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  1. They're probly more likely to be struck by lightening
  2. We've got no choice if we acept these standards or not there's no laws on hive placement, im not here for arguements mate I'm just stating my veiw on this
  3. And how is this site affecting you in your day to day life kiwifruiter... you guys should all hire a bus and head to wairarapa for a day trip yard ethics,gentlemen's agreements and hive placement ended years ago this is just the start as you would already no
  4. Im probably gonna get blasted for this but here goes, i can't see anything wrong with this surely if there was issue's they wouldn't bee there, no ones breaking the law. Would you be happy if someone was posting photos of your yards online Rob ?im not associated with these sites and wouldn't have a clue who's they are but i reckon digging at companys sites etc is not gonna solve hawkes bays issues ,why not approach them and raise your concerns I certainly would
  5. Your danevirke friends bren
  6. That yards a baby go down wairarapa most yards 60 plus
  7. I think the problems the old school commercial beekeepers turning blind eyes, not passing down knowledge ,not helping hobbiests out, not supporting interested people ,claiming large patches of countryside and so forth they seem to be the only ones groveling
  8. I no of hives in way worse states that do get checked regularly lol
  9. No I just do manuka pollination Chase the Apple honey
  10. Check the d Max out 90 3/4 singles
  11. I've seen way worse and people not get fired if that makes you feel any better...
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