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  1. Crickey, with the prices everyone's talking about here I can see the price of queens going through the roof this spring!!! Lol.
  2. Hi Charles, yes that has been happening for some time.
  3. Can't comment on Comvitas policy as I no longer work there but in my time there was certainly no payments made for winter sites. The company that has started paying is a large family operation based in Taihape.
  4. Can I ask why so few queens are produced in the Autumn? Lower demand or other priorities such as honey harvesting?
  5. Certainly in the Nth Island all landowners are very well informed!
  6. I guess the other thing to consider is that more and more landowners, particularly corporate and trusts, are hearing all the hype about honey prices ( Manuka and non Manuka) and are realising how important good wintering sites are and see an opportunity for another income stream.
  7. Funnily enough the reason the large commercial in question decided to start paying for winter sites is because they were constantly losing long term sites to new "guy and gal" businesses. They were purely trying to protect their many generation family business.
  8. With Amitraz residues a problem in honey now from spring treatments imagine what it will be like with spring and autumn treatments!!
  9. Definitely available for purchase by anyone.
  10. Dave Wrathall from Ecrotech mentioned this problem to me recently. It was their first attempt at spraying wax and they used too fine a nozzle which caused the beaded wax coating you describe. They have now changed their nozzles and are turning out a very good product. I'm sure if you raised the issue with Dave he would come to the party in some way.
  11. If the initial micro level is over a certain level it will not be used for medical purposes regardless of what further treatment it undergoes.
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