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  1. My wife told me tonight that they said they have just upgraded their rules about bringing in honey. It will be interesting to see if it is just Brisbane or all ports.
  2. My wife has had a declared jar of creamed honey taken off her this morning at Brisbane Airport. They told her only liquid honey now as they want to see through it.
  3. With plum trees they graft a pollinator on to it, I don't know about apples etc.
  4. I used to have hives in Oratia many moons ago and my number one problem was wasps.
  5. Trevor are the mites falling in small areas or evenly over the whole sticky board
  6. Years ago they used to just do the hives and you would never know that they have been until you get a phone call to say that you should have left a message on your nuc's with queens cages in them. They never said sorry about your lost queens only what the law said what they can do. Last year I got a phone call to say that they wanted to look through my hives, no problem.
  7. Today I watched a wasp take to a dead wasp and take its body away. I just wish they get a taste for them and not the bees.
  8. I once had a hive like that, the varroa count wasn't that high, a few bees with dwv and a lot of bees dragging their back legs. I gave them a varroa treatment and requeened the hive and it hasn't looked back.
  9. A hive that is queenless for some time doesn't take a new queen, what I do is put a caged queen in and top up the candy for 3-4 days then take the queen cage tab off and leave the hive alone for 10 days.
  10. Last autumn I had a robbing problem and found the queen on the ground getting balled, picked her up and put her in the hive put a robbing board on and she hasn't looked back.
  11. I got out of beekeeping for a while and when i took it up again they gave me my old number when I registered my apiary.
  12. Just a thought, how strong is the smell from the wood, may be to strong in the hive.
  13. Many moons ago I had a plastic super and three plastic frames given to me to try out, the plastic super was always wet with condensation even in the middle of summer and the bees never worked the frames. I have never tried plastic again.
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