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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm a small hobbyiest beekeeper with only a small amount of hives. Buying a brand new honey spinner is a bit of a stretch for me. Does anyone have a 3 to 4 frame spinner for sale? I'm located North Tauranga area. Any help really appreciated.
  2. Well, she finally managed to get someone to collect the bees. Nobody seemed interested which was odd. Finally a hobbyist beekeeper took pity on her and collected them. Result = Beekeeper 1 new hive, daughter 1 ripped lazy boy. *shrug* Lazy boy can be mended, dead bees don't.
  3. Hi Folks Been a while since I've been on here. I've had a panicked phone call from my daughter in Perth, Australia. She's got bees swarming into a lazy boy seat on their patio. By a really long chance, does anybody have a link to a hobby beekeeper who will pick them up for free! She's rung a couple of guys but they want to charge $75! Cheek. Any help really appreciated. I've used trusty old Facebook and connected son-in-law with a beekeeping group in Perth.
  4. Thanks everyone. @tudor , you're dead right. The swelling is now moving to under my eyes, I'm beginning to look like I've got chipmunk cheeks, and my eyelids are going down ever so slowly. Cautious optimism has been deployed.
  5. Thanks Trevor. My forum name is a ironic misnomer anyway, lol. I feel fine(ish) just really damned awkward blinking..... when I can blink. Yeah, it's going to be a quiet day today. Just hope we don't have any of the whanau drop in unannounced. Man, they'll be in for a shock.
  6. Okay, here goes.... this is the result of getting a beesting right on my hairline. Strangely enough, it didn't start swelling until about three hours later. Have taken anti-histamines, using a cold compress and wiping away the ever-flowing tears. I went to take my glasses off a moment ago.... and realised I wasn't wearing them!:eek: The other stings I got didn't swell at all but they were on "meatier" areas!!
  7. I should've put them into the brood a bit more but I put them a bit on the outer edge. I have learnt.
  8. Into to the hives this p.m, thanks @CraigM. 6 hives H1 - going strong, lots of brood plus honey to get them through winter. H2 - very sick, barely three cups of bees, although there was eggs and brood. Reduced hive down to one box and put two more strips of Bayvarol in the correct place. If it survives Winter, I'll be surprised. H3 - strong, lots of honey stores. H4 - ditto H5 - A couple DWV but that's because I didn't put the Bayvarol strips in the right place. Lots of brood. H6 - strong hive. This was the late swarm I picked up in March. Fat, happy bees, and lots of broo
  9. Thanks very much people. I'll put some strips in immediately!!
  10. I haven't been here for ages. We were sitting outside, having a cup of tea and chatting with another beek, when the phone rang. A lady from Omokoroa said "...I think they're bees in my pink plant...". I thought, "Way too late for a swarm this time of the year. It won't be bees, it's bound to be a wasps nest.:rolleyes:" Anyway, told the lady we'd go for a drive and see if it was bees. We packed the car with all our gear and took our time going to her place. When we arrived, she came must have been keeping an eye out for us and walked up over to a small garden at the front o
  11. Decided to just tidy up a few boxes that I'd finished with this season. One box was sitting on a pallet that has black plastic covering it, no bottom board, no entrance, nothing. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the lid and found a small (30-40) group of bees. How were they getting in??...... checked around and found a small dip in the plastic on the pallet. Ah, there ya go!! I felt so sorry for the danged things (don't accuse me of being a softie :what::what:), I put them into a nuc with some wets. I'd been planning on doing a 3-way split with one of my strong hives, so looks lik
  12. Hi Roger, well I've just spent a very hectic fortnight, getting the honey off the hives. We used both the honey pricker and the heat gun methods. My analysis of both methods - Honey pricker - punctured the cells well, although a real effort had to be made to get the edges and any ununiform frames of honey. A little wax made it out of the extractor but not a great deal. After processing, there wasn't a lot of honey left in the frames. The Heat Gun Method - worked extremely well..... so long as the ambient temperature isn't too cold. If the ambient temperature is cold, then
  13. Anytime you feel like shooting said Wild Pigs, that's cool. Let me know and I'll come and collect the carcasses. LOVE WILD PORK!!
  14. I'm a small hobbyist beekeeper. So I have less than 10 hives. Last year I borrowed a heated decapping knife and it worked - sort of. Lots of excess wax left over, which I squeezed out and got loads of honey from. There had to be a better way. This year I bought a big Honey Pricker from Ceracell - BTW a BIG shoutout to the staff there. I rang and enquired about a Honey Pricker, they had one in stock. They sent it to me that day. Lovely staff and super efficient!! - Anyhoo, so far I've used it on about 8 very fully boxes of honey. I have another four to go. It's worked
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