  15. My question to ponder on today....I thought someone out here might have an idea.. Bees poo ‘on the wing’. . Do they also sometimes poo when sitting foraging on flowers? I have thought it is mainly when they are flying but I don’t know. I have had pissy bees ####e on me occasionally over the years when I’ve upset them but I can’t say I have ever seen a bee naturally ‘doing its thing’. Mid flight.. And im talking about healthy bees not one with nosema or disease.etc. AND then to BUMBLEBEES - can anyone tell me do Bumblebees poo - like honeybees - I.e
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