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  1. Hi guys, I'm planning to go away on OE for few years and was wondering what to do with my supers. I will sell of all the hives I have in the next few months before I go, but I was hoping to keep my supers and frames as the prices for the hiveware always seem to increase as the time goes by, and also nobody would buy secondhand gear. What is the best way to store the frames and supers for long term storage? These are all drawn frames by the way, so I assume I would have to scrape them off, so the wax moth won't eat them all up? What would you guys do in my situation?
  2. Seems like nobody sells either of the evaporators these days. Dropped by Ecrotek yesterday, but they said they don't bring those in. And Ceracell says they no longer sell Liebig evaporators. Told me formic acid is bad for human... like I didn't know that... Does nobody in NZ use formic acid these days?
  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. Where do you buy Liebig evaporator these days? I saw them at Ceracell before, but they are no longer displayed nor listed on their website.
  4. Who sells nassenheider evaporator these days? nassenheider website says Ecrotek is the local distributor in NZ, but they have nothing listed on their website.
  5. Did they weld from the inside or the outside? Inside of my extractor is quite tight - only 550 mm in diameter.
  6. Hi, sorry about digging up an old thread.. Did you end up fixing this somehow?? I just realised the other day that my 4 year old extractor is similar design and that the silicon sealant it had in the gap is loosening up and I see that I need to do something about this. I did think about epoxy, but then my extractor is not very stiff structurally, so with a bit of wobbling of the extractor during extraction epoxy might crack or become loose and flake off. Looks like my best option is to clean it up well and re-seal with silicon?
  7. Does anyone know any apiary that sells cleaned bulk pollen for human consumption?
  8. I haven't had time to go back and check if the new queen is laying yet... but I had couple of new queens failed on me this year. Recently I had gotten two carni queen cells (for free ) and put them into two very strong queenless splits. And they both hatched fine and started laying, but THEN they both turned out to be drone layers!!! High failure rates I'm seeing this spring.
  9. So I've checked this hive again just the other day. I left the queen cups alone last time I've looked into this. And sure enough they've created two queen cells out of those... and they are capped already, BUT the queen is still there. So.. I'm definitely sure this is a supersedure. I hope I get a good queen from those cells. Anyway, thanks for all the help guys. Really appreciate it.
  10. Hi guys, I understand that an extraction shed requires washable floors. I was thinking of putting down some smooth commercial vinyl flooring. However, just a bit worried about it being too slippery. The grippy vinyl I looked at the sample and is not very smooth, so I guess that won't pass food inspection? What are my options in terms of commercial vinyl? Is the smooth slippery stuff my only option? I see that Whangarei beekeeping club's extraction plant has rubber mats on the floor. Is that an allowed option on top of slippery commercial vinyl? Thanks in advance for all the help.
  11. Hi guys.. thanks for all the replies.. I was so busy and almost forgot that I posted this.. I did see the queen every time I've opened that hive last two times I visited there. She has been laying since I've posted this, although not very vigorously, so I guess she might not be well mated? There are capped brood, though only 1 frame so far. I've actually decided to cut the cells with eggs off for now to see if they build another one. Someone already did suggest to me that I clip the the wings off.. but I'm not too keen on it just yet. I think I might just watch that hive for a bit. Thanks all for the suggestions.
  12. Hi guys... I have a hive that have swarmed few weeks ago (my friend caught it btw ). The new queen has not laid eggs for weeks, so I thought I'd give it more time. Today, I noticed that she's starting to lay. However, I see what it looks to be supersedure cells. I say supersedure, because the hive is not very strong, but the confusion comes from the number of cells. I see about 9-10 cells with fresh eggs on the face of 2 frames in the middle quite close to each other. What do you guys think? I might go back on Sunday and grab the queen into 5 frame NUC to be on the safe side, but if it's definitely supersedure it's extra work I'd rather not do with my busy schedule atm.. What would you guys do in this situation?
  13. Thanks a lot @tudor. It really encourages me that somebody has already figured this out and done this.. I did email my regional health inspector couple of times and he sent me the guidelines for how it's done... but the information seemed rather very strict and discouraging.. it had things like "yard should be paved with impervious and washable..." which I thought will throw the cost up really high. For those interested, I got guidelines for both stationary and mobile food premises guidelines. Hopefully I could work with my regional health inspector and get this up and running before spring... otherwise I might save up hard and get a mobile extraction trailer done.. SKMBT_C25314061609330.pdf MObile Shop Guidelines-SAM.pdf
  14. Hi @tudor, could you post some pics of your honey house please? I was actually thinking about setting up the very same. I have a under 10 sqm building that I've built hoping to use as a honey house later (at the moment just a storage space). Would really help if I could see what you've done.. thanks in advance.
  15. If you are not allergic to bee stings... I'm assuming people here aren't for obvious reasons :giggle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shL6XtplI3Y I actually have wonderful experiences with bee stings. About 2 years ago, I used to get tendonitis on my wrist from working long hours at my desk job, and I used to have severe lower back pain. I didn't really believe my friend when she said she'd cured many people of all sorts of disease and illnesses with bee stings including chronic lower back pain where she came from. When I finally decided to give bee stings a go... it gave me almost instant relief from the pains. Of course I had to get stung for couple of months, starting from 1-2 bees to almost 30 bees every 2 days, but believe it or not I don't really suffer these pains anymore. They've completely healed, and when I feel some pain down my back, I would catch some bees and ask somebody to sting my back and I feel whole lot better after that. BTW... even if you are not allergic, many bee stings at once can be dangerous, and any stings to veins, close to head and ears, all those sensitive areas should be avoided... also.. if you want to avoid full painful sting, you could pull out the stinger with tweezers and cheat, which has less of an effect, but less painful. I hope I don't get in legal trouble for posting this information... I hesitated many times about posting this, but I just couldn't pass by someone who has back pain from injury... :bee:
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