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  1. Alcohol Wash Bottles

    Also I'm really keen to discuss further on your counting every hive, perhaps another topic though.
  2. Alcohol Wash Bottles

    Good thinking tough Dennis I think it actually suits having it called the Crowley cup, I'll call it that from now on also, @Dennis Crowley
  3. Alcohol Wash Bottles

    Sorry no I didn't see your post it took me nearly a day to write that one I kept getting interrupted, I was referring to original post sorry for confusion. But this looks good I showed wifey a picture and she went to cupboard and said like this? She had them for a good year I have never seen it and apparently uses it all the time, what's that saying about me 🙄. Will try that one though. The varroa check one I think the biggest issue is the ribs that hold the cup interrupts the swirling and also when tipping the method out I get a swirl on which picks up the mites so the don't stick to the side. On a side note has anyone got any ideas for a shaking table portable that can hold four cups?
  4. Alcohol Wash Bottles

    I've used that same jar for over five years I solder/weld the lids together they last a bit longer and use stainless floor board mesh, however with daily use I have switched to the ones you get from NZ beeswax, though they have some down falls to but they seem to last longer I'm sick of repairing the home-made jars. I haven't done a sugar shake for some years for couple reasons one A/W is more accurate and its way faster and honestly cleaner, if you're worried about killing bees 300 bees its nothing compared to the 2000 odd eggs a queen will lay in a day and you get to see what's actually going on in the hives. I was going to A/W all my hives this year but some change of circumstances has set me back so now I am going to do only my queen breeders and drone producers on every visit, hopefully I will find some hives handling varroa. As far as meths go I buy it 4 Ltr a time I probably use 12 ltrs a year maybe bit more I recycle it buy pouring the washed stuff with mites though a tea strainer then bang the mites into a white board to count this way it doesn't matter how dirty the meths is you just save it all and top up when you need more.
  5. Avocado Pollination Questions

    Down our way we can get two kiwifruit pollinations in the same time the avos are flowering so that sets the price really which is generally why I don't do avos cause they cant afford it, I would say $200-$250 would be a reasonable price, you also need to think if you could be getting honey elsewhere how much honey could you get 30kg? at $10 kg = no brainer however will you get a crop in the avos on top? and if your looking for a income you can budget on year in year out what is that worth?, however Manuka changes that, and that's why there's still people chasing the golden egg and not pollinating.
  6. Avocado Pollination Questions

    I actually leave hives in a local avo orchard all year round, there is a really nice warm sheltered corner in this orchard and the bees do very well, I have had no issues with spray the owner is responsible its a win win situation for us I get a awesome site plus some avos and he gets pollination and honey.
  7. Synthetic free

    Ok so its a question i Have been wondering for a while i am curious how many Beekeepers out there are synthetic free these days, whether commercial or not. perhaps what you are doing to achieve this
  8. Beehive Frame Cleaning - YouTube

    Clean your frames like a pro. Save money by recycling your old frames. Less mess and better results. This prototype frame cleaning machine creates a more eff...
  9. I have approx. 80 to 100 second hand poly nucs NO BEES gear only, surplus gear we don't use anymore and might as well go to use, exact quantities I'm not sure I would need to have a good count up, there are frames and or bars made up for most of them, had no AFB in them but to be sure the nucs could possibly be rinsed in bleach. On the most part they are in good used condition, we probably did three maybe four seasons with them. They are all painted various different colours. Haven't set a price yet just seeing if theres any intrest for them they just sitting in my shed. I will try get some photos and the exact amounts I have.
  10. I'm after a screw press to try out but if anyone has one to get rid of I'd be interested in it.
  11. Ok sorry if this is covered somewhere already, just trying to find info on this but coming up short I have heard figures but just want to confirm, So really I want to know how much honey it takes a hive to draw out a frame roughly.
  12. Ok just putting some feelers out there, An opportunity has become available as my main man is moving on so am looking for someone to replace that position. It is a commercial operation approx 1000 hives doing kiwifruit pollination, and mainly Manuka honey production, There are long hours at times including night work but generally over the year you will average 45 hours/week, weekends off except for a few during pollination, flexible time off, Re numeration will reflect experience of person, Ideal person would be 1-2 years experience, class 2 license physically fit, good positive attitude, able to work alone when required, Start time can be immediately, Any inquires just PM me.
  13. Workshop Saftey

    Had a real close call today and fell i should share the lesson, I was making up a Recipe to put in my sugar syrup and long story short the jar containing alcohol and thymol cracked when removing from the water bath spilling on the gas flame, within seconds flames where up to the ceiling, I wasted no time and grabbed the extinguisher from the other end of shed, smoke alarms where already bleating, hoping extinguisher it would go (hasn't been checked for awhile) Buy the time i got back to the fire the smoke was getting thick ceiling was going black, and had various things on the table including the table starting to go, I reckon i would have had less than a minute and it would have been beyond me and buy the time the fire brigade would have got to us there would have been no saving it, The shed contains all our honey box's, tools spear gear, living quarters above, basically everything. So lesson don't do what i was doing inside, but mainly make sure smoke alarms and extinguisher are up to date and while your there check your first aid kit.
  14. @tom sayn can you tell me how you are doing your formic under the mesh please im keen to try it from that angle also or if you have already explained it somewhere can you point me to the topic, cheers.