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  1. I note that coming onto the market are a number of remote hive monitoring applications. These are designed to enable beekeepers to log in and download what is going on within their hives remotely. Some of the companies offering these products include www.hivekeepers.com www.broodminder.com www.soultionbee.com etc etc Different products offer a range of data and when part of a total package which includes a set of scales can provide additional information such as the fluctuating weight of a hive. The costs as you can imagine vary depending on the make or mode
  2. So one of my hives has been hit hard with varroa and after some heavy treatment, it has weakened the hives ability to defend itself against robbing. I have moved the hive and also blocked the entrance for the past 3 days. I have also introduced several frames of emerging brood and bolstered numbers with some other bees. Last night after dark I drilled two small holes to allow one to two bees to enter and exit at a time. This morning a band of hooded robbers have arrived and already challenging the integrity of the small holes. I know that I will have to have some faith in the hives
  3. On the topic of Jenter, is it common for the queen to stop laying altogether when confined to the Jenter box? I have had my queen in there for 24 and she has not started laying despite the kit being prepped and drawn out. She is accompanied by a number of nurse bees. And secondly how long would you leave her confined before releasing her back into the hive (obviously if she has laid then its no-brainer)
  4. I did open the sealed one to find one very dead queen. She hadn't really developed and was very small and black in colour.
  5. An update on my attempts. Th last attempt with the Jenter kits has yielded 13 cells, which i am chuffed about to be honest, as i only was needing six. I have attached a photo of the cells that i recovered from the hives tonight. The were due to emerge on Thursday. I can clearly see four have emerged, one definitely hadn't and the other one..... well i am hoping that she has emerged and her cell has been chewed down by the nurse bees. I welcome others comments
  6. If the bees actually collide when approaching or leaving the hives? I have just been watching the sheer number of bees on final approach against the ones departing and it got me thinking. As humans we need a control tower to stop us colliding in the planes but there are thousands more bees.
  7. Just popped out to the hives to see all the bees eagerly awaiting at the entrance for a fine spell. Looks like the taxis at the airport waiting for a fare. I am no expert beekeeper, but I guess this looks normal and there is limited room inside the hive at the moment.
  8. will the bees become crisp apple flavored?
  9. How did your inquiry go Jared, do he provide such teachings?
  10. Attention readers: I posted my comments not to commence a debate about what the cops do and don't do about investigating crime in general. All I am doing is encouraging those that suffer from the theft of hives to report it to the Police so that they have a better understanding of the size of the problems throughout the country.
  11. I was also made aware of a New Zealand based website that is specifically targeting the theft of hives, and reportings etc. Hopefully I can post the site in the forum (guess if not it will be removed) but it is for the greater good of all beekeepers.
  12. Responding to the earlier posting by Shem, comparing burglaries to theft of beehives you will have to consider the actual percentage of what is taken. For example when a house gets broken into the burglars steal a percentage of the property from within the house (i.e dvd players, phones, cash etc) which is a small portion of the total value of the house. Considering they don't steal the house, the actual theft makes up a small percentage. However with the thefts of the beehives, they don't take a small percentage (like some frames) they steal the whole hive (i.e. the house and all its contents
  13. If you are going to get the stickers made you can get them so that when you peel them off, they actually remain behind only the top film comes off. It makes it very hard to remove. some of the law enforcement agencies use them as 'evidence' tape.
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