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  1. Hi all, looks like this has been tried before? Flow hive 1940.pdf
  2. Version 2014-10-05


    Dee Lusby
  3. Brett submitted a new resource: [plain]The Way Back to Biological Beekeeping[/plain] - [plain]Dee Lusby[/plain] Read more about this resource...
  4. For the sake of the bee's, lets hope that changes aye. And I didn't think for a minute you were arguing Alistair that would'nt achieve a thing...
  5. I agree the bees we have here in new zealand are not going to be what Dee has in the desert of arizona, but I do think our bees would be closer to what michael bush has up in nebraska, no africanised bees there (yet...) He gets his bee's through winters that at times have been 20' below. I spose all I am trying to say Alistair is that if people all around world are keeping bees treatment free ( and they are), why can't we... I'm not saying everyone in new zealand should go treatment free, maybe just think about it... Its all just food for thought aye...
  6. The only US site I bother with is Dee Lusbys forum group, have for some time...
  7. Hi Alistair, I'll have to agree to disagree with you:) One thing I do agree with though is Michael Bush does keep his bee's treatment free ( Has been for close on 15 years or more) he was losing every hive he had to varroa ( his statement) till he went down and said gidday to Dee Lusby... Buggard if I know...
  8. Hi Alastair, Yes that is what you have read and that is what the studies have said. I agree with you Dee Lusby does have her own idea's and those idea's work and have been working for a 1/4 of a century. Thats how she over came her traceal mite problem, this was before varroa showed up there which it is said was barely noticed. The people that study under Dee seem to go on to do great things with small cell, and have been doing so for some time
  9. Hi Alastair, Natural comb tends to be a bit less than your quoted 5.1-5.2. Most of the main foundation produces of the late 1800's were infact producing foundation in the 4.8 range ( A.I.Root) because it being nearer natural cell size. I have attached a map of natural cell size, through out the world.
  10. First hive at 5 years old, 200 hives at the age of 10. We can learn alot from Dee...
  11. Dee Lusby on Organic and Chemical Free Beekeeping | Here is a interview with Dee Lusby, its a nice chat about her beginnings through to present day. Great insight from an old school beekeeper... The podcast is available free to listen for 2-3 weeks. Please share what you think...
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