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  1. manuka pretty poor every where from what I hear, hot days but cold nights, this new weather pattern should help
  2. can you expand on this please, do you mean that it is a publicly listed Co trading on the NZX ?
  3. Frankly I don't see any cynicism in my post at all. we're dealing with an old population in China, with incredibly ingrained historical attitudes. Like western social, modernistic thought processes,and science, our part of the world has moved on from ' old wives tales ' It's not hard to see how quickly rampant social change is moving within China. The Chinese youth will discard old China as they grasp for western socialism and cultural attitudes. Selling manuka honey to these asian countries is not a ' given ' your best bet is offering a couple of jars with every new McLaren sold
  4. good story, and yes myth making is a big factor in sales marketing. the real trouble begins when we confuse fact with myth, for example, Rolls Royce's enviable reputation V's tarot card readers. Also with today's instant media outlets, happenings, or bad news goes viral. ... instant uncontrollable damage. Look no further than the recent bobby calf incident. My opinion is that the manuka honey industry is rotten from top to bottom. as ' berengaria ' has pointed out and from above So it comes down to a company with a marketing ploy based on bulls... In the short term ' they ' mak
  5. looks like wooden floors and boxes, with certain anti rot treatments, are for the rubbish pile ! ... so I heard,... makes sense
  6. Why don't you stop sticking your oar in cat, where's the conspiracy theory ? ... listed above are some explanations on my view ... not hard for someone with the right gear and some coin to look for the treasure
  7. and NO, ..by your posts I assumed you were a long time keeper
  8. Pink has a bad habit of fading in the sun, like animal pelts that are s.t.r.e.a.c.h.e.d out in the sun for a couple of weeks to dry. they seem to lose their colour and go almost bleached/ blond
  9. yes your right. but this won't stop one company in particular, one things are organized
  10. maybe your just a slow learner ? lol
  11. you can recycle almost all polymers ... you can add extra UV resistance at the manufacturing source I used eps spacer blocks for some Q/R.ing, and the little beggars started to chew on it, even painting didn't stop them. R value looks good, but I think some commercials would destroy them in a season saw a commercial fella in te puke with technoset hives on ute tray. about 1/2 doz
  12. now's a good time to decide for the future * what's your long term plan, * how many hives do you think you can cope with * I would consider using 3/4 honey supers above a queen excluder, using manley frames, a 3/4 chocka block can weigh 18 kg +/- manley frames are 8 to the box, which give a better wax / honey rate and they are way less likely to rattle around when transporting, therefore less honey drip. there is another theory about using all the same gear for brood / supers, with a double brood box, you could be having to add supers at an alarming rate, so make sure you have plenty
  13. so that's a (+) and a (-), in other words you've gone no where lol are you allowed to cheat ? I just snagged a small swam this morning, what was left of a much bigger one, I reckon this has a virgin queen, whad ya think ? i'm sure i'll be cheating with this one
  14. I think sodium hypochlorite and possibly warm caustic solutions are effective sanitizers although I can see all plastic comb could be a worry
  15. what do you mean by ' manuka health et al ' ? NO you cant test for UMF, it doesn't exist in manuka honey, it's a fictitious number, it only appears to be a standardised number as the UMF brigade have been systematically brain washing the minions for years how can there be a correlation between MGO and UMF ? umf doesn't exist, it's nothing more than a meaningless number that was dreamt up as a marketing ploy yep this manuka stuff is a hoax, snake oil what ever, the moment it's bottled, the stuff is turning to rubbish "Voila" please ! The V is pronounced as v for victor. (y) how abou
  16. Very recent conversation with a senior honey lab tech, I broached the ' unification ' subject The reply was far from what I expected, in fact I was stunned to hear that there is a war / battle / skirmish ? about how to test manuka honey and appoint a WOW facture It appears there are two opposing camps * you can test accurately for MGO, I suspect the value is in parts / million ? * a pollen count is easy, but I think there is still confusion about kanuka/manuka types and how much pollen a good manuka should have * you can't test for UMF, there just isn't any, it may have
  17. I think your all just being a bit sentimental ..... you won't find anything in a modern hospital made of WOOD So what i'm eluding to is that, well designed and manufactured plastic hive parts are way more hygienic, and have better thermal properties, also no reason wax foundation could be used for the die hards I'm thinking there is highly likely an all plastic hive could be sterilized after an AFB infection
  18. You can analyze the ins and outs as much as you like, but inland revenue is exactly the same model as casinos ... the house always wins
  19. either they had no mites or OA is ineffective on swarms
  20. Abraham Lincoln said something similar .... both these suppliers are always outa stock this time of the year ... I just can't figure it out. I import as much stuff as I can actually, i'm not sure if this post is relevant, esp as Abe was shot dead in 1869 or was it '68
  21. Ok then, when jihadists kept blowing up our aircraft, we tightened our policy of asking every passenger " are you carrying any bombs " we also alerted all our ground crew to be more vigilant, although we trusted them implicitly ! The alternatives include anti-biotics and/or even higher levels of AFB. What alternatives are you suggesting because neither of mine appeal to me. This is from the new NZAA rule book * any person who owns / part owns, any beehive be it active or empty of bees, must register the hive/s with the NZAA, within 3 weeks of taking possession of such hive/
  22. The discussion split from Unregistered hive discovered & destroyed you'll never even come close to beating AFB,in my opinion. stats show there has been no real reduction in AFB for a long time the system we use at present doesn't work ... does it ? if you watch those TV programs on our boarder control, you can see why, it's an attitude people have, but I could change that!
  23. That apistan is so strong, you can easily use 1 strip / box But what is scary, is finding 30+ abandoned ? ...hives with multiple strips, from multiple treatments, left in the boxes, I think one working hive had about 9 old strips ( there were only abut 5 or 6 still working).... by the way, there was very little left that was salvageable, what a crying shame, in fact SHAME on the owner !! .... is this how we induce chemical resistant mites ??
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