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  1. Went to buy some more. Price has been jacked up correct $9.50 half kilo
  2. Well ,what the heck . The blimmin cunning kiwi beek honey is now $2 dearer. Take your cleaver marketing and put it somewhere else. Most upsetting . Damn it .
  3. Nz clover honey $7.50 , 500 grams on aussie supermarket shelves . Pure deliciousness. Given up trying to find a nice floral tasting aussie honey. It's like chewing gum leaves. Hats off to the nz beeks that got there product onto the supermarket shelves.
  4. Sold some singles(4 strips bayvarol) and nucs ( 2 strips) to a chap a while ago . Took 2 strips out of singles and 1 out of nucs . Told me it's to hard on the bees. Knocks them around to much. Stresses them out having all those strips in there . Stood there scratching my head thinking o well , ho hum. Can't argue with that logic.
  5. Looks like a couple of mites on those bees. Bottom rite corner. You sure those those staples are doing the job?
  6. It's not a tax . It's a levy . Both totally different from each other. Have you been to any of the meetings or tried to find out just what apinz are proposing .
  7. I say this with tongue in cheek. Build a wall. Have a sighn on it that reads , Commercial beeks only. ( This wall was built and funded by pesky hobbiest and beginner beekeepers. Crikey pink cat if he gets into politics he may want a wall built around his commercial bee operation and expect all the pesky nubees and beginners to pay for it.:whistle:
  8. Shares are going down. Google comvita shares. I think pink cat said he bought shares a while back. They've being going down since then.
  9. . Hey frazz . I got a mate out your Way . He's a newbee. Next time he has robbing issues I'll tell him to move it to your apiary boundary and get back to check it in a number of days. Dont worry it may or may not have disease issues.
  10. Page 67and 69 of the october nz beekeeper mag volume 24 no.9 explains why it's at rotorua again.
  11. Thanks @Alastair . Needed a good chuckle. I recall that shonky info as well.
  12. What Trevor said . I'm using them and they are brilliant. Bees stomp all over bees that are in wooden boxes. Full Depth hives are great as well. Will be changing gear over to paradise gear over the next season.
  13. Totally agree @yesbut . I've found it so much easier to go down the road and buy them. Easy as.
  14. Getting through the day without anyone asking me if I know what I'm doing
  15. Same here @M4tt and @dansar . Town hives that were pumping have slowed rite down. Other sites have plenty of brood but no stores. More rain on the way.
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