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  1. @dansar yeah I ended up doing that works great !
  2. Here’s my Setup , made it a few weeks ago , took 2 hours roughly to fit together , haven’t tested it out as of yet with Sugar Syrup but seems to pump water like it’s going out of fashion, pretty simple made it for under $800 inc pump , need to get a Mate if mine to engineer a Forklift frame for the tank also so I can adjust the pump to tank Distance to make it more compact which would require the tank lifted Level with the pump inlet , as you can see from the photo it is on an angle so extends hose length. Also brought a hose reel (only Fire hose reel) for cheap that would get fitted soon as t
  3. pink eye in drones suggests inbreeding!Drones are blind and are useless for mating.Lots of dead larvae in cells,possibly PMS,sac brood in cell at bottom left corner.Always check hive for AFB.
  4. ThomasR

    Hanging swarm

    your nuts m8 haha
  5. Yes mine get a small Flow
  6. i got called up by a beekeeper who was wanting to employe me he has 1200 Nucs and cages 80 queens a day also running production hives for honey lol
  7. i think they are better at Queen rearing as they have more of a steady hand than most us blokes,the lifting part of beekeeping i think we may have the upper hand a little im not to sure whats your opinions ?
  8. you have already ordered bees from the North Canterbury bee club ? why are you looking else were ? they will come just give them a little time
  9. emergency cells are poor queens , swarm queen cells are poor and only cause that trait to come through in your genetics and superceedures are the best much like grafted cells
  10. im sorry but the amount of hives i have seen with varroa related issues commercial and through commercial beekeepers this season i will have to say that judging by the amount of brood and bees present you may loose that hive, its possible even if you treat it .
  11. could ya do one on the hand holds in the boxes ?
  12. how many boxes dipped at one time ?
  13. we used Hive alive in our 2000 hives, it seems to help but for the price i would rather stay clear anyone else given it a whurl ?
  14. ThomasR

    Wax Dipper

    could i have more Photos of this Wax Dipper as the North Canterbury Bee club is looking at making one and i would like to design one for them :)
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