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  1. There is no way kiwis can match their productivity, volume or costs. Have seen several try to make RJ here, and costs were many, many times higher priced than imported product, and volumes tiny.
  2. Hmm, they probably feel the same way i.e. they would buy your NZ propolis if you matched your competition. Pot/Kettle? The owner of a major NZ natural products company told me their Propolis is a blend of NZ and foreign [Chinese] propolis. The NZ component was what came from the hive in his garden!
  3. I said "we can reasonably expect they'd be similarly stringent with Propolis" not that their honey and propolis import standards are similar. Buyers should know it's imported from elsewhere, it's clearly stated on pack. Refer to the first line in the image below.
  4. Mate, I have very good knowledge of what NZ's propolis supply was some years back, and it was much less than the 20MT reported to have been recently imported. There's no way Comvita could get that much Propolis from NZ . Since they have the demand, and a legal method of supplying the demand, with quality assurance they've done so. Note, Comvita's quality standard must be very high since it's not hard to figure a lot of it will be going to China, and we know China has some of the most stringent quality standards for importing honey so we can reasonably expect they'd be similarly stringent with Propolis. So, we can be assured they're not importing dirty/dodgy/contaminated product to NZ.
  5. OK @Ted mentioned it later in the thread. Good on you Ted. It's the truth, but seems unpopular among this crowd. @Daley what they are doing is completely legal. If you don't like that go and complain to the regulators - oh and you'll need scientific evidence i.e. proof, not just your negativity and anamosity. Also, they've been importing for >10 years with no reported issues. And now they've bought into the supplier, so can have more influence over the harvesting, storage, processing etc. that happens there. The point of which is they now have greater control over product quality and safety.
  6. Simple answer that so far no one has mentioned: NZ doesn't produce enough propolis to fill the consumer demand. You can't fault Comvita for that, but it seems plenty here will. Comvita's honey business has been propped up by it's Propolis business. Imagine what the losses would have been if it was solely reliant on it's loss making honey business. And yes, Comvita has done a heck of a lot for those in this industry, but all it receives on this forum is negativity
  7. Ah yes, "We're going to buy Greenland, and Mexico is going to pay for it"!🤣🤣🤣
  8. Yep, really enjoy Tony Alexander's weekly overview. Look out for it on Thursdays. He's almost always right, very relevant and writes well
  9. Yes, same in Pak N Save: 250g is $5.00, 500g is around $11.00. Surprises me, everyone else charges less per gram as the pack size increases. Manufacturing and package costs are about the same irrespective of size...
  10. and creating negative externalities for the rest of us
  11. Hi Fraz, yes this information is freely available on the stats.govt website. Takes a bit of finding but it's there in great detail (per country and by HS codes). Unlike Australia's. There are no honey production/export stats available, unless you get it commissioned by the Aus Dept of Stats. I enquired and they said it would cost $620 just to start an enquiry and rise from there depending on what was required!
  12. "Altogether we have about 280 bee-keeping enterprises nationwide." http://gisborneherald.co.nz/business/4116395-135/co-op-move-for-non-manuka-honey
  13. This is exactly what J Friend & Co have been doing since their beginning, probably >10 years ago. Check out their geographic specific honeys with info on the individual producers https://www.nzartisanhoney.co.nz/ New Product Development
  14. Expect it will be posted here, https://kiwimana.co.nz/category/podcast/
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