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  1. I think the secret is to use only enough wire heating to embed the foundation. In my experience any more than this causes the wire to expand too much and loose all the benefits of tight wiring!
  2. As in hypodermic syringe? With a fairly large bore needle I would guess?
  3. Yup.... did the same for years with an old teaspoom. No mods and I found it a lil messy. Might re-visit with a larger spoon, shaped to pour more accuratly
  4. good idea! Now I gotta brush up on my foundry skills... build a propane fired melter!
  5. Anyone experimented with a lamp dimmer to regulate the heat of a soldering iron for running melted wax into the groove to secure their foundation? Any ideas or experiments described would be most welcome! This inspired by the discovery today of sagging foundation
  6. Hey guys... I have a couple of 12v diesel glowplugs surplus to automotive needs. Has anyone tried incorporating one of these in the base of their smoker?
  7. Yay! New season, and wattle has started blooming in the Sth Waikato. Bees are active during the warmer part of the day, but still far too early to open them up. All feel reasonably heavy with a trial loft at the rear of the hive.
  8. Will be an interesting experiment John. Not too sure how the division of labour will work though. Good luck with the outcome!
  9. I hear ya Pbee. I am confused by the number of "late" swarms too.
  10. Guys! I think, that until the legislation actually defines a frame for the keeping of bees in a hive, we are all beating up on something which has no solution! Maybe MAF should take a trial prosecution to the courts?
  11. Well.... at least it's not six metres up in a willow tree! One of the more unusual resting swarm configurations I guess
  12. Wow! I feel better about our bees, knowing that there are people like you Behavn, looking after their interests. I can relate tou your early experience with bees too! I don't remember myself, but my mother often told me of the time when about the same age as you, I chased (followed) a white butterfly through the boundary fence, and into the neighbour's field, where I found a few white boxes, with much more interesting buzzy things to examine! Well fifty three stings later... lol.
  13. have some from last season still hanging on the flax, so will give these a go...
  14. katikati swarm looks to be a prime swarm! Congratulations
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