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  1. Hello - What do people think about using purple as a hive colour. We have found some cheap purple acrylic paint and were wondering if it is a good colour for bee boxes? what do people think.Thanks
  2. Thanks, we are hobby chaps, most are fully capped, 85% of frames are fully capped and the rest are about 75/80% capped. Still okay?? thanks
  3. Full depth boxes, swapped them just to keep a step ahead a case they had swarming ideas?
  4. Hello, about to do honey extraction, not all frames are full, probably 80-90%, how full do they need to prevent fermentation? Thanks.
  5. Hello, some frames have good pattern, some are spotty, others have hatched but not yet layed in leaving gaps. Had approx four and a half frames in bottom box, five to six in the top, so swapped them around.
  6. They were both cups and cells starting to well develope, thanks.
  7. Hello, Have a hive that re-queened itself and noticed new queen starting to lay last month the 14/11/2015. Hive is not strong, wouldn't be overcrowded, noticed today four queencells with eggs only, no royal jelly or larve. Some at top and middle of frame, some near bottom bar. Have plenty of honey and pollen. This is the first time I have noticed cells since re-queening. Just wondered if maybe these bees don't like this new queen and are trying to supercede? What do you think?
  8. We left two frames of capped brood in bottom box with queen each time we Dameered hive, but in seven days queen has produced more brood and queen cells.
  9. Tried it on three hives, one was very strong, another good average, another bit weaker. This method must have shocked the good average hive queen into stopping laying, this set this hive back, have since raise another queen from it, too weak now, do not expect any honey crop from this hive this year. The weaker hive has recovered some what, still bit weak, may get one box of honey from this hive, the strong hive has just about filled three boxes now. It didn't save us time, we still had to go through the hives every seven days to remove brood frames to the top box and remove queen cells in bot
  10. Topic split from NZBF: - Demaree swarm control we tried the demaree method on some of our hives but unfornatley it set back the hives to much and wasnt effective. It might work for you but certainley didnt work for us. Maybe we didnt do it right or maybe it was the season we had but it wasnt to much of a success for us. The method could work well in some situations though. We find that making splits is the best method to control swarming in spring and once the hives are split they seem to stop throwing queencells which saves a lot of time in having to do swarmcell checks.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a fellow beekeeper here with a two brood box hive, he removed one brood box and placed one box of foundation between brood box one and two, no queen excluder used at all. He found this successful for swarm control. Have you ever tried this? Or had any success with it? Thanks.
  12. Hello, have considerd raising me own queens; have wondered about placing a frame or two of fresh eggs with honey and pollen frames also, above an excluder away from queen below and removing into nuc box once queen cells are sealed or placing these frames with bees into seperate nuc box initially. Some folk have suggested this is okay, books I have read have poo hooed the idea as they are liable to draw out emergency queens which are regarded as inferior queens. Has anybody tried this? What results?
  13. Has any one opened a pack of bayvarol, used half, resealed the rest and used later on. Would this be safe to do or would it affect the effectiveness of the strips? Any one know if it would still work after it had been resealed? Thanks
  14. just wondering about using macrocarpa boxes because they have natruall persavitive in them. Does anyone know how long they last in the weather before they rot??
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